Laptop Battery Connector Charging Cable for HP OMEN 15-AX 15-BC 15-AX200 15-AX015TX 15-AX243DX TPN-Q173 P/N: DD0G35BT001 DD0G35BT011 DD0G35BT021

Code: WIT10727

Technical Specifications 

  • Product Type : Battery Connector Line Wire Cable
  • Laptop Brand : HP
  • Compatible Series: OMEN 15-AX 15-BC 15-AX200 15-AX015TX 15-AX243DX
  • Part Number: DD0G35BT021, DD0G35BT001
  • Connector Line Wire : 10 wires/10 pins
  • Cable Length : Approx  8.80 inch
  • Item Status: Brand New & Original (QC)
  • Warranty : NO
  • Fitting Charge :  Not Applicable 


  • When you looking for a Connector Line Wire Cable be sure about the model & series number of your Laptop & match with the existing Connector Line Wire Cable’s image, pins & part number. It is strongly advised that you have the item fitted by a qualified computer technician. Please be aware that many Connector Line Wire Cables have the same part number and you should make sure that you remove the old Connector Line Wire Cable from your laptop and compare it with the picture contained within the listing.


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13 in stock

  •  HP OMEN 15-AX 15-BC 15-AX200 15-AX015TX 15-AX243DX TPN-Q173
  • HP OMEN 15-AX 15-AX200 DD0G35BT021 TE04XL TPN-Q173
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