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Keyboard for HP Spectre X360 13-W 13-AD 13-AC 13-AG 13-AH 13-AE, 13T-AE, 13-BF 13-CA 13-AC033DX 13-AC040CA, US layout

Code: WIT10441

Technical Specifications

  • Laptop Brand : HP
  • Series Name : Spectre  x360 13-ac, x360 13-ae, x360 13-w (NOT Compatible with HP Spectre X360 15-BL)
  • Keyboard Part/Model Number: SN6161BL
  • Layout: USA
  • Language: English 
  • Color: Silver/Grey/Black/Gold (Please select the price options before purchase)
  • Backlit: Yes 
  • Track Pointer : No
  • Power Switch: No
  • Frame: No
  • Screw: No
  • Button Type: Square Shape Corner
  • Fixing Type : Palm rest based & Built-in
  • Size : Medium
  • Condition: Brand New & Original (QC)
  • Warranty: 03 Months/90 days
  • Fitting Charge : Applicable
***Kindly Note………. 

Please firstly compare the picture with your keyboard before you place an order. Make sure the laptop model and keyboard is the right one you need. If you are still not sure after a comparison, please contact us.

Suggestion : When you want to buy a laptop keyboard , you must  follow these indications:

  • Laptop accurate brand, model/series name & number  or keyboard P/N
  • Color & layout (USA/UK)- especially Enter key
  • Fixing type : easy removable or adhesiveness  (palmrest based)
  • Button shape (especially arrow keys) or connector cable extent & position
  • Screw location, track pointer  & backlit availability
  • Including Palmrest or not ?
  • With numeric/Without numeric


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MRP:৳ 5,500৳ 7,500

  • HP Spectre X360 13W 13 W 13AC  13 AC Series Keyboard  812-01922-00A SN6161BL (NOT Compatible with HP Spectre X360 15-BL)
  • HP Spectre X360 13-ae 13-AC013tu TPN-Q178 envy 13 TPN-I128 C132 W133 W136 Q178 Q199
  • hp x360 13-ac, x360 13-ae, x360 13-w
  • Model:
    13-ac000 13-ae000 13t-w000 13-W000 13-w013dx 13-w023dx 13-W053NR 13-W063NR 13-AC 13-AD 13-AE 13-W010CA 13-W020CA 13-W030CA
    Compatible Model:
    Keyboard For HP spectre 13-w000 13-W053NR 13-W063NR 13-w013dx x360
    Keyboard For HP spectre 13-w001tu 13-w002tu 13-w003tu 13-w004tu 13-w005tu 13-w006tu 13-w007tu 13-w008tu x360
    Keyboard For HP spectre 13-w009tu 13-w010tu 13-w011tu 13-w012tu 13-w013dx 13-w013tu 13-w014tu 13-w015tu x360
    Keyboard For HP spectre 13-w016tu 13-w017tu 13-w018tu 13-w019tu 13-w020tu 13-w021tu 13-w022tu 13-w023dx x360
    Keyboard For HP spectre 13-w023tu 13-w024tu 13-w025tu 13-w026tu 13-w027tu 13-w028tu 13-w029tu 13-w030tu x360
    Keyboard For HP spectre 13-w031tu 13-w032tu 13-w033tu 13-w034tu 13-w035tu 13-w036tu 13-w037tu 13-w053nr 13-w055nr x360
  • Hp Envy 13-ah1027tx keyboard
  • HP Envy 13-ah1026tx 13-ah1027tu 13-ah1027tx series

NE:SN9162BL1 SG-87210-3MA 920746-DH1
CF:SG-87230-86A SN6171BL1
AR:SN9162BL1 SG-87210-3NA 920746.171
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