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Acer Aspire E1 E1-510 E1-510P E1-532 E1-532G E1-532P E1-572 E1-572G E1-572P, acer e1-531 power port DC Power Jack Port with Cable

Code: WIT8951

Technical Specifications

  • Brand : Acer
  • Product Type : DC Power Port/Jack
  • Compatible Model : Aspire E1 E1-510 E1-510P E1-532 E1-532G E1-532P E1-572 E1-572G E1-572P
  • Part Number:  V5WE2/T2 V5WE2 V5WT2 DC30100PP00 DC30100PR00 DC30100PU00 50.M8EN2.002 50.M8EN2.005
  • Port Dimension : 5.5mm x 1.7mm
  • Connector Pin : 4 pin / 4 wire
  • Cable Length : 20cm
  • Product Condition : Brand New & Original (Fully Tested)
  • Guarantee : 03 Months ( 90 days) Cash Back*
  • Fitting Charge :  Applicable*  Click Here

Note: Please be sure about Port Dimension (such as : 5.5mm x 1.7mm) or connector pin (such as : 4 pin) before ordering.


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MRP:৳ 1,500

5 in stock

  • Acer Aspire E1-532P E1-532G E1-510P E1-572P E1-572G V5-561P V5-561G V5-561PG Gateway NV510P Packard Bell TE69BM Z5WT3 V5WE2/T2 DC30100PP00/PR00/PU00 50.M8EN2.002/005
  • Z5WE1 Z5WT1 V5WE2 V5WT2 Z5WTC DC30100NK00 DC30100NL00 DC30100PQ00 DC30100PS00 DC30100PT00 DC30100PX00 50.MEPN2.002
  • Acer Aspire E1-510 E1-510P Series
     Acer Aspire E1-532 E1-532G E1-532P Series
     Acer Aspire E1-572 E1-572G E1-572P Series
  • DC Jack Power Plug in Charging Port Connector Socket Female Jack for ACER Aspire E1-531-4624 E1-531-4806 E1-531-4836


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