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DC Power Port Jack Connector Socket with Cable for HP ENVY 4-1000 686577-001 686123-SD1 686124-FD1

Code: WIT6372

Technical Specifications

  • Brand : HP
  • Product Type : DC Power Port/Jack
  • Compatible Model : Envy  4 TouchSmart 4 Sleekbook 4 Ultrabook 4
  • Part Number: 686123-FD1 686123-SD1 686124-FD1 686124-SD1 686124-001 686577-001
  • Port Dimension : 4.5mm x 3.0mm
  • Connector Pin : 6 pin / 6 wire
  • Cable Length : 19cm
  • Product Condition : Brand New & Original (Fully Tested)
  • Guarantee : 03 Months ( 90 days) Cash Back*
  • Fitting Charge :  Applicable*  Click Here

Note: Please be sure about Port Dimension (such as : 4.5mm x 3.0mm) or connector pin (such as : 6 pin / 6 wire) before ordering.


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MRP:৳ 2,000

2 in stock

Compatible list

Part No: 686123-FD1 686123-SD1 686124-FD1 686124-SD1 686124-001 686577-001

HP Envy Ultrabook 4 4T 4-1000 4T-1200 4-1015DX 4-1017NR 4-1019WM 4-1030CA 4-1030US 4-1038NR 4-1043CL 4-1050CA Series
HP Envy Ultrabook Pro 4 4-1000 4-xxxx B8W17AA Series
HP Envy Sleekbook 4-1010US 4-1016NR 4-1110US 4-1117NR 4-1130US Series
HP Envy TouchSmart Sleekbook 4-1105DX 4-1115DX 4-1215DX Series
HP Envy TouchSmart Ultrabook 4 4-1195CA Series

HP Envy 4 Series: 4-1170EZ 4-1170SF 4-1180SF 4-1181EG 4-1200EB 4-1200ED 4-1200EL 4-1200EO 4-1200EZ 4-1201EA 4-1201TX 4-1202EA 4-1202ED 4-1202EO 4-1202EX 4-1202SS 4-1202TX 4-1203EA 4-1203SA 4-1203TX 4-1204EA 4-1204SA 4-1204SS 4-1204TX 4-1205SS 4-1206TU 4-1207TU 4-1208TU 4-1210SG 4-1210SW 4-1210TU 4-1212TU 4-1214TU 4-1215TX 4-1216TU 4-1217TU 4-1218TU 4-1220TX 4-1222TU 4-1223TU 4-1224TX 4-1225TU 4-1226TX 4-1227TU 4-1227TX 4-1228TX 4-1229TX 4-1230EB 4-1230TU 4-1231TU 4-1235EA 4-1236SA 4-1236SA 4-1236TU 4-1236TX 4-1237TX 4-1238TX 4-1239TU 4-1240TX 4-1241TU 4-1243TU 4-1245TU 4-1247TU 4-1250EZ 4-1250SF 4-1252LA 4-1255ER 4-1256ER 4-1257ER 4-1257SR 4-1260EF 4-1260ER 4-1260SF 4-1262SF 4-1267SZ 4-1270ER 4-1270EZ 4-1271ER 4-1272ER 4-1273ER 4-1279SF 4-1280EF 4-1281EF 4-1282SF 4-1283EG 4-1289SL 4-1290ET 4-1290ST