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Product : SAMSUNG NP-RC408 Motherboard
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Laptop-Motherboard mainboard laptop Samsung NP-RC408 Genuine

Technical Specification:
Chipset Manufacturer: Intel
Graphics Card Type: Integrated
Brand Name: for Samsung
Application: Laptop
Form Factor: ATX
Hard Drive Interface: SATA
Memory Type: DDR3
SB / HT: 800 MHz
Model Number: Samsung NP-RC408 Part Number: 0FH09V FH09V
Board Number: DA0V02MB6E0
Almost New
Tested: 3D Mark, Linebench R10, Battery Mark ...
Quality Grade: Original

Related Description


The motherboard design adopted by laptop manufacturers is extremely delicate and fragile and can be very easily damaged by heat and/or impact to the unit, light impact or moderate temperatures may affect system stability whereas serious impact or high temperatures may cause severe and irreparable failure of the laptop.

Repairing a laptop motherboard is a very complex, complicated process and can be both costly and time-consuming. Technicians usually use specialized machinery for welding the chips, replacing damaged chips, conductors or PCBs. If the motherboard cannot be repaired due to problems such as fracturing, burnt out or melted chips, the complete motherboard will have to be replaced. To test this, plug in the AC adaptor and check if the charging light is lit, if it is lit then the motherboard might be repairable, if not, the motherboard may be damaged beyond repair.


If the laptop system turns on and displays a blue screen, suddenly restarts or remains inactive after being switched on, these could be indications of over-heating or moisture in the machine which could cause oxidization on the motherboard or it might be an indication that some of the chips on the board are malfunctioning.


To monitor the operation of a laptop, the user may want to try “Speedfan 4.37” which is system monitoring software. This software will not only display the actual temperature of the CPU, VGA GPU, Hard Drive and Motherboard in operation, but also captures detailed information on rotation rate of a fan and the applicable voltage, etc. It will notify the user in advance if the laptop is over-heating or of any other symptoms of errors.

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