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KI04 battery For HP Pavilion 14-AB 15-AB032TX 15-AB027TX 15-AB028TX 15-AB 17-AB series HSTNN-LB6S HSTNN-DB6T

Code: WIT9780

Technical Specifications 

  • Brand : HP
  • Suitable Model : Pavilion 15-AB032TX 15-AB027TX 15-AB028TX 15-AB
  • Battery Model Number: KI04
  • Battery Part Number/Spare HSTNN-LB6S 800050-001 HSTNN-LB6R
  • Cell Chemistry : Lithium-Ion
  • Color : Black
  • Backup time : Depends on your consumption and usages.
  • Life cycles : 500+ Times (HP) & 300+ Times (WIT)
  • Product Condition : Brand New (QC Pass)
  • Product Category : 02 Types – (HP) & (WIT) Please select the price options before purchase
  • Guarantee (Replacement): 01 Year/360 days(both) cash back*


1. The first use of the battery, the battery voltage may be too low, you need to recharge the standby 06 to 08 hours before normal use.
2. First of all you must connect the original AC Adapter/Charger in your laptop. Otherwise, WIT  is not liable for any kind of damages in your laptop.


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MRP:৳ 2,500৳ 3,500

  • HP
  • WIT

Compatible Models:

  • HP Pavilion 14-ab battery
  • HP PAVILLION 14-AB 15-AB Series 
  • HP Pavilion 14 ab 15 ab 17 ab00
  • HP Pavilion 15-ak001TX Gaming NB 17-g178ng
  • Pavilion 14 ab011TX   Pavilion 14-ab012TX   Pavilion 14-ab013TX   Pavilion 14-ab005TU   
  • Pavilion 14-ab006TU 
  • HP Pavilion 15-ab battery
  • HP Pavilion 15 ag000
  • 15 AB000  15-AB100  15-AB200  15-AB500  15-AK000  15-AK100NE  15-ab000au  15-ab100TX  
  • 15-an001TX  15-an001la  15-an002TX  15-an003TX  15-an004TX   15-an005TX   15-an006TX
  • 15-an007TX  15-an008TX  15-an009TX  15-an010TX  15T-AB000    15T-AB100     15T-AK000  
  • 15Z-AB00   15Z-AB100   15t-ab000   15z-ab000
  • FOR Pavilion 17-g000 17-g100 17-g200
  • FOR Pavilion 15-bj000
  • FOR Pavilion 15-an000
  • FOR Star Wars 15-an
  • HP Pavilion 17-g000~17-g099
  • 17-G000  17-G000NA  17-G000NC  17-G000ND  17-G000NF  17-G000NK  17-G000NV  17-G000UR  
  • 17-G001NA 17-G001NF  17-G001NK  17-G001NU  17-G002NA  17-G002ND  17-G002NK 17-G002NO   
  • 17-G002NS 17-G003NN  17-G003NK  17-G003NM  17-G003NO  17-G003NS  17-G003NU 17-G003UR
  • 17-G004NK 17-G004NO  17-G004UR  17-G020NR  17-G020NZ  17-G020UR  17-G021NF 17-G021UR   
  • 17-G022UR 17-G023NG  17-G024ND  17-G024NG  17-G024UR  17-G025DS  17-G025ND 17-G026DS   
  • 17-G026NA 17-G026UR  17-G027DS  17-G027UR  17-G028DS  17-G099NR  17-G100   17-G100NA
  • 17-G193UR 17-G194UR  17-G195NG  17-G195UR  17-G196UR  17-G198UR  17-G199NR   17-g000   
  • 17-g000na 17-g000nc  17-g000nk  17-g000nv  17-g001na  17-g002na  17-g002nk  17-g003nk   
  • 17-g004nk 17-g005na  17-g054ur  17-g056ur  17-g057ur  17-g061ur  17-g062ur  17-g070ca
  • 17-g077cl 17-g084ca  17-g099nr  17-g101AU  17-g101AX  17-g102AU  17-g102AX  17T-G000   
  • 17T-G100  17Z-G000   17Z-G100   17t-g000   17z-g000
  • PAVILION 17-g215cy, Pavilion 14-ab000, Pavilion 14-ab000(Touch), Pavilion 14-ab001TU, Pavilion 14-ab001TX, Pavilion 14-ab002TU, Pavilion 14-ab002TX, Pavilion 14-ab003TU, Pavilion 14-ab003TX, Pavilion 14-ab004TU, Pavilion 14-ab004TX, Pavilion 14-ab005TU, Pavilion 14-ab005TX, Pavilion 14-ab006TU, Pavilion 14-ab006TX, Pavilion 14-ab007TU, Pavilion 14-ab007TX, Pavilion 14-ab007la, Pavilion 14-ab008TU, Pavilion 14-ab008TX, Pavilion 14-ab009TU, Pavilion 14-ab009TX, Pavilion 14-ab010TU, Pavilion 14-ab010TX, Pavilion 14-ab011TX, Pavilion 14-ab012TU, Pavilion 14-ab012TX, Pavilion 14-ab013TU, Pavilion 14-ab013TX, Pavilion 14-ab014TU, Pavilion 14-ab014TX, Pavilion 14-ab015TU, Pavilion 14-ab015TX, Pavilion 14-ab015tx (M2X00PA), Pavilion 14-ab016TU, Pavilion 14-ab016TX, Pavilion 14-ab016tx (M2X01PA), Pavilion 14-ab017TU, Pavilion 14-ab017TX, Pavilion 14-ab017tx (M2W99PA), Pavilion 14-ab018TU, Pavilion 14-ab018TX, Pavilion 14-ab019TU, Pavilion 14-ab019TX, Pavilion 14-ab019la, Pavilion 14-ab020TU, Pavilion 14-ab020TX, Pavilion 14-ab021TU, Pavilion 14-ab021TX, Pavilion 14-ab021la, Pavilion 14-ab022TU, Pavilion 14-ab022TX, Pavilion 14-ab023TU, Pavilion 14-ab023TX, Pavilion 14-ab024TU, Pavilion 14-ab024TX, Pavilion 14-ab025TU, Pavilion 14-ab025TX, Pavilion 14-ab026TU, Pavilion 14-ab026TX, Pavilion 14-ab027TX, Pavilion 14-ab028TX, Pavilion 14-ab029TX, Pavilion 14-ab030TX, Pavilion 14-ab031TX, Pavilion 14-ab032TX, Pavilion 14-ab033TX, Pavilion 14-ab034TX, Pavilion 14-ab035TX, Pavilion 14-ab036TX, Pavilion 14-ab037TX, Pavilion 14-ab038TX, Pavilion 14-ab039TX, Pavilion 14-ab040TX, Pavilion 14-ab041TX, Pavilion 14-ab042TX, Pavilion 14-ab043TX, Pavilion 14-ab044TX, Pavilion 14-ab045TX, Pavilion 14-ab046TX, Pavilion 14-ab047TX, Pavilion 14-ab048TX, Pavilion 14-ab049TX, Pavilion 14-ab050TX, Pavilion 14-ab051TX, Pavilion 14-ab052TX, Pavilion 14-ab053TX, Pavilion 14-ab054TX, Pavilion 14-ab055TX, Pavilion 14-ab056TX, Pavilion 14-ab056tx (N8L78PA), Pavilion 14-ab057TX, Pavilion 14-ab057tx (P3C75PA), Pavilion 14-ab058TX, Pavilion 14-ab058tx (P3C76PA), Pavilion 14-ab059TX, Pavilion 14-ab059tx (P3C77PA), Pavilion 14-ab084CA, Pavilion 14-ab142tx (P6M28PA), Pavilion 14-ab160tx (T5Q99PA), Pavilion 14-ab170tx (T9G38PA), Pavilion 14t-ab000, Pavilion 15-AB271S, Pavilion 15-AB522TX, Pavilion 15-AB523TX, Pavilion 15-AB524TX, Pavilion 15-AB525TX, Pavilion 15-AB526TX, Pavilion 15-AB527TX, Pavilion 15-AN031NG, Pavilion 15-ab000, Pavilion 15-ab000na, Pavilion 15-ab001na, Pavilion 15-ab001nh, Pavilion 15-ab001np, Pavilion 15-ab002nh, Pavilion 15-ab002nj, Pavilion 15-ab004na, Pavilion 15-ab005tx(L8P33PA), Pavilion 15-ab005ur, Pavilion 15-ab006nq, Pavilion 15-ab006tx(L8P34PA), Pavilion 15-ab006ur, Pavilion 15-ab007na, Pavilion 15-ab007tx(L8P35PA), Pavilion 15-ab008na, Pavilion 15-ab008nq, Pavilion 15-ab008tx(L8P36PA), Pavilion 15-ab009nq, Pavilion 15-ab009tx(L8P37PA), Pavilion 15-ab010AX, Pavilion 15-ab010na, Pavilion 15-ab010no, Pavilion 15-ab010tx(L8P38PA), Pavilion 15-ab011nf, Pavilion 15-ab011nia, Pavilion 15-ab011tx(L8P39PA), Pavilion 15-ab012tx(L8P40PA), Pavilion 15-ab013nx, Pavilion 15-ab014nx, Pavilion 15-ab015nc, Pavilion 15-ab015ne, Pavilion 15-ab015nx, Pavilion 15-ab016TU, Pavilion 15-ab017TU, Pavilion 15-ab017nx, Pavilion 15-ab018TU, Pavilion 15-ab018na, Pavilion 15-ab018ne, Pavilion 15-ab019ne, Pavilion 15-ab019nx, Pavilion 15-ab020ne, Pavilion 15-ab020no, Pavilion 15-ab020nx, Pavilion 15-ab024NE, Pavilion 15-ab025ur, Pavilion 15-ab028na, Pavilion 15-ab029nc, Pavilion 15-ab030no, Pavilion 15-ab031ng, Pavilion 15-ab032no, Pavilion 15-ab032tx, Pavilion 15-ab034AX, Pavilion 15-ab034ng, Pavilion 15-ab034ur, Pavilion 15-ab035nc, Pavilion 15-ab035ng, Pavilion 15-ab035ur, Pavilion 15-ab036TX, Pavilion 15-ab036ax, Pavilion 15-ab036cy, Pavilion 15-ab036nc, Pavilion 15-ab036ng, Pavilion 15-ab036nl, Pavilion 15-ab036tu, Pavilion 15-ab036ur, Pavilion 15-ab037TX, Pavilion 15-ab037ax, Pavilion 15-ab037cy, Pavilion 15-ab037nc, Pavilion 15-ab037nd, Pavilion 15-ab037ng, Pavilion 15-ab037nl, Pavilion 15-ab037tu, Pavilion 15-ab038TU, Pavilion 15-ab038TX, Pavilion 15-ab038cy, Pavilion 15-ab038nc, Pavilion 15-ab038nl, Pavilion 15-ab039TX, Pavilion 15-ab039cy, Pavilion 15-ab039nc, Pavilion 15-ab040na, Pavilion 15-ab040nc, Pavilion 15-ab040no, Pavilion 15-ab040sa, Pavilion 15-ab041tu, Pavilion 15-ab042na, Pavilion 15-ab042no, Pavilion 15-ab042tu, Pavilion 15-ab043na, Pavilion 15-ab043nb, Pavilion 15-ab043sa, Pavilion 15-ab044na, Pavilion 15-ab044nb, Pavilion 15-ab044nz, Pavilion 15-ab044sa, Pavilion 15-ab045na, Pavilion 15-ab045nd, Pavilion 15-ab045sa, Pavilion 15-ab046na, Pavilion 15-ab046sa, Pavilion 15-ab047na, Pavilion 15-ab048na, Pavilion 15-ab048nb, Pavilion 15-ab048sa, Pavilion 15-ab048tu, Pavilion 15-ab048tx (M2X02PA), Pavilion 15-ab049na, Pavilion 15-ab049nb, Pavilion 15-ab049tu, Pavilion 15-ab049tx (M2X03PA), Pavilion 15-ab050nb, Pavilion 15-ab050np, Pavilion 15-ab050ns, Pavilion 15-ab050nv, Pavilion 15-ab050nw, Pavilion 15-ab050nz, Pavilion 15-ab050tu, Pavilion 15-ab050tx (M2X04PA), Pavilion 15-ab051na, Pavilion 15-ab051nb, Pavilion 15-ab051np, Pavilion 15-ab051nq, Pavilion 15-ab051ns, Pavilion 15-ab051nw, Pavilion 15-ab051nx, Pavilion 15-ab051tx, Pavilion 15-ab052na, Pavilion 15-ab052nc, Pavilion 15-ab052ng, Pavilion 15-ab052no, Pavilion 15-ab052np, Pavilion 15-ab052ns, Pavilion 15-ab052nx, Pavilion 15-ab053nr, Pavilion 15-ab053nt, Pavilion 15-ab053tu, Pavilion 15-ab054ca, Pavilion 15-ab054na, Pavilion 15-ab054ng, Pavilion 15-ab054tu, Pavilion 15-ab054tx, Pavilion 15-ab054ur, Pavilion 15-ab055ng, Pavilion 15-ab055tx, Pavilion 15-ab056na, Pavilion 15-ab056ng, Pavilion 15-ab056no, Pavilion 15-ab056nw, Pavilion 15-ab056tx, Pavilion 15-ab057np, Pavilion 15-ab057nr, Pavilion 15-ab057ur, Pavilion 15-ab058nc, Pavilion 15-ab058no, Pavilion 15-ab058tx, Pavilion 15-ab058ur, Pavilion 15-ab059na, Pavilion 15-ab059nc, Pavilion 15-ab059tx, Pavilion 15-ab059ur, Pavilion 15-ab060nb, Pavilion 15-ab060nw, Pavilion 15-ab060nz, Pavilion 15-ab060tx, Pavilion 15-ab060ur, Pavilion 15-ab061nw, Pavilion 15-ab061tx, Pavilion 15-ab061ur, Pavilion 15-ab062na, Pavilion 15-ab062nb, Pavilion 15-ab062nl, Pavilion 15-ab062tx, Pavilion 15-ab062ur, Pavilion 15-ab063cl, Pavilion 15-ab063nw, Pavilion 15-ab063tx, Pavilion 15-ab063ur, Pavilion 15-ab064nc, Pavilion 15-ab064no, Pavilion 15-ab064tx, Pavilion 15-ab064ur, Pavilion 15-ab065na, Pavilion 15-ab065no, Pavilion 15-ab065nw, Pavilion 15-ab065tx, Pavilion 15-ab065tx(M4Y19PA), Pavilion 15-ab065ur, Pavilion 15-ab065us, Pavilion 15-ab066na, Pavilion 15-ab066no, Pavilion 15-ab066tx, Pavilion 15-ab066tx(M4Y20PA), Pavilion 15-ab066ur, Pavilion 15-ab067nc, Pavilion 15-ab067no, Pavilion 15-ab067tx, Pavilion 15-ab067tx(M4Y21PA), Pavilion 15-ab067ur, Pavilion 15-ab068no, Pavilion 15-ab068tx, Pavilion 15-ab068tx(M4Y22PA), Pavilion 15-ab068ur, Pavilion 15-ab069nl, Pavilion 15-ab069tx, Pavilion 15-ab069tx(M4Y23PA), Pavilion 15-ab069ur, Pavilion 15-ab070na, Pavilion 15-ab070no, Pavilion 15-ab070nz, Pavilion 15-ab070tx, Pavilion 15-ab070ur, Pavilion 15-ab071na, Pavilion 15-ab071nb, Pavilion 15-ab071no, Pavilion 15-ab071nr, Pavilion 15-ab071nw, Pavilion 15-ab072TX, Pavilion 15-ab072no, Pavilion 15-ab073no, Pavilion 15-ab074no, Pavilion 15-ab075na, Pavilion 15-ab075no, Pavilion 15-ab075tx, Pavilion 15-ab076na, Pavilion 15-ab076tx, Pavilion 15-ab076tx(M4Y76PA), Pavilion 15-ab077na, Pavilion 15-ab077nz, Pavilion 15-ab078na, Pavilion 15-ab078nc, Pavilion 15-ab078tx, Pavilion 15-ab079na, Pavilion 15-ab079nc, Pavilion 15-ab079tx, Pavilion 15-ab080na, Pavilion 15-ab080nc, Pavilion 15-ab080nd, Pavilion 15-ab080tx, Pavilion 15-ab081na, Pavilion 15-ab081nc, Pavilion 15-ab081nw, Pavilion 15-ab081tx, Pavilion 15-ab082nc, Pavilion 15-ab082tx, Pavilion 15-ab083nc, Pavilion 15-ab083no, Pavilion 15-ab083nw, Pavilion 15-ab083tx, Pavilion 15-ab084no, Pavilion 15-ab084tx, Pavilion 15-ab085no, Pavilion 15-ab085nw, Pavilion 15-ab086no, Pavilion 15-ab086tx, Pavilion 15-ab087no, Pavilion 15-ab087tx, Pavilion 15-ab088ca, Pavilion 15-ab088na, Pavilion 15-ab088no, Pavilion 15-ab088tx, Pavilion 15-ab090na, Pavilion 15-ab090no, Pavilion 15-ab090tx, Pavilion 15-ab091na, Pavilion 15-ab091nb, Pavilion 15-ab091no, Pavilion 15-ab091tx, Pavilion 15-ab092no, Pavilion 15-ab092tx, Pavilion 15-ab093no, Pavilion 15-ab093tx, Pavilion 15-ab093tx(M9V85PA), Pavilion 15-ab094tx, Pavilion 15-ab095na, Pavilion 15-ab095tx, Pavilion 15-ab096nb, Pavilion 15-ab096tx, Pavilion 15-ab097nb, Pavilion 15-ab097tx, Pavilion 15-ab098na, Pavilion 15-ab098nb, Pavilion 15-ab098tx, Pavilion 15-ab099na, Pavilion 15-ab099nb, Pavilion 15-ab099tx, Pavilion 15-ab100na, Pavilion 15- ab100na, Pavilion 15-ab102tx (N1W13PA), Pavilion 15-ab111tx (P3C78PA), Pavilion 15-ab112tx (P3C79PA), Pavilion 15-ab113tx (P3C80PA), Pavilion 15-ab200, Pavilion 15-ab200nl, Pavilion 15-ab251nr, Pavilion 15-ab254sa, Pavilion 15-ab257tx, Pavilion 15-ab286tx (P6M29PA), Pavilion 15-ab291tx, Pavilion 15-ab297tx, Pavilion 15-ak025tx (T0Y47PA), Pavilion 15-ak026tx (T0Y48PA), Pavilion 15-ak029tx (T0Y66PA), Pavilion 15-an000, Pavilion 15-an001ng, Pavilion 15-an058ca, Pavilion 17-g000, Pavilion 17-g000na, Pavilion 17-g000nc, Pavilion 17-g000nd, Pavilion 17-g000nf, Pavilion 17-g000nk, Pavilion 17-g000nv, Pavilion 17-g000nw, Pavilion 17-g000ur, Pavilion 17-g001n, Pavilion 17-g001nt, Pavilion 17-g001nu, Pavilion 17-g001ur, Pavilion 17-g002na, Pavilion 17-g002nd, Pavilion 17-g002nk, Pavilion 17-g002no, Pavilion 17-g002ns, Pavilion 17-g002ur, Pavilion 17-g003nk, Pavilion 17-g003nl, Pavilion 17-g003nm, Pavilion 17-g003no, Pavilion 17-g003ns, Pavilion 17-g003ur, Pavilion 17-g004ng, Pavilion 17-g004nk, Pavilion 17-g005nf, Pavilion 17-g005nl, Pavilion 17-g005nx, Pavilion 17-g005ur, Pavilion 17-g006nx, Pavilion 17-g006ur, Pavilion 17-g008nl, Pavilion 17-g008ur, Pavilion 17-g009nf, Pavilion 17-g009ng, Pavilion 17-g010na, Pavilion 17-g010nf, Pavilion 17-g010nz, Pavilion 17-g010ur, Pavilion 17-g011nm, Pavilion 17-g011nz, Pavilion 17-g011ur, Pavilion 17-g012na, Pavilion 17-g013ng, Pavilion 17-g013no, Pavilion 17-g013ur, Pavilion 17-g014no, Pavilion 17-g019ur, Pavilion 17-g020nz, Pavilion 17-g021nf, Pavilion 17-g024nd, Pavilion 17-g024ng, Pavilion 17-g024ur, Pavilion 17-g025nd, Pavilion 17-g026na, Pavilion 17-g035nd, Pavilion 17-g035ng, Pavilion 17-g036na, Pavilion 17-g037ng, Pavilion 17-g041no, Pavilion 17-g043nb, Pavilion 17-g045no, Pavilion 17-g051na, Pavilion 17-g051ur, Pavilion 17-g052nf, Pavilion 17-g052ng, Pavilion 17-g054ng, Pavilion 17-g054ur, Pavilion 17-g055ur, Pavilion 17-g059ur, Pavilion 17-g063ur, Pavilion 17-g073ng, Pavilion 17-g074ng, Pavilion 17-g085nb, Pavilion 17-g093ng, Pavilion 17-g100, Pavilion 17-g102ng, Pavilion 17-g109ng, Pavilion 17-g110ng, Pavilion 17-g111ng, Pavilion 17-g112ng, Pavilion 17-g114ng, Pavilion 17-g115ng, Pavilion 17-g120ng, Pavilion 17-g121ng, Pavilion 17-g131ng, Pavilion 17-g132ng, Pavilion 17-g133ng, Pavilion 17-g139ng, Pavilion 17-g151no, Pavilion 17-g152ng, Pavilion 17-g153ng, Pavilion 17-g157ng, Pavilion 17-g178ng, Pavilion 17-g188ca, Pavilion Gaming NB 15, Pavilion Gaming NB 15-ak000, Pavilion Gaming NB 15-ak001TX, Pavilion Gaming NB 15-ak002TX, Pavilion Gaming NB 15-ak003TX, Pavilion Gaming NB 15-ak004TX, Pavilion Gaming NB 15-ak030TX, Pavilion Gaming NB 15-ak039TX, Pavilion Gaming NB 15-ak049tx (W0H65PA), Pavillion 17-g188, Pavillion 17-g188ca, Star Wars 15-an005TX, Star Wars Special Edition 15-an005TX, pavillon 15-ak103nf, pavillon 17-G001NF, pavillon 17-g141dx

Compatible Part Numbers:

  • 800049-001, HSTNN-DB6T, HSTNN-LB6S, K1O4, K104, KI04, KIO4, N2L84AA, TPN-Q158, TPN-Q159, TPN-Q160, TPN-Q161, TPN-Q162, TPN-Q163
  • K104  HSTNN-DB6T  HSTNN-LB6R  HSTNN-LB6S  TPN-Q158  TPN-Q159  TPN-Q160  
  • TPN-Q161  TPN-Q162  800009-241  800010-421  800049-001  800050-001
  • KI04 Battery  HSTNN-LB6S 800050-001 HSTNN-LB6R KI04  TPN-Q163 For 
  •  HSTNN-LB6S HSTNN-DB6T K104 KI04 Laptop Battery
  • KI04 800009-241   800010-421   800049-001   800050-001
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