CD3215C00ZQZR CD3215C00 CD3215COO USB-C Port With BGA Power Controller Chip ICS

Code: WIT7732

Technical Specification

  • Manufacturer: CD
  • Part/Model Number: CD3215C00
  • Type:  IC
  • Package: BGA
  • Product Status: Genuine & Brand New (QC)
  • Is customized?  – Yes
  • Warranty: No (Non-Returnable )
  • Fitting Charge : Applicable*  See details 

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MRP:৳ 1,450

Currently Unavailable


The CD3215C00 is the USB-C port controller that negotiates 20v from the USB-C charger. BE AWARE: CD3215B03 will NOT work in place of a CD3215C00. Most are selling CD3215B03 which will never allow you to get 20v on the charger. This is the real CD3215C00.

Also be aware you need PP3V3_G3H to be present before you can blame the chip. If you do not have PP3V3_G3H on your board, you might have an ISL9239 problem where ISL9239 is not sending the enable to the PP3V3_G3H regilator to turn it on.

Additional Information

Compatible boards  820-00244 820-00875 820-00281 820-00840 820-00239 820-00923

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