Nanch Precision screwdriver set, 22-in-1 tool box/Screwdriver Set 1 pc with 22 Bits, S2 Steel Repair Tool Kit for Laptops/Apple Macbook/iMac/Mac Mini/iPhone/iPad/Computer/Electronics & many more (Nanch 22-in-1 Precision Screwdriver set)

Code: WIT10315


  • Brand: Nanch
  • Model: Precision 22-in-1 Screw Driver box
  • Steel Material: Chrome Vanadium Steel (whole body quenching) 
  • Special Function: Repair 
  • Special Features: 
  1. Top performance blade – S2 steel(HRC60)
  2. Hard heated remedy finished
  3. Anti-slip telescopic with rotatable-head design for precise turning and keep an eye on with finger
  4. 22 bits includes Philip, Slotted, Hex, Pentalobe, Torx, Triangle, Y tri-wing, SP2
  5. Wide variety use for iphone/phones and so much hand-held devices
  6. 45mm length bits and extension rod within made hard work to be simple


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MRP:৳ 3,500

10 in stock

The 2201A precision screwdriver set includes: one Aluminum House care for with 22 precision tools bit;
the bits size:

  1. Philips:PH000,PH00,PH0,PH1,PH2;
  2. Slotted:SL1.5,SL2.0,SL3.0,SL4.0;
  3. Torx:T4,T5,T6;
  4. T8,T10,T15(with tamper hole within);
  5. Pentagonal:0.8,1.2;
  6. Triangle 2.5,Triangle 3.0;
  7. SP 2.0;
  8. Hex:H1.5,H2.0
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