DAG34APB6D0 ON/OFF Power Button switch Board with Cable for HP Pavilion 15-AU, 15T-AU, 15-AW, 15Z-AW P/N : DAG34APB6DO DAG34APB6D0 856369-001

Code: WIT10740

Technical Details

  • Product TypeON/OFF Power Button switch Board
  • Brand : HP
  • Part Number : DAG34APB6D0
  • Laptop Model : HP Pavilion 15-AU, 15T-AU, 15-AW, 15Z-AW
  • PCB Dimensions LxW : 4.1 x 2.4Centimeters
  • Cable Overall Length Approx: 7.1 inch / 18.0 cm
  • Connection Lines/Pins : 06
  • Product Condition : Brand New & Original (QC)
  • Warranty : NO
  • Fitting Charge : Applicable

Note:  When you buy the  ON/OFF Power Button Switch Board, please be sure about the model number, part number  and image.


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MRP:৳ 2,500

9 in stock

Fit for Laptop Models: 

  • Hp Pavilion 15-AU000, 15-AU000NE, 15-AU000NIA, 15-AU000NJ, 15-AU000NK, 15-AU000NL, 15-AU000NR, 15-AU000NT, 15-AU000NV, 15-AU000UR, 15-AU001NE, 15-AU001NF, 15-AU001NH, 15-AU001NI, 15-AU001NIA, 15-AU001NK, 15-AU001NL, 15-AU001NQ, 15-AU001NT, 15-AU001NV, 15-AU002NF, 15-AU002NI, 15-AU002NIA, 15-AU002NK, 15-AU002NL, 15-AU002NQ, 15-AU002NT, 15-AU002NV, 15-AU002NX, 15-AU002UR, 15-AU003NA, 15-AU003NC, 15-AU003NE, 15-AU003NI, 15-AU003NJ, 15-AU003NK, 15-AU003NM, 15-AU003NT, 15-AU003NV, 15-AU003NX, 15-AU003TX, 15-AU003UR, 15-AU004NF, 15-AU004NG, 15-AU004NI, 15-AU004NIA, 15-AU004NJ, 15-AU004NK, 15-AU004NQ, 15-AU004NT, 15-AU004NU, 15-AU004TX, 15-AU005NE, 15-AU005NF, 15-AU005NI, 15-AU005NJ, 15-AU005NK, 15-AU005NL, 15-AU005NQ, 15-AU005NS, 15-AU005NT, 15-AU005NU, 15-AU005TU, 15-AU005UR, 15-AU006NE, 15-AU006NF, 15-AU006NI, 15-AU006NIA, 15-AU006NL, 15-AU006NQ, 15-AU006NS, 15-AU006NT, 15-AU006NX, 15-AU006TU, 15-AU006TX, 15-AU006UR, 15-AU007NC, 15-AU007NH, 15-AU007NI, 15-AU007NS, 15-AU007NU, 15-AU007NX, 15-AU007TU, 15-AU007TX, 15-AU008NC, 15-AU008NQ, 15-AU008NS, 15-AU008TU, 15-AU008TX, 15-AU009NA, 15-AU009NL, 15-AU009NO, 15-AU009NT, 15-AU009TX, 15-AU010ND, 15-AU010NG, 15-AU010NL, 15-AU010NT, 15-AU010NZ, 15-AU010UR, 15-AU010WM, 15-AU011ND, 15-AU011NF, 15-AU011NG, 15-AU011NT, 15-AU012ND, 15-AU012NF, 15-AU012NH, 15-AU012NL, 15-AU012TX, 15-AU013NA, 15-AU013NF, 15-AU013NG, 15-AU013NL, 15-AU013TX, 15-AU014NG, 15-AU014NL, 15-AU014TX, 15-AU014UR, 15-AU015NA, 15-AU015NG, 15-AU015NL, 15-AU015TX, 15-AU015UR, 15-AU016NL, 15-AU016NO, 15-AU016NZ, 15-AU016TX, 15-AU016UR, 15-AU017NL, 15-AU017TU, 15-AU017TX, 15-AU017UR, 15-AU018CA, 15-AU018NL, 15-AU018TX, 15-AU018UR, 15-AU018WM, 15-AU019NL, 15-AU019TX, 15-AU019UR, 15-AU020NH, 15-AU020NL, 15-AU020TX, 15-AU020UR, 15-AU020WM, 15-AU021NG, 15-AU021NH, 15-AU021NL, 15-AU021TU, 15-AU021TX, 15-AU021UR, 15-AU022NH, 15-AU022NO, 15-AU022TX, 15-AU022UR, 15-AU023CA, 15-AU023CL, 15-AU023NG, 15-AU023NH, 15-AU023NL, 15-AU023TU, 15-AU023TX, 15-AU023UR, 15-AU024NL, 15-AU024TU, 15-AU024TX, 15-AU024UR, 15-AU025NA, 15-AU025ND, 15-AU025NG, 15-AU025NL, 15-AU025TU, 15-AU025TX, 15-AU025UR, 15-AU026NA, 15-AU026NG, 15-AU026NL, 15-AU026NO, 15-AU026TU, 15-AU026UR, 15-AU027CL, 15-AU027NG, 15-AU027NL, 15-AU027TU, 15-AU027UR, 15-AU028CA, 15-AU028NG, 15-AU028NL, 15-AU028NO, 15-AU028TU, 15-AU028UR, 15-AU029NA, 15-AU029ND, 15-AU029NG, 15-AU029NL, 15-AU029TU, 15-AU029TX, 15-AU029UR, 15-AU030NA, 15-AU030ND, 15-AU030NG, 15-AU030NL, 15-AU030NO, 15-AU030NR, 15-AU030NZ, 15-AU030TU, 15-AU030TX, 15-AU030UR, 15-AU030WM, 15-AU031NA, 15-AU031NL, 15-AU031NO, 15-AU031TX, 15-AU031UR, 15-AU032NA, 15-AU032NG, 15-AU032NL, 15-AU032TX, 15-AU032UR, 15-AU033NA, 15-AU033NG, 15-AU033NL, 15-AU033NO, 15-AU033TX, 15-AU033UR, 15-AU034NA, 15-AU034NL, 15-AU034NO, 15-AU034TX, 15-AU034UR, 15-AU035NA, 15-AU035NL, 15-AU035TX, 15-AU036NA, 15-AU036NL, 15-AU037CL, 15-AU037TX, 15-AU038CA, 15-AU038TX, 15-AU039TX, 15-AU040NG, 15-AU040TX, 15-AU041NG, 15-AU041TX, 15-AU041UR, 15-AU042NG, 15-AU042TX, 15-AU043CA, 15-AU043NG, 15-AU043TX, 15-AU044NG, 15-AU044NZ, 15-AU045NG, 15-AU046NG, 15-AU046TX, 15-AU046UR, 15-AU047TX, 15-AU047UR, 15-AU048TX, 15-AU050TX, 15-AU051NW, 15-AU051TX, 15-AU052NR, 15-AU052TX, 15-AU053TX, 15-AU057CL, 15-AU057NZ, 15-AU057TX, 15-AU058TX, 15-AU061TX, 15-AU062NR, 15-AU062TX, 15-AU063CL, 15-AU063NR, 15-AU063TX, 15-AU064TX, 15-AU065TX, 15-AU066TX, 15-AU067CL, 15-AU067NR, 15-AU067TX, 15-AU068NA, 15-AU068SA, 15-AU068TX, 15-AU069NA, 15-AU069SA, 15-AU069TX, 15-AU070NA, 15-AU070NB, 15-AU070SA, 15-AU070TX, 15-AU071NA, 15-AU071NW, 15-AU071SA, 15-AU071TX, 15-AU072NA, 15-AU072SA, 15-AU072TX, 15-AU073ND, 15-AU073TX, 15-AU074NA, 15-AU074SA, 15-AU074TX, 15-AU075TX, 15-AU076NA, 15-AU076SA, 15-AU077NA, 15-AU077SA, 15-AU077TX, 15-AU078NA, 15-AU078SA, 15-AU080NA, 15-AU080NZ, 15-AU081NB, 15-AU082NA, 15-AU082SA, 15-AU083NA, 15-AU083SA, 15-AU084NO, 15-AU084TX, 15-AU085TX, 15-AU086NIA, 15-AU087CL, 15-AU087NIA, 15-AU087TX, 15-AU088NIA, 15-AU088NO, 15-AU088TX, 15-AU089NIA, 15-AU090ND, 15-AU090TX, 15-AU091NB, 15-AU091ND, 15-AU091NR, 15-AU091TX, 15-AU092ND, 15-AU092TX, 15-AU093ND, 15-AU093TX, 15-AU094TX, 15-AU095ND, 15-AU095TX, 15-AU096TX, 15-AU097CL, 15-AU097NIA, 15-AU097TX, 15-AU098TX, 15-AU099NB, 15-AU099NF, 15-AU099NIA, 15-AU099TX
  • Hp Pavilion 15-AW000, 15-AW000NJ, 15-AW000NL, 15-AW000NO, 15-AW000NP, 15-AW000NT, 15-AW000NV, 15-AW001AU, 15-AW001CY, 15-AW001NI, 15-AW001NP, 15-AW001NQ, 15-AW001NV, 15-AW001UR, 15-AW002AU, 15-AW002CY, 15-AW002LA, 15-AW002NA, 15-AW002NI, 15-AW002NO, 15-AW002NP, 15-AW002NV, 15-AW002UR, 15-AW003AU, 15-AW003CY, 15-AW003LA, 15-AW003NO, 15-AW003NP, 15-AW003NT, 15-AW003NV, 15-AW003UR, 15-AW004AT, 15-AW004AU, 15-AW004AX, 15-AW004CY, 15-AW004LA, 15-AW004NA, 15-AW004NG, 15-AW004NL, 15-AW004NT, 15-AW004UR, 15-AW005AU, 15-AW005AX, 15-AW005CY, 15-AW005NA, 15-AW005NO, 15-AW005UR, 15-AW006AX, 15-AW006CY, 15-AW006NG, 15-AW006NO, 15-AW006NT, 15-AW006UR, 15-AW007AX, 15-AW007CY, 15-AW007DS, 15-AW007NC, 15-AW007NH, 15-AW007NP, 15-AW007NT, 15-AW007UR, 15-AW008AX, 15-AW008CY, 15-AW008DS, 15-AW008NL, 15-AW008NP, 15-AW008NT, 15-AW008UR, 15-AW009AX, 15-AW009DS, 15-AW009NA, 15-AW009NH, 15-AW009NO, 15-AW009NT, 15-AW009UR, 15-AW010AX, 15-AW010DS, 15-AW010NA, 15-AW010NH, 15-AW010NL, 15-AW010NO, 15-AW010NT, 15-AW010NW, 15-AW010UR, 15-AW011AX, 15-AW011DS, 15-AW011NO, 15-AW011NP, 15-AW011NT, 15-AW012AX, 15-AW012NA, 15-AW012NP, 15-AW012NT, 15-AW013AX, 15-AW013NC, 15-AW013UR, 15-AW014NA, 15-AW014NG, 15-AW014UR, 15-AW015NA, 15-AW016NA, 15-AW016NO, 15-AW016UR, 15-AW017AX, 15-AW017CA, 15-AW017NA, 15-AW017NG, 15-AW017NO, 15-AW017UR, 15-AW018AX, 15-AW018NA, 15-AW018NC, 15-AW018NG, 15-AW018NO, 15-AW019NA, 15-AW019NC, 15-AW020CA, 15-AW020NA, 15-AW020NO, 15-AW020UR, 15-AW021NA, 15-AW021ND, 15-AW021NO, 15-AW021UR, 15-AW022NA, 15-AW022ND, 15-AW022NO, 15-AW022UR, 15-AW023UR, 15-AW024UR, 15-AW025NA, 15-AW025NO, 15-AW025UR, 15-AW026NA, 15-AW026NO, 15-AW026UR, 15-AW027NA, 15-AW027NO, 15-AW027UR, 15-AW028UR, 15-AW029NA, 15-AW029NO, 15-AW029UR, 15-AW030CA, 15-AW030NO, 15-AW030UR, 15-AW031NO, 15-AW031UR, 15-AW032UR, 15-AW033UR, 15-AW034UR, 15-AW035UR, 15-AW047NR, 15-AW050CA, 15-AW053NR, 15-AW054NA, 15-AW054SA, 15-AW057NR, 15-AW060CA, 15-AW060NB, 15-AW065NA, 15-AW065SA, 15-AW066SA, 15-AW068NR, 15-AW070CA, 15-AW070NO, 15-AW071NB, 15-AW072NB, 15-AW073NO, 15-AW077NR, 15-AW078NR, 15-AW083NA, 15-AW083SA, 15-AW084NA, 15-AW084SA, 15-AW092NR, 15-AW094NR, 15-AW095NB, 15-AW097NIA, 15-AW099NIA, 15-AW137CL, 15-AW167CL

Device Part Number: 

  • DAG34APB6D0
  • 856369-001


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