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Chicony 19.5V 9.23A 180W 5.5mm*2.5mm Adapter or Charger for MSI GE65 Raider 9SD-435 Model Number: A15-180P1A A17-180P4A A17180P4A A180A005L A180A034P ADP-180MB K

Code: WIT10396

Technical Specifications

  • Brand : Chicony
  • Model/Part Number : A15-180P1A
  • Origin: Chicony Power Technology  Ltd.
  • AC Input:  100V – 240V~2.5A (for worldwide use)
  • Operating Frequency ‎:‎ 50-60Hz
  • DC Output: 19.5V–9.23A
  • Power Output : 180W
  • DC Connector Type : Round Shape 
  • DC Connector Size: 5.5mm*2.5mm
  • DC Cable Length: 1.5 Meter
  • AC Plug Type: UK /USA (3-Prong)
  • AC Cable/Cord: Included
  • Condition: Brand New & Original (Fully Tested )
  • Warranty : 1 Year (365 Days)*  read more

Note:  Please be sure about DC accurate output (such as : Voltage 19.5V–9.23A, Power 180W) or DC connector type or size (such as : Barrel Round Shape Purple tip 5.5mm*2.5 mm) before ordering. 

Caution : Please don’t waste your money & time to purchase the low class or copy Adapter/Charger  for your valuable  laptop. You Should be used Original AC Adapter/Charger , Otherwise it may cause to harm battery and your valuable laptop also.

Safeguard : AC Adapter is the vital device for your valuable laptop. So, please be careful to buy this device from the market before ensuring the accurate output DC capacity (mAh) which is mentioned back side of your laptop. Inaccurate voltage and current (mAh) supply may cause of laptop’s performance and unstable voltage & current (mAh) will damage your laptop’s motherboard, battery life and other integrated electronics parts. For this reason, when you choose an adapter for your laptop that meets all of the three requirements : (i) Accurate output voltage and current, (ii) Exact DC connector/tip size and (iii) Appropriate polarity.


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MRP:৳ 7,500

3 in stock

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 For ACER:
PREDATOR 17 G9-791-78G4, PREDATOR 17 G9-791-760F, ASPIRE VN7-793G, ASPIRE NITRO VN7-593G-79L1, PREDATOR TRITON 700 PT715-51-76BB, PREDATOR TRITON 700 PT715-51-71PP, PREDATOR 17 G9-791-73ET, PREDATOR 15 G9-592-7925, ASPIRE NITRO VN7-793G-59PH, ASPIRE NITRO VN7-793G-57J0, PREDATOR 17 G5-793-7108, PREDATOR G9000-757W, PREDATOR 15 G9-592-77ZU, PREDATOR 15 G9-591-79KE, ASPIRE NITRO VN7-793G-52XN, ASPIRE NITRO VN7-793-738J, ASPIRE NITRO VN7-793G-719P, PREDATOR 17 G9-791-79HR, PREDATOR 15 G9-591-74KN, PREDATOR 17 G9-792, PREDATOR 17 G9-792-7282, VN7-593G, PREDATOR 17 G9-791-73TA, PREDATOR 15 G9-591-71DQ, ASPIRE NITRO VN7-593G-59F9, ASPIRE NITRO VN7-793G-5J0, Acer PREDATOR 17 G5-793-77T1, PREDATOR 17 G9-791-79W7, ASPIRE NITRO VN7-793G-73HP, PREDATOR 15 G9-591-713C, ASPIRE NITRO VN7-793G-55TM, PREDATOR 15 G9-592, PREDATOR 15 G9-591-76FP, PREDATOR 17 G9-792-707A, PREDATOR 15 G9-591-70F6, PREDATOR 15 G9-591, PREDATOR 17 G9-792-736Q, ASPIRE NITRO VN7-593G-57J0, PREDATOR 17 G9-791-77BZ, PREDATOR 17 G9-791, ASPIRE NITRO VN7-593G-73HP, ASPIRE NITRO VN7-793G-71AG, PREDATOR TRITON 700 PT715-51-71UZ, ASPIRE NITRO VN7-793G-74M5, PREDATOR 15 G9-591-726S, ASPIRE NITRO VN7-793G-5811, PREDATOR 15 G9-591-79CP, PREDATOR 17 G9-792-72S6, PREDATOR 15 G9-592-70GD, PREDATOR 17 G9-792-75UA, ASPIRE NITRO VN7-593G-738J, VN7-593G-54L3, Acer ASPIRE NITRO VN7-593G-74FW, ASPIRE NITRO VN7-793G-73UU, ASPIRE NITRO VN7-793G-7177, ASPIRE NITRO VN7-793G-79MN, PREDATOR 15 G9-591-76KX, PREDATOR 15 G9-593-765Q, PREDATOR 15 G9-592-51BB, PREDATOR 17 G9-792-74T6, PREDATOR 17 G9-792-707R, PREDATOR 17 G9-792-778N, ASPIRE NITRO VN7-593G-73X4, ASPIRE NITRO VN7-593G-57NE, ASPIRE NITRO VN7-593G, ASPIRE NITRO VN7-593G-77GB, ASPIRE NITRO VN7-793G-75U0, ASPIRE NITRO VN7-793G-738J, G5-793, PREDATOR 15 G9-591R, PREDATOR 15 G9-591-731D, PREDATOR 15 G9-592-73W6, PREDATOR 17 G9-792-76MM, PREDATOR 17 G9-792-730B, PREDATOR 17 G9-791-718D, PREDATOR G9000-72F3, ASPIRE NITRO VN7-593G-74J4, ASPIRE NITRO VN7-593G-73E7, Acer PREDATOR 17 G5-793-53M9, VN7-793, G9-791, ASPIRE NITRO VN7-793G-741P, ASPIRE NITRO VN7-793G-510Q, PREDATOR 17 G5-793, PREDATOR 15 G9-592-7253, PREDATOR 15 G9-591-77CQ, PREDATOR 17 G9-791-73EX, VN7-793G, PREDATOR 17 G9-792-78CG, PREDATOR 17 G9-792-74TT, PREDATOR 17 G5-793-7342, PREDATOR 17 G9-791-72VU, ASPIRE NITRO VN7-593G-786F, ASPIRE NITRO VN7-593G-742C, ASPIRE NITRO VN7-793G-53K5, PREDATOR 17 G5-793-59X3, PREDATOR 17 G9-792-78G5, ASPIRE NITRO VN7-793G-7868, PREDATOR 15 G9-591-71L2, ASPIRE NITRO VN7-793G-51P0, PREDATOR 15 G9-592-74NV, PREDATOR 17 G9-792-773S, PREDATOR 17 G9-791-75PV, PREDATOR 17 G9-791-73R6, Acer PREDATOR G9000-74P8, ASPIRE NITRO VN7-593G-75JF, PREDATOR TRITON 700 PT715-51, PREDATOR 17 G5-793-73BM, ASPIRE VN7-793, G9-792, ASPIRE NITRO VN7-793G-567R, ASPIRE NITRO VN7-793G-553N, PREDATOR 17 G9-791-70JR, PREDATOR 15 G9-592-7308, PREDATOR 15 G9-591-79K, PREDATOR 15 G9-591-74ZV, PREDATOR 17 G5-793-53FA, PREDATOR G9000,
GP 63 LEOPARD 8RE, K1701N0008787,
  For CLEVO:
P151HM1, P670RA, P650RA, P150SM, P950ER, P150HM, Clevo P955ER, P55W, P640HJ, P640HK1, P640RE, P641HJ, P955EP6, P960ED, P641HK1, P950EP6, P641RE, P950HP6, P650HP3, P650SG, P950HR, P650RE3, P650HS-G, P960RD, N850HP6, P15XEM, P650RE3-G, N870HP6, P170SM-A, P650RE6, P651RE3, P650RE6-G, Clevo P15XHM, P650RG, P651RE6, P650RS-G, P670RG, P671RG, P651SE, P650SA, P650RG-G, P655RE3, P651R, P651HP6-G, P151SM1-A, P651RE3-G, P650SE, P650HP3-G, P170SM, P651RE6-G, P150SM-A, P670SE, P655HP6-G, P655RA, P150EM, P671SE, P655RASEE, P671RA, Clevo P655RE6, P655RE3-G, P651RA,
P25X V2, AERO 15,
  For MSI:
GP62MVR I7-7700HQ, CX72 6QD-090TW, CX62 6QD-241XES, GE62 6QF-074US, GS70 2PC, GE62 6QD-041US, GE62 6QF, GS60 2QD, GS60 2QE-010US, GS73VR, GS60 2QE-049TW, GE70 2PC-006FR, CX62 6QD-249XFR, GE62 6QL, GS70 2QC, GS70 2QE-225UK, WS60 2OJ 4K-061US, GE72VR, Msi WS60 2OJ-004US, WS60 2OJ-007US, CX72 6QD-047RU, GE70 2PE-002RU, CX62 6QD-283PH, GE620DX, GE70 0ND, GS70 2QE81, GS63VR, GL63 8RE, GL63 8RE-416CN, GS60 2QE-098CZ, CX72 6QD-059IT, GE70 2QD-834XPL, CX62 6QD-418ZA, CX62 6QD-453AU, WS60 6QJ-610UK, GS73VR STEALTH PRO-225, WS60 6TH GEN, GS65 STEALTH THIN 8RE, WS60 WT60 WT70, GT60 2PC, WS60 2OJ-097AU, GS60 6QE, CX72 6QD-208US, GE70K, Msi GS60 2PC, WS72 6QJ-020AE, GS73VR STEALTH PRO-224, WS72 6QJ-033JP, GS73VR 7RF, WS72 6QJ-046TR, GT60-0NJ, GS63, WS60 6QI-237US, WS60 6QJ-022US, GF62 7RE-2025, GF62 7RE-2096US, WS72 6QJ-206JP, GS63VR 6RF(STEALTH PRO)-008CA, WS72 6QJ-209SG, GS43VR, GS65 8RE, WS72 6QJ-211ES, GT70 2OK, WS72 6QH-203RU, WS72 6QI-025AE, WS72 6QI-213XES, GS70 2OD-005BE, GS70 2OD-014RU, GS63VR-6RF, GS63VR STEALTH PRO-422, Msi 0016K2-SKU2, GS65 STEALTH, WS72 6QH-204RU, 0016K2-SKU32, GT60 2OD-092UK, WS72 6QJ-057CA, WS72 6QJ-066TW, WS72 6QJ-090SP, WS60 6QJ-025, WS60 6QJ-258, GE60 2OE-003US, GS63VR 6RF(STEALTH PRO 4K)-010CA, GL62M 7RD-032US, WS63VR, WS72 6QJ-064IT, GL62M 7RD-058US, GT60 2PE, WS72 6QJ-217US, WS72 6TH GEN, GS73VR 7RF-210, WS72 6QJ-007US, WS72 6QJ-018AU, GL62M 7RD-1010JP, GS63VR 6RF(STEALTH PRO 4K)-021US, GE60 2PC-072XCZ, WS63 W/GTX 1060, Msi WS72 6QJ-218US, GE60 2PC-655XPL, GT60-2OJ, GS63VR-7RE-011, GS63VR-7RF-213, GS63VR-7RF-214, WS72 6QJ-092IR, WS72 6QJ-099RU, GE62 2QD-453US, GS63VR 6RF(STEALTH PRO)-056AU, GL62M 7RD-625, GS63VR-7RF SERIE, GL62M 7RDX-1427CA, GT60 2OJ, 0016K2-614, 0016K2-627, GS63VR-7RG-005, GS63VR-7RF-468, GE63 RAIDER, GS73VR STEALTH PRO, GL62 6QF-1446US, GS63VR 6RF(STEALTH PRO)-045PH, GE62 2QE-035NL, GE62 2QE-044CZ, GT60 2QD, GL62M 7RD-265US, Msi GL62M 7RDX-1096, GL62M 7RDX-1645, GE60 2OD-247US, GS63VR 7RG, GS63VR-7RF-614, GE62 6QC-205MY, GS63VR 6RF(STEALTH PRO)-023NL, GL62 6QF-632NL, P957HR, GL62 6QF-636BE, GT60 2OD-026US, GE60 2PE-215US, GE60 2PG, GE60 2PL-094FR, GL62M 7RDX-2027, GE60 2OE, GS70 2OD, GS63VR 6RF(STEALTH PRO)-055AU, GE62 6QD-005NE, GK7CN6S, GE62 6QD-274US, GT60 2OC-022US, GL62 6QD-035XCZ, GL62 6QF-1469CA, GL62 6QD-015NE, GE60 2QE-1042XPL, Msi GL62M 7RDX-NE1050I5, GE62 6QF-261UK, GS63VR 6RF(STEALTH PRO 4K)-089FR, GS70 6QC, GS70 2QE, GT60 2OC-024US, GE62 6QC, GE62 6QC-016NE, GE62 6QC-018NL, GL62 6QD-058XTH, GS75-RTX2060, GL62 6QF-1226US, CX62 6QD-269MY, GS63VR STEALTH PRO-068, CX62 6QD-412PH, GE70 0NC, MS-16F3, GL62 7RD, GE60 20C, GE70 2PL, GE62 6QC-024JP, GE62 6QC-030UK, GE70 2PE-031XFR, GS63VR STEALTH PRO-229, GE70 2QE-681US, CX62 6QD-452XAU, Msi GT70 2OD, GE62 6QF-004FR, GE62 6QF-006XFR, GE62 6QF-011XPL, GE62 6QF-023TH, GE62 6QF-067AU, CX72 6QD-061AU, GS63VR STEALTH PRO-001, GF62 7RE-1452US, GS70 2OD-002US, GS75 STEALTH 204, GS60, GT70 2OC, GS70 2QE-059FR, CX62 6QD-047US, CX62 6QD-228XCO, CX62 6QD-240XES, CX62 6QD-248XFR, GS70 20D-409UK, GS63VR STEALTH PRO-034, WS60 6QJ-024, GF62 7RE-2025US, GT780R, GE70 2OD, GE70 2PE, GE70 2OC-081US, Msi GE70 2OE-017US, GE70 2PC-018NL, WS60 6QI-246US, WS72 6QI-218US, GS70 2OD-012AU, GT683R, CX62 6QD-457CA, CX62 6QD-608XPH, CX72 6QD-062AU, CX72 6QD-083ZA, CX72 6QD-050FR, WS72 6QI-026US, WS72 6QJ-091SP, WS60 6QJ-084UK, GT780, GS60 2PL, GS60 2QE, GS60 2QE-026CZ, GS60 2QE-050TW, WS60 6QI-001US, GE620, WS72 6QJ-075TW, GS73VR 7RF-211, WS72 6QJ-008US, WS60 2OJ 3K-004US, WS60 2OJ 6QI 6QJ, Msi WS60 2OJ-006US, WS60 2OJ-095AU, GT60, GS73VR 7RE, 0016K2-214, WS72 6QJ-095TH, GS70 2OD-054NL, GL63, GL63 8RE-633CN, GL63 8RE-417CN, GS63VR-7RF-627, GT70, 0016K2-213, 0016K3-005, GS73VR 7RF STEALTH PRO, WS60 6QJ-430, WS60 6QJ-638US, WS60 7RJ-675US, WS72 6QH-045JP, GL62M 7RD-625US, GE70, GS63VR-7RG, GL62M 7RDX-1646, 0016K2-468, WS72 6QJ-019AU, WS72 6QJ-026US, Msi WS72 6QJ-034JP, WS72 6QJ-054KH, GE60 2PF, GS70 2OD-001US, GL62M 7RDX-1408, GE60 2PL-207TH, GE60 2OD-267XPL, WS72 6QJ-200RU, WS72 6QJ-208KR, WS72 6QJ-210UK, WS72 6QJ-212ES, GL62 6QF-1278US, GS60 2QE-237US, GE60 2PL-094, GL62 6QD-025FR, GL62M 7RDX-2070, MS-16K2, GS63VR-6RF16H22, GS63VR-6RFAC16H22, GS63VR-7RE, GE62 6QC-015IT, GE62, GL62 6QD-003FR, GE62 6QC-020XPL, GE60K, GE60 2OE 2PE, Msi GE60 2PC, GL62M 7RD-056US, GL62M 7RD-089MY, GL62 7RD-625, GE62 6QC-017IT, GE72 7RE, GL62 6QF-1213US, GL62M 7RDX-NE1050I7, GL62M 7RD-429XES, GE60 2PC-097MY, GE60 2PE, GE62 6QF-005ES, GE62 2QF, GE62 6QF-012CZ, GE62 6QC-028FR, GE62 2QC, GE62 2QE-034NE, GL62M 7RDX, GL62 6QC-640MY, GS70 2QE-645FR, GE62 6QF-007UK, CX62 6QD-234XTR, GE62VR, GL62 6QF-1277US, GL62 6QF-622FR, GE62 2QE-036BE, Msi GE62 2QL, GE70 2PC, CX62 6QD-099AU, MS-16F4, GE70 2OE, GE62 6QF-044CZ, GE62 6QC-095CZ, GE62 6QD-001IT, GL62 6QF-635NL, GL62 6QF-637IT, CX62 6QD-462XPT, CX72 6QD-218AU,
  For SAGER:
NP7870, NP7850, NP8952,

Part Number : 

  • A15-180P1A A17-180P4A A17180P4A A180A005L A180A034P ADP-180MB K
  • A15-180P1A
  • A17-180P4A
  • A17180P4A
  • A180A005L
  • A180A034P
  • ADP-180MB K
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