19V 1.58A, 30W, Port: 5.5mm* 2.5mm, AC Power Adapter Charger, Brand: Lite-On, Model: LC.ADT00.005, PA-1300-04, for Acer Aspire One D250 A150 A110

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Technical Specifications

  • Brand : Lite-On
  • Model/Part Number : LC.ADT00.005, PA-1300-04
  • AC Input:  100V – 240V~1.5A
  • Operating Frequency ‎:‎ 50-60Hz
  • DC Output: 19V 1.58A
  • Power Output : 30W
  • DC Connector Type : Round Shape 
  • DC Connector Size : 5.5mm*2.5mm
  • Power LED indicator: Yes
  • DC Cable Length: 1.5 Meter 
  • AC Plug Type: UK /USA (3-prong)
  • AC Cable Length: 1.8 Meter 
  • Condition: Original (Fully Tested )
  • Warranty: 1 Year (360 Days)

Note:  Please be sure about DC accurate output (such as : Voltage 19V 1.58A, 30W) or DC connector type or size (such as : 5.5mm*2.5mm) before ordering. 

Caution : Please don’t waste your money & time to purchase the low class or copy Adapter/Charger  for your valuable  laptop. You Should be used Original AC Adapter/Charger , Otherwise it may cause to harm battery and your valuable laptop also.

Safeguard : AC Adapter is the vital device for your valuable laptop. So, please be careful to buy this device from the market before ensuring the accurate output DC capacity (mAh) which is mentioned back side of your laptop. Inaccurate voltage and current (mAh) supply may cause of laptop’s performance and unstable voltage & current (mAh) will damage your laptop’s motherboard, battery life and other integrated electronics parts. For this reason, when you choose an adapter for your laptop that meets all of the three requirements : (i) Accurate output voltage and current, (ii) Exact DC connector/tip size and (iii) Appropriate polarity.


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Compatible Acer Aspire One Series Netbooks Model:

Aspire One 531h – 10.1″ Netbook Series: AO531h-1440 AO531h-1766    
Aspire® One P531h Netbook Series: AOP531h-1791        
Aspire One D150 – 10.1″ NetBook Series: D150-1165 D150-1577 D150-1669 D150-1920
Aspire One D250 – 10.1″ Netbook Seriese:  AOD250-1014    AOD250-1261    AOD250-1515    AOD250-1706  
   AOD250-1016    AOD250-1289    AOD250-1517    AOD250-1727  
   AOD250-1025    AOD250-1325    AOD250-1538    AOD250-1738  
   AOD250-1070    AOD250-1326    AOD250-1544    AOD250-1742  
   AOD250-1085    AOD250-1341    AOD250-1580    AOD250-1762  
   AOD250-1105    AOD250-1357    AOD250-1584    AOD250-1838  
   AOD250-1114    AOD250-1371    AOD250-1604    AOD250-1842  
   AOD250-1116    AOD250-1383    AOD250-1610    AOD250-1916  
   AOD250-1124    AOD250-1417    AOD250-1613    AOD250-1924  
   AOD250-1151    AOD250-1424    AOD250-1622    AOD250-1955  
   AOD250-1165    AOD250-1428    AOD250-1624    AOD250-1958  
   AOD250-1185    AOD250-1441    AOD250-1633    AOD250-1962  
   AOD250-1190    AOD250-1486    AOD250-1689    AOD250-1990  
   AOD250-1197    AOD250-1610    AOD250-1694    AOD250-1996 
   AOD250-1227    AOD250-1610    AOD250-1695    AOD250-1610  
Aspire® One 751h Netbook Series: AO751h-1021   AO751h-1196   AO751h-1351   AO751h-1534  
  AO751h-1080   AO751h-1211   AO751h-1373   AO751h-1545  
  AO751h-1145   AO751h-1259   AO751h-1378   AO751h-1611  
  AO751h-1153   AO751h-1273   AO751h-1401   AO751h-1885  
  AO751h-1192   AO751h-1279   AO751h-1442   AO751h-1893  
  AO751h-1346   AO751h-1346   AO751h-1522   AO751h-1948 
Aspire® One A150 Netbook Series: AOA150-1006 AOA150-1359 AOA150-1555 AOA150-1690  
  AOA150-1029 AOA150-1405 AOA150-1570 AOA150-1706
  AOA150-1029   AOA150-1435 AOA150-1570   AOA150-1777
  AOA150-1049 AOA150-1447 AOA150-1635 AOA150-1784
  AOA150-1126 AOA150-1505 AOA150-1635   AOA150-1786
  AOA150-1178 AOA150-1553 AOA150-1672 AOA150-1864
  AOA150-1887 AOA150-1987 AOA150-1690   AOA150-1887
Aspire® One A110 Netbook Series: AOA110-1113 AOA110-1566 AOA110-1626 AOA110-1834
  AOA110-1137 AOA110-1588 AOA110-1722 AOA110-1948
  AOA110-1283 AOA110-1995 AOA110-1831 AOA110-1955
  AOA110-1295 AOA110-1982 AOA110-1834 AOA110-1982
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