Alpha Double Layer Sleeve, For 14 Inch MacBook/Notebook Laptop version computer handbag with multiple pockets, faux fur protection, TPU handle, Water-resistant.

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Product Name:  14 Inch Alpha Double Layer Sleeve / Laptop Cases & Bags

             Brand New and high quality(Original).

  • Color: Black 
  • The corner patent design protects your laptop from bumps and drops in potential accident.
  • SBS water resistance zipper
  • Retractable waterproof TPU handle, firm and scratch resistant (commonly used in car trailer ropes)
  • Bubble and faux fur lining protection
  • Water-resistant material
  • 2 compartment zipper design, organizer your accessories well
  • Front Pocket with elastic keychain inside, it’s convenient.

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Laptop Bag Alpha Double Layer Sleeve Bag is specially designed for laptops / notebooks . This bag is a very useful bag for those of you who are very busy and often travel with a laptop. The capacity is quite large with various compartments, both on the inside and on the front. On the inside, there is sufficient space to store laptops, books / magazines and other items. As for the front, it can be used for other small items, such as keys, cards and so on. In this double layer version, there are 2 main compartments at the front and back. Made of high quality material, namely polyester which is also known for its strength and durability. The inside of this bag is also very soft and smooth, so it won’t cause scratches or scratches on the surface of our laptop. In addition, another advantage of this bag is that it is splash water proof, so you don’t need to worry if you get hit by rain or your bag gets splashed with water because your laptop is safe in this bag. Comfortable to hold to carry because it has been designed in such a way and added with a special material that does not cause pain or pain.

Waterproof Ultra-thin Shockproof Tablet Case
Eco-friendly , Waterproof , Protective

There are additional pockets
Large main compartment
Zippered pockets
Waterproof fabric

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