Laptop Internal Speaker for Asus X551 X551C X551M D550M Internal Speakers DNCCG04L010

Code: WIT7226

Technical Specifications 

  • Brand : Asus
  • Product Type : Laptop Internal Speaker
  • Suitable series : X551 D550M D550MA-ds01 X551ma X551M X551C
  • Connector Pin: 4-Pin
  • Product Condition : Brand New & Original (Fully Tested)
  • Warranty: No
  • Fitting Charge : Not applicable

Note:  When you looking for a internal speaker be sure about the model/part number & series number of your laptop.


Currently Unavailable

MRP:৳ 2,500

Currently Unavailable


  • Asus D550M, Asus D550MA, Asus D550MA-ds01, Asus D550C,
  • Asus F551MA, Asus F551CA,
  • Asus X551CA, Asus X551M, Asus X551MA, Asus X551MA-RCLN03,
  • Asus X551m, Asus X551ma, Asus X551mav, Asus X551mav-UB01-B
  • Asus X551 D550M D550MA-ds01 X551ma Internal Speakers DNCCG04L010
  • ASUS X551 X551C X551CA X551M Built-in Speaker
  • DN130417000 Asus X551MA X551M X551C Internal Speakers
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