HP 15T-BR 15Z-BW 15-BW 15-BS 250 255 G6 CSL50 LS-E791P ON/OFF Power Button switch Board

Code: WIT10278

Technical Specifications 

  • Product TypeON/OFF Power Button switch Board
  • Brand :   Hp
  • Fit for Laptop Model:   HP 15T-BR 15Z-BW 15-BW 15-BS 250 255 G6 
  • Part Number :  CSL50 LS-E791P
  • Product Condition : Brand New & Original (QC)
  • Warranty : NO
  • Fitting Charge : Applicable


  • Actual item as shown in photos. Kindly compare your original item with the photos provided for the listing to make sure that you are purchasing the correct parts. Please check both the models and pictures before purchasing.
  • When you buy the  ON/OFF Power Button Switch Board, please be sure about the model number, part number  and image.
  • Professional skill and techniques required for proper installation..
  • Laptops with the same model number sometimes may have different types, please check the image which shows the actual product carefully and ensure it is the same as yours.


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MRP:৳ 2,500

10 in stock


  • CSL50 LS-E791P For HP 15T-BR 15Z-BW 15-BW 15-BS 250 255 G6 Power Button Switch Board W/ Cable
  • HP 15T-BR 15Z-BW 15-BW 15-BS 250 255 G6 CSL50 LS-E791PHP 15-BW 15-BW069NR 15-BW008CA LS-E791P CSL50 15-bw014cy 15-bw016ca 15-bw017cl 15-bw018ca 15-bw001cy 15-bw002cy 15-bw002wm 15-bw003cy 15-bw003ds 15-bw-003wm 15-bw001cy 15-bw002cy 15-bw011wm 15-bw012cy 15-bw012nr 15-bw013cy 15-bw010cy 15-bw010nr 15-bw011cy 15-bw011dx 15-bw004cy 15-bw004ds 15-bw004wm 15-bw-005cy 15-bw007ca 15-bw007cy 15-bw008ca 15-bw008cl 15-bw050ca 15-bw051od 15-bw052od 15-bw053od 15-bw060ca 15-bw061nr 15-bw064nr 15-bw001ds 15-bw-002ds 15-bw049ca 15-bw040ca 15-bw040nr 15-bw070ca 15-bw070nr 15-bw071nr 15-bw072nr 15-bw006ca 15-bw006cy 15-bw006ds 15-bw006wm 15-bw038cl 15-bw078cl 15-bw088cl 15-bw098cl 15-bw028ca 15-bw028cl 15-bw030ca 15-bw030nr15-bw018cl 15-bw020ca 15-bw020nr 15-bw024cl 15-bw008cy 15-bw009cy 15-bw009ca 15-bw010ca

    HP 15-bs000 15-bs100 15-bs500 15-bs600 LS-E791P 15-BS071NR 15-BS075NR 15-BS077NR 15-BS078CL 15-BS015DX 15-BS016DX 15-BS062ST 15-BS087NR 15-BS088NR 15-BS158CL 15-BS078NR 15-BS085NR 15-BS051OD 15-BS010NR 15-BS012CA 15-BS037NR 15-BS065NR 15-BS066NR 15-BS178CL 15-BS188CL 15-BS017CA 15-BS019CA 15-BS020NR 15-BS001CA 15-BS008CA 15-BS009CA 15-BS022CA 15-BS027CA

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