A32-K55 A33-K55 A41-K55 Original/OEM Battery for Asus A45DE A45DR A45N A45VD A55DE A55VM A75DE, A42-K55 battery

Code: WIT7983

Technical Specifications

  • Brand : Asus
  • Fit for : A45DE A45DR A45N A45VD A55DE A55VM A75DE
  • Battery Pack : A32-K55 A33-K55 A41-K55
  • Cell Chemistry : Lithium-ion(Li-ion)
  • Color : Black 
  • Backup time : Depends on your consumption and usages.
  • Life cycles : 500+ Times 
  • Product Condition : Brand New (QC Pass)
  • Warranty: 06 Months/180 days


1. The first use of the battery, the battery voltage may be too low, you need to recharge the standby 06 to 08 hours before normal use.
2. First of all you should use the original AC adapter in your laptop.

*** Attention:  To avoid wrong order placed or wrong item you bought, please check out the battery image, Model/Type/Part/Product Number, connector, etc. with your existing battery , carefully before ordering.


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MRP:৳ 4,500

2 in stock


Battery Pack Number : 

  • A32-K55, A33-K55, A41-K55, A32-K55, A32-K55X, A33-K55, A41-K55, A42-K55

Fit for : 

  • ASUS A45 Series
  • ASUS A45D A45DE A45DR A45N A45V A45VD A45VG A45VM A45VS
  • ASUS A55 Series
  • ASUS A55A A55D A55DE A55DR A55N A55V A55VD A55VM A55VS
  • ASUS A75 Series
  • ASUS A75A A75D A75DE A75V A75VD A75VM
  • ASUS K45 Series
  • ASUS K45D K45DE K45DR K45N K45V K45VD K45VG K45VM K45VS
  • ASUS K55 Series
  • ASUS K55A K55D K55DE K55DR K55N K55V K55VD K55VM K55VS
  • ASUS K75 Series
  • ASUS K75A K75D K75DE K75V K75VD K75VM
  • A45, A45 Series, A45A, A45A Series, A45D, A45D Series, A45DE, A45DE Series, A45DR, A45DR Series, A45E1000VD-SL, A45EI321VD-SL, A45EI323VD-SL, A45EI361VD-SL, A45EI361VM-SL, A45N, A45N Series, A45V, A45V Series, A45VD, A45VD Series, A45VD-VX026R, A45VD-VX027D, A45VD-VX328H, A45VG, A45VG Series, A45VJ Series, A45VM, A45VM Series, A45VM-VX029V, A45VM-VX055D, A45VM-VX055V, A45VM-VX063V, A45VS, A45VS Series, A55, A55 Series, A55A, A55A Series, A55A-SX060V, A55D, A55D Series, A55DE, A55DE Series, A55DR, A55DR Series, A55N, A55N Series, A55V, A55V Series, A55V-K55VD, A55V-SX051V, A55VD, A55VD Series, A55VD-SX043V, A55VD-SX049V, A55VD-SX050V, A55VD-SX054V, A55VD-SX087V, A55VD-SXO49V, A55VJ Series, A55VM, A55VM Series, A55VM-SX054V, A55vm-Sx068v, A55VM-SX096V, A55VS, A55VS Series, A75, A75 Series, A75A, A75A Series, A75D, A75D Series, A75DE, A75DE Series, A75DE-TY026V, A75DE-TY043V, A75V, A75V Series, A75VD, A75VD Series, A75VJ Series, A75VM, A75VM Series, A75VM-TY075V, A75VM-TY085V, A75VM-TY086V, A75VM-TY089V, A85 Series, A85A Series, A85D Series, A85DE Series, A85DR Series, A85N Series, A85V Series, A85VD Series, A85VJ Series, A85VM Series, A85VS Series, A95A, F45A, F45C, F45U, F45V, F45VD, F45VD1, F55A, F55C, F55CR, F55U, F55V, F55VD, F55VDR, F75 Series, F75A, F75A1, F75VB, F75VC, F75VD, F75VD1, K45, K45 Series, K45A, K45A-3C, K45A-3D, K45A-3E, K45A-3F, K45A-3G, K45A-3H, K45A-VX015D, K45A-VX015H, K45A-VX015R, K45A-VX112Q, K45A-VX113Q, K45A-VX115Q, K45A-VX120H, K45A-VX142H, K45A-VX149H, K45A-VX164H, K45A-VX208D, K45A-VX209D, K45A-VX239, K45A-VX241, K45A-VX242, K45D, K45DE, K45DE-1A, K45DR, K45DR-1A, K45DR-VX007D, K45DR-VX008D, K45EI361VD-SL, K45N, K45N-1A, K45V, K45VD, K45VD-3C, K45VD-3CVX, K45VD-3D, K45VD-3E, K45VD-3F, K45VD-3G, K45VD-3H, K45VD-VX061D, K45VD-VX061V, K45VD-VX070, K45VD-VX071, K45VD-VX126, K45VD-VX127, K45VG, K45VJ, K45VJ-3C, K45VJ-3D, K45VJ-VX027H, K45VJ-VX028H, K45VJ-VX032D, K45VJ-VX039H, K45VJ-VX064D, K45VM, K45VM-3C, K45VM-3D, K45VM-VX070, K45VM-VX071, K45VS, K45VS-3C, K45VS-3D, K55, K55 Series, K55A, K55A-1B, K55A-2A, K55A-3C, K55A-3D, K55A-3E, K55A-3F, K55A-3G, K55A-3H, K55A-SX071, K55A-SX244V, K55A-SX373H, K55D, K55DE, K55DE-1A, K55DR, K55DR-1A, K55DR-SX026H, K55DR-SX026V, K55DR-SX027H, K55DR-SX027V, K55DR-SX028D, K55DR-SX029D, K55DR-SX051H, K55DR-SX051V, K55DR-SX072H, K55DR-SX072V-BE, K55DR-SX076H, K55DR-SX088D, K55DR-SX126D, K55DR-SX152D, K55DR-SX178H, K55L89C, K55N, K55N-1A, K55N-BA8094C, K55N-DB81, K55N-DS81, K55N-SA80403V, K55V, K55V Series, K55VD, K55VD Series, K55VD-3C, K55VD-3D, K55VD-3E, K55VD-3F, K55VD-3G, K55VD-3H, K55VD-DS71, K55VD-QS71, K55VD-SK03S, K55VD-SX009H, K55VD-SX010H, K55VD-SX010S, K55VD-SX023D, K55VD-SX032X, K55VD-SX047V, K55VD-sx049v, K55VD-SX067H, K55VD-SX068V, K55VD-SX071V, K55VD-SX091D, K55VD-SX135D, K55VD-SX138D, K55VD-SX226H, K55VD-SX234H, K55VD-SX291D, K55VD-SX313D, K55VD-SX314D, K55VD-SX404H, K55VD-SX443H, K55VD-SX595H, K55VJ, K55VJ Series, K55VJ-3C, K55VJ-3D, K55VJ-SX006H, K55VJ-SX017H, k55vj-SX098H, K55VJ-SX140H, K55VM, K55VM Series, K55VM-3C, K55VM-3D, K55VM-SX006V, K55VM-SX027V, K55VM-SX031V, K55VM-SX032, K55VM-SX045V, K55VM-SX052V, K55VM-SX064V, K55VM-SX077V, K55VM-SX078D, K55VM-SX084V, K55VM-SX086D, K55VM-SX087V, K55VM-SX090V, K55VM-SX114D, K55VM-SX115D, K55VM-SX116D, K55VM-SX173V, K55VS, K55VS Series, K55X45DR-SL, K55XI321VD-SL, K55XI321VM-SL, K55XI323VD-SL, K55XI361VD-SL, K55XI361VM-SL, K55XI555DP-SL, K75, K75 Series, K75A, K75D, K75DE, K75DE-1A, K75DE-TY003D, K75DE-TY037H, K75DE-TY037V, K75DE-TY046R, K75DE-TY052D, K75DE-TY068H, K75V, K75VD, K75VD-TY016H, K75VD-TY087V, K75VJ, K75VJ-3C, K75VJ-TY100H, K75VJ-TY101H, K75VJ-TY102H, K75VJ-TY169H, K75VJ-TY177H, K75VJ-TY207H, K75VJ-TY210H, K75VM, K75VM-3C, K75VM-T2094V, K75VM-T2119V-BE, K75VM-T2152V, K75VM-TY018V, K75VM-TY019V, K75VM-TY023V, K75VM-TY024V, K75VM-TY027, K75VM-TY070D, K75VM-TY086V, K75VM-TY090V, K75VM-TY096V, K75VM-TY101H, K75VM-TY126V, K75VM-TY195V, K75VM-TY196V, K75VM-TY198V, P45VA, P45VD, P45VJ, P55A, P55VA, P751JA, P751JF, PRO ESSENTIAL P751JF, Pro45V Series, Pro45VA Series, Pro45VJ Series, Q500A, Q500A-BHI7T05, Q500A-BSI5N04, R400, R400 Series, R400A, R400D, R400DE, R400DR, R400N, R400V, R400VD, R400VG, R400VJ, R400VM, R400VS, R403A, R403C, R403U, R403V, R403VD, R403VD1, R500, R500 Series, R500A, R500D, R500DE, R500DR, R500N, R500V, R500VD, R500VD-SX013H, R500VD-SX013X, R500VD-SX078W, R500VD-SX093V, R500VD-SX198V, R500VD-SX402H, R500VD-SX489P, R500VD-SX587H, R500VD-SX649H, R500VD-SX792H, R500VJ, R500VJ-SX053H, R500VJ-SX129H, R500VJ-SX220H, R500VM, R500VS, R503, R503A, R503A-RH01, R503A-SX110H, R503A-SX111H, R503A-SX123H, R503A-SX249H, R503C, R503C-SX051H, R503C-SX153H, R503CR, R503U, R503V, R503VD, R503VD-SX108H, R503VDR, R700 Series, R700A, R700A Series, R700D, R700D Series, R700DE, R700DE Series, R700V, R700V Series, R700VD, R700VD Series, R700VJ -TY140H, R700VJ Series, R700VJ-T2094H, R700VJ-TY029H, R700VJ-TY076H, R700VJ-TY086H, R700VJ-TY123H, R700VJ-TY161H, R700VJ-TY228H, R700VM, R700VM Series, R700VM TY163V, R704A Series, R704V, R704V Series, R704VB Series, R704VC Series, R704VD Series, U57, U57 Series, U57A, U57A-2A, U57A-BBL4, U57D, U57DE, U57DR, U57N, U57V, U57VD, U57VJ, U57VM, X45, X45 Series, X45A, X45A-7K, X45A-8K, X45A-HCL122G, X45A-VX058D, X45C, X45C-8K, X45C-VX020D, X45C-VX068D, X45C-VX077H, X45C-VX083H, X45U, X45U-7K, X45U-8K, X45U-VX029D, X45U-VX049D, X45U-VX051H, X45V, X45VD, X45VD-0088K3110M, X45VD-2328M, X45VD-8K, X45VD-VX002D, X45VD-VX044D, X45VD-VX051D, X45VD-VX061D, X45VD-VX062D, X45VD-VX078D, X45VJ, X55, X55 Series, X55A, X55C, X55CR, X55S, X55Sa, X55Sr, x55sv, X55U, X55U-5K, X55U-SX052H, X55V, X55VD, X55VJ, X55VM, X75, X75 Series, X75A, X75A-7K, X75V, X75VB-3G, X75VB-7K, X75VC-3G, X75VC-7K, X75VD, X75VD-3G, X75VD-7K, X75VJ, X75VM
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