HP 14-AF 14-AD 14-AC 14-AF110NR 14-AC132La EF60070S1-C180-S9A NS55B00-14M05 6033B0043801 Laptop Cooling Fan, HP Probook 14-AC, 14-AF, 14-an, 14-AM, 240 G4, 245 G4, 246 G4, 340 G3, 346 G3, 348 G3 CPU Fan, 813506-001

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Technical Specification

  • Laptop Brand : HP
  • Compatible Series: HP 14-AF 14-AD 14-AC 14-AF110NR 14-AC132La EF60070S1-C180-S9A NS55B00-14M05 
  • Part Number: 6033B0043801
  • Product Type: Internal Cooling Fan 
  • Power Connection: 4 wires/ 4 Pins
  • Direct Current: 5V
  • Ampere: 0.60A
  • Heatsink : Not Included
  • Bearing: Hypro bearing
  • Life Time of the fan: 100000 hrs
  • Fan Speed ​​Control: 2500 RPM(Auto)
  • Item Status: Brand New & Original (QC)
  • Warranty:  01 Month (30 Days)
  • Fitting Charge : Not Applicable 

Note:  When you looking for a cooling fan be sure about the model & series number of your laptop & match with the existing cooling fan’s image, power pins & part number.


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MRP:৳ 2,500

9 in stock


  • HP TPN-I124 245 TPN-I119 TPN-I120 NS55B00-14M05 6033B0043801 EF60070S1-C180-S9A 6033B0043803
  • NS55B00, 14M05
  • HP Pavilion 14-AF DC05V 0.60A 4-Pin CPU Cooling NS55B00-14M05 6033B0043801
  • HP 14-AF 14-AD 14-ac 14-AF110NR 14-ac132la 
  • HP tpn-l119 14-AF 14-AD 14-ac 14-AF110NR 14-ac132la  EF60070S1-C180-S9A NS55B00-14M05 6033B0043801
  • EF60070S1-C180-S9A
  • HP 14-ac Series:
    HP 14-ac001 14-ac001tu
    HP 14-ac002 14-ac002nd
    HP 14-ac003 14-ac003tu 14-ac005tx
    HP 14-ac022 14-ac022tx
    HP 14-ac024 14-ac024tx
    HP 14-ac027 14-ac027tx
    HP 14-ac029 14-ac029tx
    HP 14-ac030 14-ac030tu
    HP 14-ac035 14-ac035tu
    HP 14-ac037 14-ac037tu
    HP 14-ac053 14-ac053tu
    HP 14-ac054 14-ac054tu
    HP 14-ac057 14-ac057tu
    HP 14-ac073 14-ac073tu
    HP 14-ac104 14-ac104tu
    HP 14-ac106 14-ac106la
    HP 14-ac107 14-ac107na
    HP 14-ac109 14-ac109la
    HP 14-ac115 14-ac115tx
    HP 14-ac128 14-ac128tx
    HP 14-ac132 14-ac132la
    HP 14-ac134 14-ac134tu
    HP 14-ac135 14-ac135tx
    HP 14-ac137tx 14-ac137tu
    HP 14-ac138 14-ac138tu
    HP 14-ac143 14-ac143tx
    HP 14-ac144 14-ac144la 14-ac144tu
    HP 14-ac147 14-ac147la
    HP 14-ac151 14-ac151nr
    HP 14-ac154 14-ac154la 14-ac154nr
    HP 14-ac157 14-ac157tu
    HP 14-ac159 14-ac159nr
    HP 14-ac160 14-ac160tu
    HP 14-ac169 14-ac169tu
    HP 14-ac170 14-ac170tu
    HP 14-ac171 14-ac171tu
    HP 14-ac175 14-ac175tu
    HP 14-ac178 14-ac178tu
    HP 14-ac179 14-ac179tu
    HP 14-ac186 14-ac186la
    HP 14-ac187 14-ac187la
    HP 14-ac603 14-ac603tu
    HP 14-ac606 14-ac606tu
    HP 14-ac610 14-ac610tuHP 14-ac654 14-ac654tx
  • HP 14-AD SeriesHP 14-af Series:
    HP 14-af001 14-af001au
    HP 14-af002 14-af002au
    HP 14-af007 14-af007au
    HP 14-af010 14-af010nr
    HP 14-af011 14-af011au
    HP 14-af013 14-af013au
    HP 14-af101 14-af101la
    HP 14-af102 14-af102au
    HP 14-af103 14-af103au 14-af103ax
    HP 14-af104 14-af104la
    HP 14-af105 14-af105au
    HP 14-af106 14-af106ax
    HP 14-af108 14-af108ca
    HP 14-af110 14-af110nr
    HP 14-af112 14-af112nr
    HP 14-af113 14-af113au
    HP 14-af114 14-af114au 14-af114la
    HP 14-af115 14-af115au 14-af115la
    HP 14-af116 14-af116la
    HP 14-af117 14-af117au 14-af117la
    HP 14-af118 14-af118au 14-af118la
    HP 14-af119 14-af119au
    HP 14-af120 14-af120au
    HP 14-af125 14-af125au
    HP 14-af126 14-af126au
    HP 14-af127 14-af127au
    HP 14-af129 14-af129au
    HP 14-af130 14-af130au
    HP 14-af131 14-af131au
    HP 14-af180 14-af180nr
  • hp probook 14-AC, 14-AF, 14-an, 14-AM, 240 G4, 245 G4, 246 G4, 340 G3, 346 G3, 348 G3 CPU Fan p/n 813506-001
  • HP 348-G3, 348G4, 348-G4, 813506-001 Laptop CPU Fan 
  • HP 14-AF 14-af115au 14-af112nr 14-af180nr 14z-af100 14z-af000 14-af100ca 14-af010nr 14-af108ca 14-af110nr 813506-001 6033B00438 01
  • HP 240 G5, 240-G4, 240-G4, 240G5, 240-G5, 245 G4, 245 G5, 245G4, 245-G4, 348G4, 348-G4, 813506-001, 813507-001
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