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Laptop CPU internal cooling fan for HP Pavilion DV6-1000 DV6-1100 DV6-1200 DV6-1300 P/N: 532614-001 AB7805HX-L03 CWUT12 DFS551305MCOT F80A

Code: WIT10781

Technical Specifications 

  • Laptop Brand : HP
  • Compatible Series: HP DV6 DV6Z-110 DV6-1000
  • Part Number: 532614-001 AB7805HX-L03
  • Power Connection: 3 wires/ 3 Pins
  • Direct Current: 5V
  • Ampere: 0.35A
  • Heatsink : NOT Included
  • Bearing: Hypro bearing
  • Life Time of the fan: 100000 hrs
  • Fan Speed ​​Control: 2500 RPM(Auto)
  • Item Status: Brand New & Original (QC)
  • Warranty: 01 Months (30 Days)*  read more
  • Fitting Charge : Not Applicable 


  • When you looking for a cooling fan be sure about the model & series number of your laptop & match with the existing cooling fan’s image, power pins & part number. It is strongly advised that you have the item fitted by a qualified computer technician. Please be aware that many fans have the same part number and you should make sure that you remove the old fan from your laptop and compare it with the picture contained within the listing.


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MRP:৳ 1,500

1 in stock

  • HP Pavilion DV6-1000 DV6-1100 DV6-1200 DV6-1300 532614-001 AB7805HX-L03 CWUT12 DFS551305MCOT F80A
  • HP Pavilion dv6z-1000 dv6z-1100 dv6t-1000 dv6t-1100 dv6t-1200 dv6t-1300 dv6-1001tx dv6-1001xx dv6-1004tx dv6-1005tx dv6-1006tx dv6-1007tx dv6-1008tx dv6-1010tx dv6-1014tx dv6-1015tx dv6-1027nr dv6-1030ca dv6-1030us dv6-1038ca dv6-1050us dv6-1051xx dv6-1053cl dv6-1054cl dv6-1101au dv6-1102au dv6-1102tu dv6-1103au dv6-1103tu dv6-1104au dv6-1104tu dv6-1105au dv6-1105tu dv6-1106au dv6-1107au dv6-1107ax dv6-1108au dv6-1108ax dv6-1109au dv6-1109ax dv6-1110au dv6-1111ax dv6-1112ax dv6-1113tx dv6-1114tx dv6-1115tx dv6-1116tx dv6-1117tx dv6-1118tx dv6-1119tx dv6-1120tx dv6-1122us dv6-1127tx dv6-1131tx dv6-1133tx dv6-1149wm dv6-1158tx dv6-1201au dv6-1202au dv6-1202tu dv6-1203au dv6-1203ax dv6-1203tu dv6-1203tx dv6-1204tx dv6-1206au dv6-1207au dv6-1207ax dv6-1208au dv6-1221ax dv6-1221tx dv6-1222ax dv6-1230us dv6-1234nr dv6-1234tx dv6-1238nr dv6-1240us dv6-1241tx dv6-1243cl dv6-1244sb dv6-1245dx dv6-1247cl dv6-1250us dv6-1253cl dv6-1255tx dv6-1256tx dv6-1259dx dv6-1260se dv6-1261tx dv6-1263cl dv6-1264tx dv6-1265tx dv6-1266tx dv6-1268nr dv6-1268tx dv6-1270la dv6-1280us dv6-1299lx dv6-1303tu dv6-1306ew dv6-1308ew dv6-1309tx dv6-1310eq dv6-1310sl dv6-1310tx dv6-1314tx dv6-1315tx dv6-1316tx dv6-1318tx dv6-1320eq dv6-1320sl dv6-1320sp dv6-1322tx dv6-1325tx dv6-1330ea dv6-1330ep dv6-1330eq dv6-1330sp dv6-1330tx dv6-1331tx dv6-1334tx dv6-1334us dv6-1335tx dv6-1340ea dv6-1340sl dv6-1350sl dv6-1350us dv6-1351nr dv6-1352dx dv6-1353cl dv6-1354us dv6-1355dx dv6-1359wm dv6-1360us dv6-1361sb dv6-1362nr dv6-1363cl dv6-1375dx dv6-1378nr dv6-1380ek dv6-1441ee dv6-1444ee dv6-1446ee dv6-1460el
  • Hp Pavilion DV6-1000, DV6 1000, DV6-1000EG, DV6-1005EA, DV6-1022EL, DV6-1025EI, DV6-1040EB, DV6-1050US, DV6-1090ES
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