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19V 1.58A 30W 4.0*1.7mm HP AC Power Adapter Charger for HP Mini 110-1037NR 110-1037TU PA-1300-04H NSW23579 493092-001

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Technical Specifications

  • Brand : HP
  • Model/Part Number : PA-1300-04H NSW23579 493092-001
  • AC Input:  100V – 240V~1.0A
  • Operating Frequency ‎:‎ 50-60Hz
  • DC Output: 19V 1.58A
  • Power Output : 30W
  • DC Connector Type : Barrel Round Shape (Yewel)
  • DC Connector Size : 4.0mm*1.7mm
  • DC Cable Length: 1.5 Meter 
  • AC Plug Type: UK /USA (3-prong)
  • AC Cable Length: 1.8 Meter
  • Power LED indicator: Yes
  • Condition: Original (Fully Tested )
  • Warranty: 1 Year (360 Days)

Note:  Please be sure about DC accurate output (such as : Voltage 19V –1.58A , Power 30W) or DC connector type or size (such as : 4.0mm*1.7mm) before ordering.

Caution : Please don’t waste your money & time to purchase the low class or copy Adapter/Charger  for your valuable  laptop. You Should be used Original AC Adapter/Charger , Otherwise it may cause to harm battery and your valuable laptop also.

Safeguard : AC Adapter is the vital device for your valuable laptop. So, please be careful to buy this device from the market before ensuring the accurate output DC capacity (mAh) which is mentioned back side of your laptop. Inaccurate voltage and current (mAh) supply may cause of laptop’s performance and unstable voltage & current (mAh) will damage your laptop’s motherboard, battery life and other integrated electronics parts. For this reason, when you choose an adapter for your laptop that meets all of the three requirements : (i) Accurate output voltage and current, (ii) Exact DC connector/tip size and (iii)Appropriate polarity.


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19V 1.58A 30W 4.0*1.7mm HP AC Power Adapter Charger for HP Mini 110-1037NR 110-1037TU PA-1300-04H NSW23579 493092-001 PA-1300-04H 493092-001

Compatible Part number and Laptop Models :

HP-A0301R3, NSW23579, PA-1300-04HV, ADP-30JH B

PPP018L, PPP018HL, PPP018H

496813-001, 493092-002, 584540-001, 580402-003, 540402-003, 535630-001, 534554-002, 621140-001, 622435-001

Mini 110 110XP 210 700 730 1000 1001 1010 1014 1017

Mini 1018 1019 1100 1101 1103 1112 1119 1131 1132 CTO 1125NR 1137NR 1154NR

HP Mini 700 Series:
700ED 700EF 700EI 700EK 700EL 700EM 700EN 700ER 700ET 700EW
701ED 701EG 701EI 701EM 701ER 701ES 701ET
702EA 703EA 705EI 705ES
730EJ 730EO 730EQ 731EI 731ET 733EB 733EF 735EF 735EI 735EQ 735ES

HP Mini 1000 PCs:
1003TU 1004TU 1005TU 1006TU 1007TU 1008TU 1009TU 1010TU 1011TU 1012TU 1013TU 1014TU 1015TU
1021TU 1022TU 1023TU 1024TU 1025TU
1010LA 1020LA 1050LA 1090LA
1010NR 1030NR 1035NR
1033CL 1001XX 1002XX

HP Mini 110c Series:
Mini 110c-1001NR,110c-1010EA,110c-1010EE,110c-1010ES,110c-1010ET,110c-1010SA,110c-1010SB,
110c-1010SH,110c-1010SP, 110c-1011SA,110c-1020EI,110c-1030EK,110c-1030EQ, 110c-1050EF

HP Mini 110-1000 Series:

HP Mini 1100 Series:
1100CM 1101TU 1101XX 1102TU 1103TU 1104TU 1105TU 1106TU 1107TU 1108TU 1109TU 1110LA 1110NR 1110TU
1112TU 1113TU 1114TU 1115NR 1115TU 1116NR 1116TU 1118TU 1119TU 1120BR 1120LA 1120NR 1121TU 1122TU
1123TU 1124TU 1125NR 1125TU 1126NR 1126TU 1127TU 1128TU 1130CM 1133CA 1135CA 1137NR 1139NR 1150BR
1150CM 1150LA 1150NR 1151NR 1152NR 1153NR 1160CM 1170CM 1180CM 1190BR

HP Mini 1100 Vivienne Tam Edition PC:
1111tu 1117tu 1120tu 1140nr 1141NR 1198eo 1199EA 1199eb 1199ec 1199ee 1199ej 1199ep 1199eq 1199er
1199et 1199eh 1199eo 1199ev 1199ez

HP mini 1000 1001 1010 1100  HP Mini 110 110c

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