JC04 JC03 Battery for HP 15-BS 15-BW 17-BS HP 240 G6, 245 G6, 246 G6, 250 G6, 255 G6, HP 14-BS, HP 14-BW, HP 15-BS Series HSTNN-HB7X TPN-C130 919701-850 919700-850, HP 240 g6 battery

Code: WIT7742

Technical Specifications 

  • Brand : HP
  • Suitable Model : 15-BS 15-BW 17-BS Series
  • Battery Model Number: JC04  HSTNN-DB8A
  • Battery Part Number/Spare: 919681-241
  • Cell Chemistry : Lithium-Ion( Li-ion)
  • Color : Black
  • Backup time : Depends on your consumption and usages.
  • Life cycles : 500+ Times
  • Product Condition : Brand new & Original (Real capacity, high quality cells, longer life cycles, convenient to use)
  • Safeguard : Against incorrect voltage, short circuit, internal overheating.
  • Warranty : 01 Year (360 days)  cash back*


1. The first use of the battery, the battery voltage may be too low, you need to recharge the standby 06 to 08 hours before normal use.
2. First of all you should use the original AC Adapter/Charger in your laptop. Otherwise, WIT  is not liable for any kind of damages.


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MRP:৳ 3,500

4 in stock

Fit Machine Models:

  • HP 15-BS 15-BW 17-BS Series 919701-850 TPN-C130 HSTNN-HB7X 919682-241 HSTNN-DB8B JC03 919700-850 HSTNN-DB8E HSTNN-PB6Y HSTNN-LB7V 14.6V 41.6Wh
  • HP 15-BS 15-BW 17-BS SERIES HQ-TRE71025 HSTNN-HB7X TPN-C130 919701-850
  • fit for HP 15-bs168cl 15-bs010ds 15-bs013dx 15-bs060wm 15-bs192od 15-bs033cl 15-bs095ms 15-bw010nr 15-bw032wm 15-bw033wm 15-bw011dx HP 17-bs000 Series
  • HP 15-BS 15-BW 17-BS SERIES 
  • HP 15-BS000 15-BW000 All Series;14-bw014nf 17-bs039nf 17-ak004ng 17-ak007na 17-ak015ng;HP Pavilion 17z Series 15-bs091ms 15-bs013dx 15-bs095ms 15-bs0115dx 15-bw011dx 15-053od
  • HP Pavilion 14-BS 14-BW 15-BS 15-BW 17-BS JC04 JC03 HSTNN-LB7W HP 240 G6 HP 245 G6 HP 250 G6 HP 255 G6
  • 250 G6250 G6(1WY54EA)250 G6(1XN75EA)250 G6(2LB99EA)255 G6
  • HP 240 G6, 245 G6, 246 G6, 250 G6, 255 G6, HP 14-BS, HP 14-BW, HP 15-BS
  • 14-BS002LA, 14-BS003LA, 14-BS004LA, 14-BS006LA, 14-BS007LA, 14-BS008LA, 14-BS009LA, 14-BS010LA, 14-BS011LA, 14-BS012LA, 14-BS013LA, 14-BS0, 14LA, 14-BS0, 15LA, 14-BS0, 17LA, 14-BS018LA, 14-BS020LA, 14-BS021LA, 14-BS022LA, 14-BS023LA, 14-BS024LA, 14-BS025LA, 14-BS026LA, 14-BS027LA, 14-BS057CL, 14-BS0XX, 14-BS, 153OD, 14-BW001LA, 14-BW002LA, 14-BW003LA, 14-BW004LA, 14-BW005LA, 14-BW006LA, 14-BW007LA, 14-BW010NR, 14-BW012NR, 14-BW065NR, 14-BW066NR, 14T-BS000, 14Z-BW000.
  • 15-BS001CA, 15-BS001LA, 15-BS002LA, 15-BS003LA, 15-BS004LA, 15-BS005LA, 15-BS007DS, 15-BS007LA, 15-BS008CA, 15-BS008DS, 15-BS008LA, 15-BS009CA, 15-BS009DS, 15-BS010DS, 15-BS010LA, 15-BS010NR, 15-BS011DS, 15-BS011LA, 15-BS012CA, 15-BS012DS, 15-BS012LA , 15-BS013DS, 15-BS013DX, 15-BS013LA, 15-BS0, 15CY, 15-BS0, 15DX, 15-BS016CY, 15-BS016DX, 15-BS0, 17CA, 15-BS0, 17CY, 15-BS0, 17LA, 15-BS018CY, 15-BS018LA, 15-BS019CA, 15-BS019CY, 15-BS020CY, 15-BS020NR, 15-BS020WM, 15-BS021CY, 15-BS021NR, 15-BS022CA, 15-BS022CY, 15-BS022LA, 15-BS023CA, 15-BS023CY, 15-BS023LA, 15-BS024CY, 15-BS024LA, 15-BS025CY, 15-BS025LA, 15-BS026CY, 15-BS026LA, 15-BS027CA, 15-BS027CY, 15-BS027LA, 15-BS028CA, 15-BS028CL, 15-BS028CY, 15-BS028LA, 15-BS029LA, 15-BS030NR, 15-BS031LA, 15-BS033CL, 15-BS034LA, 15-BS035LA, 15-BS037LA, 15-BS037NR, 15-BS038CL, 15-BS038DX, 15-BS039LA, 15-BS044LA, 15-BS045NR, 15-BS048CL, 15-BS049LA, 15-BS050LA, 15-BS051OD, 15-BS052LA, 15-BS053LA, 15-BS053OD, 15-BS054LA, 15-BS058CA , 15-BS059OD, 15-BS060WM, 15-BS061ST, 15-BS062ST, 15-BS065NR, 15-BS066NR, 15-BS067CL, 15-BS070WM, 15-BS071NR, 15-BS074NR, 15-BS075NR, 15-BS076NR, 15-BS077NR, 15-BS078CL, 15-BS078NR, 15-BS080CA, 15-BS080WM, 15-BS085NR, 15-BS086NR, 15-BS087CL, 15-BS087NR, 15-BS088NR, 15-BS091MS, 15-BS095MS, 15-BS0XX, 15-BS113DX, 15-BS1, 15DX, 15-BS131NR, 15-BS132NR, 15-BS, 158CL, 15-BS168CL, 15-BS, 178CL, 15-BS188CL, 15-BS190OD, 15-BS191OD, 15-BS192OD, 15-BS193OD, 15-BS194OD, 15-BS197CL, 15-BS212WM, 15-BS234WM, 15-BS244WM, 15-BS289WM, 15-BW001CY, 15-BW001DS, 15-BW001LA, 15-BW002CY, 15-BW002DS, 15-BW002WM, 15-BW003CY, 15-BW003DS, 15-BW003WM, 15-BW004CY, 15-BW004DS, 15-BW004LA, 15-BW004WM, 15-BW005CY, 15-BW005DS, 15-BW005LA, 15-BW006CA , 15-BW006CY, 15-BW006DS, 15-BW006WM, 15-BW007CA, 15-BW007CY, 15-BW007DS, 15-BW008CA, 15-BW008CL, 15-BW008CY, 15-BW009CA, 15-BW009CY, 15-BW010CA, 15-BW010CY, 15-BW010LA, 15-BW010NR, 15-BW011CY, 15-BW011DX, 15-BW011LA, 15-BW011WM, 15-BW012CY, 15-BW012NR, 15-BW013CY, 15-BW0, 14CY, 15-BW0, 14LA, 15-BW0, 15LA, 15-BW016CA, 15-BW016LA, 15-BW0, 17CL, 15-BW0, 17LA, 15-BW018CA, 15-BW018CL, 15-BW018CY, 15-BW019CY, 15-BW020CA, 15-BW020CY, 15-BW020LA, 15-BW020NR, 15-BW025CY, 15-BW026CY, 15-BW027CY, 15-BW028CA, 15-BW028CL, 15-BW030CA, 15-BW030NR, 15-BW032NR, 15-BW032WM, 15-BW033WM, 15-BW035NR, 15-BW036NR, 15-BW038CL, 15-BW040CA, 15-BW040NR, 15-BW050CA, 15-BW051OD, 15-BW052OD, 15-BW053OD, 15-BW060CA, 15-BW061NR, 15-BW063NR, 15-BW064NR , 15-BW069NR, 15-BW070CA, 15-BW070NR, 15-BW071NR, 15-BW072NR, 15-BW073NR, 15-BW075NR, 15-BW078CL, 15-BW080CA, 15-BW080NR, 15-BW081CA, 15-BW082CA, 15-BW083CA, 15-BW084CA, 15-BW085CA, 15-BW086CA, 15-BW087CA, 15-BW088CA, 15-BW088CL, 15-BW098CA, 15-BW098CL, 15T-BR000, 15T-BS000, 15T-BS0XX, 15Z-BW000
  • 17-AK001CY, 17-AK002CY, 17-AK003CY, 17-AK004CY, 17-AK005CY, 17-AK006CY, 17-AK007CY, 17-AK008CY, 17-AK009CY, 17-AK009DS, 17-AK010CY, 17-AK010DS, 17-AK010NR, 17-AK011CY, 17-AK011DS, 17-AK012CY, 17-AK012DS, 17-AK012NR, 17-AK013CY, 17-AK013DS, 17-AK013DX, 17-AK0, 14CY, 17-AK0, 14DS, 17-AK0, 15DS, 17-AK0, 17CY, 17-AK018CY, 17-AK019CY, 17-AK020CY, 17-AK021CY, 17-AK022CY, 17-AK023CY, 17-AK024CY, 17-AK025CY, 17-AK026CY, 17-AK027CY , 17-AK028CY, 17-AK029CY, 17-AK030CY, 17-AK051NR, 17-AK061NR, 17-AK064NR, 17-AK072CL, 17-BS010NR, 17-BS011DX, 17-BS0, 15CY, 17-BS016CY, 17-BS0, 17CY, 17-BS018CL, 17-BS018CY, 17-BS019CY, 17-BS019DX, 17-BS020CY, 17-BS020NR, 17-BS021CY, 17-BS022CY, 17-BS023CY, 17-BS024CY, 17-BS025CY, 17-BS026CY, 17-BS027CY, 17-BS028CY, 17-BS029DS, 17-BS030DS, 17-BS031DS, 17-BS032DS, 17-BS033DS, 17-BS034DS, 17-BS035DS, 17-BS036DS, 17-BS037CL, 17-BS037DS, 17-BS038CL, 17-BS038DS, 17-BS039DS, 17-BS040DS, 17-BS041DS, 17-BS042DS, 17-BS049DX, 17-BS051OD, 17-BS055NR, 17-BS057CL, 17-BS058CL, 17-BS061ST, 17-BS062ST, 17-BS067CL, 17-BS068CL, 17-BS069NR, 17-BS072NR, 17-BS088CL, 17-BS097CL, 17T-BR000, 17T-BS000, 17Z-AK000
  • 240 G6
  • 245 G6
  • HP 15-bs000 Series:15-bs168cl 15-bs010ds 15-bs013dx 15-bs060wm 15-bs192od 15-bs033cl 15-bs095ms 15-bs015dx 15-bs020wm 15-bs016dx 15-bs038dx 15-bs078cl 15-bs060wm 15-bs013nr 15-bs077nr 15-bs053od 15-bs091ms 15-bs080wm 15-bs053od 15-bs131nr 15-bs023cy 15-bs016dx 15-bs038cl 15-bs058ca 15-bs065nr 15-bs091ms 15-bs091ms 15-bs132nr 15-bs008cy 15-bs011cy 15-bs132nrHP 15-bw000 Series:15-bw010nr 15-bw032wm 15-bw033wm 15-bw011dx 15-bw070nr 15-bw028ca 15-bw036nr 15-bw053od 15-bw008cl 15-bw035nr 15-bw040nr 15-bw030nr 15-bw017cl 15-bw012nr 15-bw010ca 15-bw027au 15-bw073nr 15-bw072nr 15-bw53od 15-bw032nrHP Pavilion 17z Series14-bw014nf 17-bs039nf 17-ak004ng 17-ak007na 17-ak015ng
  • HP – COMPAQ HP 240 G6, 245 G6, 246 G6, 250 G6, 255 G6, HP 14-BS, HP 14-BW, HP 15-BS.
  • 919700-850 JC03 – Battery for HP 15-bs 15-bw 17-bs Series 15-bs0xx 15-bs1xx 15-bs015dx 15-bs013dx 15-bs115dx 15-bs113dx 15-bw011dx 15-bw053od 15-bw0701wm HVN -850
  • HP Notebook 15-BS 15-BW 17-BS 15Q-BU 15G-BR 17-AK 15Q-BY Series 15-bs0xx 15-bs1xx 15-bs013dx 15-bs015dx 15-bs113dx 15-bs115dx 15-bs020wm 15- bs033cl 15-bs038dx 15-bs051od 15-b053od 15-b05s033cl OD 15-bs077nr 15-bs080wm 15-bs091ms 15-bs095ms 15-bw0xx 15-bw011dx 15-bw053od 15-bw032wm 17-bw032wm 17-bw033wm 17-bw032wm 17 17-bs049dx 17-bs153cl
    Compatible with: JC03 HSTNN-LB7V 919700-850 919701-850 919681-221 919681-421 919682-121 919682-421 919682-831 HSTNN-DB8E HSTNN-H7BX HSTNN-L67N HSTN TPNST-LB7W6 HBNST-LB7N HSTN-TPNB7W6 PBNN-HSTN-TPNB7W6 HB -C130 N-W129 TPN-W130 TPN-Q186 TPN-Q187


Part Number:

  • HP 919681-221 919682-121 919682-421 919682-831 HSTNN-LB7V TPN-C129 TPN-C130 TPN-Q186 TPN-Q187 TPN-W129 TPN-W130
  • JC03 HSTNN-DB8A 919681-241 TPN-Q186 TPN-Q187 TPN-C129 TPN-C130 TPN-W129 TPN-W130 JC04
  •  919701-850 919700-850 919681-421
  • HQ-TRE71025 HSTNNHB7X TPN-C130 919701-850  JC04
  • JC03 HSTNN-DB8A 919681-241 TPN-Q186 TPN-Q187 TPN-C129 TPN-C130 TPN-W129 TPN-W130 JC04
  • 2LP34AA919681-221919681-231919681-241919681-421919681-831919682-121919682-131919682-141919682-221919682-231919682-241919682-421919682-422919682-831919700-850919701-850HSTNN-DB8AHSTNN-DB8BHSTNN-DB8EHSTNN-DB8FHSTNN-L67NHSTNN-PB6YJC03JC03031JC04JC04041JCO3JCO4TPN-C129TPN-C130TPN-Q186TPN-Q187TPN-W129TPN-W130
  • 919681-221
  • 919681-831
  • 919700-850
  • JC03
  • JC04
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