M.2 NVMe to A1708 SSD Adapter (M.2 NVMe SSD Key-M (2230/2242 type) to A1708 SSD Slot Adapter/Converter/Enclosure/Caddy/Case as 656-0076B for Apple MacBook Pro A1708 Retina 13 inch Year : 2017 2016 (SSD is NOT included)

Code: WIT10030

Technical Specification

  • Product Name : M.2 NVMe (2230/2242) to A1708 SSD Adapter   
  • Interface : M.2 2230/2242 SSD to 22+34 pins (1.52 inch) interface
  • Compatible For : MacBook Pro A1708 (Years 2016 and 2017)- Retina 13 inch
  • Material: Carbon fibre
  • Design : Durable and Practical
  • Extra power : No need extra sources and any drivers
  • Product Status : Brand New &  Original(QC Pass)
  • Warranty : Not Applicable

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Kindly Note :…………..

  • Please be sure that this is only an adapter which is used as a converter between M.2 2230 or 2242 length single side chip particles SSD to 22 + 34 pins interface on MacBook Pro A1708 (Years 2016 and 2017) motherboard. When you need to change or upgrade Macbook Pro SSD , you can use this conversion kit for the reason of cheaper than Macbook original SSD’s price . But it is not guaranteed that you will get better performance than Macbook original SSD after using this adapter and you will take decide yourself.  
  • Before installation, please remove the power cord and battery from the laptop, this item is provided to professionals.


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6 in stock

M.2 adapter (Apple -> 2230/2242 type SSD)

This adapter allows you to insert M.2 NVMe SSD Key-M (2230/2242 type) solid state drives into Apple’s custom-designed M.2 motherboard connectors, which converts Apple’s non-standard solution to the classic M-shaped M.2 connector. Only use with  MacBook Pro A1708 (Years 2016 and 2017).

Salient Features: 

  • Adapter A1708 NVMe Key M M.2 SSD To 2016 2017 Adapter Card For 1708 Laptop
  • M2 NVMe Adapter  Compatible with SSD MacBook Pro A1708 (Years 2016 and 2017) – Connector 22 + 34 Pins
  • This adapter is only suitable for MacBook Pro A1708.
  • Limited by the thickness of the A1708 laptop, this riser card only supports Key M NVME SSD with 2230 2242 length single side chip particles.
  • High quality, plug and play, no smooth driver required.
  • It is a good partner to upgrade SSD at a good price of A1708 notebook.
  • To mount an M.2 M or B+M Key PCIe SSD card instead of the SSD on the A1708 MacBook Pro.
    Specific Mac connector in 22+34 points.
  • Compatible only with MacBook Pro A1708 MacBookPro 13.1 (Late 2016) and MacBookPro 14.1 (2017) in “Non-Touch Bar” version.
  • Not suitable for M.2 SSD type SATA, not suitable for other Mac.
  • Must be used with M2 NVMe SSD in M  format 2230 or 2242 only.
Package contents:
M  key M.2 to 22+34 pins interface card     x1
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