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HP Pavilion 15-D 15-E 15T-E 14-E series 4.5mm*3.0mm DC Power Jack Charging PORT

Code: WIT6556

Technical Specifications

  • Brand : HP
  • Product Type : DC Power Port/Jack
  • Compatible Model : Pavilion 14-E 15-E 15T-E series (17-E, 14-D are not same)
  • Part Number: 719318-YD9
  • Port Dimension : 4.5mm x 3.0mm
  • Connector Pin : 8 pin / 7 wire
  • Cable Length : 17cm
  • Product Condition : Brand New & Original (Fully Tested)
  • Guarantee : 03 Months ( 90 days) Cash Back*
  • Fitting Charge :  Applicable/Not Applicable*  Click Here

Note: Please be sure about Port Dimension (such as : 4.5mm x 3.0mm) or connector pin (such as : 8 pin / 7 wire) before ordering.


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MRP:৳ 2,000

1 in stock


DC Power Jack Harness Cable For HP 15AC128CA 15-AC128DS 15 AC128la 15-AC128nc 15-AC128ne 15-AC128nf 15-AC128ng 15-AC128nia 15-AC128nm 15-AC128no 15-AC128np 15-AC128ns

HP Pavilion 14-E 14E 14 E 15-E 15T-E  709802-SD1 709802-FD1 709802-YD1 CBL00360-0150 719859-001 AC DC Power Jack Socket Connector Charging Port DC IN Cable Wire Harness 

HP Envy TouchSmart 15 15-J M6 M6-K M6-N CBL00380-0200 719318-S09 719318-FD9/SD9/YD9

DC Jack for HP 15-R 15-G with Cable 719318-YD9

HP 15-R 15-G SERIES 15-R106NA 15-R126NA POWER SOCKET JACK CABLE 719318-YD9 E148

P/N.: CBL00380-0200  CBL00369-0100  719318-S09 719318-FD9 719318-SD9 719318-YD9

Compatible Laptop Models:
 HP Pavilion 14-E Series
 HP Pavilion 15-D Series
 HP Pavilion TouchSmart 11 Series: 11-e010NR 11-e011NR 11-e015DX 11-e015NR 11-e040CA 11-e110NR 11-e115NR11-e140CA

Compatible P/N.: 717371-SD1 717371-TB6 717371-FD6 717371-SD6 717371-TD6 717371-YD6 749647-001 719318-S09 719318-FD9 719318-SD9 719318-TD9 719318-YD9 720537-001 CBL00380-0200

Compatible Laptop Models:

HP Pavilion 14-E001TU 14-E001TX 14-E002TU 14-E002TX 14-E003TU 14-E003TX 14-E004TU 14-E004TX 14-E005TU 14-E005TX 14-E006TU 14-E006TX 14-E007TU 14-E007TX 14-E008TU 14-E008TX 14-E009TU 14-E009TX 14-E010LA 14-E010TX 14-E011TU 14-E011TX 14-E012LA 14-E012TU 14-E012TX 14-E013TU 14-E013TX 14-E014LA 14-E014TU 14-E014TX 14-E015TU 14-E015TX 14-E016LA 14-E016TU 14-E016TX 14-E017TU 14-E017TX 14-E018LA 14-E018TX 14-E020TX 14-E021TX 14-E022TX 14-E023TX 14-E024TX 14-E025TX 14-E026TX 14-E027TX 14-E028TX 14-E029TX 14-E030TX 14-E031TX 14-E032TX 14-E033TX 14-E034TX 14-E035TX 14-E036TX 14-E037TX 14-E038TX 14-E039TX 14-E040TX 14-E041TX 14-E042TX 14-E043TX 14-E044TX 14-E045TX 14-E046TX 14-E047TX 14-E048TX 14-E049TX 14-E050TX 14-E051TX 14-E052TX 14-E053TX 14-E054TX 14-E055TX 14-E056TX Series HP Home 15-G007DX 15-G010DX 5-G010NR 15-G011CA 15-G011NR 15-G012DX 15-G013CL 15-G013DX 15-G014DX 15-G018DX 15-G019WM 15-G020CA 15-G021CA 15-G021NR 15-G024NR 15-G027CA 15-G028CA 15-G029CA 15-G029WM 15-G031DS 15-G032DS 15-G033DS 15-G034DS 15-G034DS 15-G035DS 15-G035WM 15-G036DS 15-G037CY 15-G037DS 15-G038CY 15-G039CA 15-G039CY 15-G039DS 15-G039WM 15-G040CA 15-G041CY 15-G042CY 15-G042DS 15-G043CY 15-G048CA 15-G049CA 15-G050CA 15-G057CL 15-G059WM 15-G063NR 15-G070NR 15-G071NR 15-G072NR 15-G073NR 15-G074NR 15-G075NR 15-G077NR 15-G078NR 15-G080NR 15-G088CA 15-G099NR 15-G132DS 15-G133DS 15-G134DS 15-G135DS 15-G137DS 15-G170NR Series HP Home 15-R008NA 15-R011DX 15-R013CA 15-R015DX 15-R017DX 15-R018DX 15-R021NR 15-R022NR 15-R023NR 15-R024NR 15-R025NR 15-R026NR 15-R029WM 15-R030NR 15-R030WM 15-R032DS 15-R033CA 15-R034CA 15-R038CA 15-R039CA 15-R050NR 15-R052NR 15-R053CL 15-R063NR 15-R081NR

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