Motherboard & Touch LED Order Procedure

SEGMENT  7 :  Order Placing Guidelines

7.11 Motherboard & Touch Display/ Apple LED  Order Procedure : In the fact of multi-functionalities or versatilities or sensitiveness , Laptop/Macbook motherboard and Touch Display/Apple LED are very complicated process to assemble or match or select with the existing one meanwhile, we request to you that when you find out your desired items in our website and eager to purchase those goods, primarily, you should bring or send the Notebook/ Macbook to our service center at Dhanmondi, Dhaka for compatibility test and diagnosis by free of cost before ordering or purchasing.

  • Secondly if you decide to carry on your Notebook/Macbook replacing motherboard or touch display/LED by WIT Computers directly, you are most welcome at our service center and our dedicated and professional team of engineers who are eager to help you saving time by sharing their knowledge and expertise to solve your problem instantly.
  • Thirdly if you agree to send your Notebook/Macbook replacing motherboard or touch display/LED to WIT Computers at Dhanmondi, Dhaka via couriers, you would sign on every parts of your Notebook/Macbook by using permanent marker pen or write serial numbers or take photograph before packing or sending for your future records.

After receiving your goods from courier company for our side, we shall inform you with a job ID over the phone call or email or SMS.

  • Finally if we would be successful to replace motherboard or touch display/Apple LED in your Notebook/Macbook then-

i. you could  purchase that product directly from our shop paying by cash or through digital payment methods.

ii. you could purchase that product from our website using through our payment gateways.

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