Cash back Policy

Clause 1:  When our Honorable clients purchase any kind of products from us, If these products are not compatible or support with their devices (Strongly recommended without any physical or electric damages), then we will try to provide the compatible one. Otherwise, WIT willing to return back the cash.

Clause 2: Any of our honorable clients claim for Warranty/Guarantee during the Warranty/Guarantee time period, firstly we will try to resolve the occurring problem (Strongly recommendation without any physical or electric damages). If we not resolve the problem then we will obey to refund the cash without any deduction.

SEGMENT  5 :  Warranty , Return and Cashback policy

5.3 Cashback Policy :

5.3.1 It is very complex to purchase the Laptop and MacBook related accessories from online for the causes of compatibility or supportability. When you decide to buy a product or service from our website, please carefully see the images, read the technical specifications, descriptions, compatible lists and user guide of  the product or service, then place an order. Otherwise we are not liable for your wrong order.

5.3.2 Purchased or received products are not supportable or not working or wrong order or any other problems (except mind changed), you can return the goods within 02(two) days at our address without any physical and electrical damages or burn cases or torn warranty sticker for replacement another one or refund money(only product value) or adjust with another product. All(both) shipping charges must be paid by your side.

5.3.3 WIT tries its best to serve the honorable customers. But if under any circumstances, we fail to fulfill our commitment or to provide the service, we will notify you within 24 hours via phone/ text/ email. If the service, that WIT fails to complete, requires any cashback, it be done maximum within 07(seven) working days after our acknowledgement.

5.3.4 A warranty product is confirmed to be technical faulty or not repairable, we will replace your product with a another one where possible. If no replacement is available we may offer an alternative product or you will get full Cashback within 07(seven) working days without carrying charges.

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