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PA5185U-1BRS, PA5195U-1BRS Toshiba Satellite C50-A C50-B C55-A C55-B C55D-A C55D-B C50 C50-B C55D C55 L50-B, S50Dt-B Original laptop battery

Code: WIT9443

Technical Specifications 

  • Brand : Toshiba
  • Suitable Model : Satellite C50 C50-B C55D C55
  • Battery Model Number : PA5185U-1BR
  • Cell Chemistry : Lithium-Ion
  • Color : Black
  • Safeguard : Against incorrect voltage, short circuit, internal overheating
  • Backup time : Depends on your consumption and usages
  • Life cycles : 500+ Times
  • Product Condition : Brand New (QC Pass)
  • Warranty: 06  Month/180 days


1. The first use of the battery, the battery voltage may be too low, you need to recharge the standby 06 to 08 hours before normal use.
2. First of all you should use the original AC Adapter/Charger in your laptop. Otherwise, WIT  is not liable for any kind of damages in your Laptop.


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MRP:৳ 4,500

3 in stock

Compatible with Laptop Models: 
For Toshiba

  • SATELLITE C50-A X0012, SATELLITE C50-A-14G, SATELLITE C50-A-156, SATELLITE C50-A245, Satellite C50-B, SATELLITE C50-B-02Y, Satellite C50-B-14D, SATELLITE C50-B-14Z, SATELLITE C50-B-IIL, SATELLITE C50-B031D, Satellite C50-B032NB, Satellite C50D, Satellite C50D-B-11P, Satellite C50T-B, Satellite C55, SATELLITE C55-5352, Satellite C55-B, Satellite C55-B5100, Satellite C55-B5170, Satellite C55-B5200, Satellite C55-B5201, Satellite C55-B5202, SATELLITE C55-B5270, Satellite C55-B5296, Satellite C55-B5299, SATELLITE C55-B5353, Satellite C55-C-1NK, Satellite C55D, SATELLITE C55D-A-13U, SATELLITE C55D-A5240NR, Satellite C55D-B, SATELLITE C55D-B5242, SATELLITE C55D-B5244, SATELLITE C55D-B5308, SATELLITE C55T, Satellite C55T-B5110, SATELLITE L50-B, Satellite L50-B-10Z, Satellite L50-B-115, Satellite L50-B-116, Satellite L50-B-117, Satellite L50-B-118, Satellite L50-B-119, Satellite L50-B-11C, Satellite L50-B-11D, Satellite L50-B-11E, Satellite L50-B-11F, Satellite L50-B-11G, Satellite L50-B-11H, Satellite L50-B-11J, Satellite L50-B-11K, Satellite L50-B-11L, Satellite L50-B-11M, Satellite L50-B-11P, Satellite L50-B-11W, Satellite L50-B-11X, Satellite L50-B-11Z, Satellite L50-B-120, Satellite L50-B-122, Satellite L50-B-123, Satellite L50-B-124, Satellite L50-B-125, Satellite L50-B-126, Satellite L50-B-127, Satellite L50-B-12E, Satellite L50-B-12G, Satellite L50-B-12H, Satellite L50-B-12K, Satellite L50-B-12P, Satellite L50-B-12Q, Satellite L50-B-12R, Satellite L50-B-12V, Satellite L50-B-12W, Satellite L50-B-132, Satellite L50-B-133, Satellite L50-B-134, Satellite L50-B-136, Satellite L50-B-137, Satellite L50-B-138, Satellite L50-B-139, Satellite L50-B-13D, Satellite L50-B-13E, Satellite L50-B-13G, Satellite L50-B-13M, Satellite L50-B-145, Satellite L50-B-146, Satellite L50-B-148, Satellite L50-B-14C, Satellite L50-B-14D, Satellite L50-B-14E, Satellite L50-B-14L, Satellite L50-B-14M, Satellite L50-B-14P, Satellite L50-B-14Q, Satellite L50-B-14V, Satellite L50-B-14W, Satellite L50-B-14Z, Satellite L50-B-15/, Satellite L50-B-154, Satellite L50-B-157, Satellite L50-B-158, Satellite L50-B-159, Satellite L50-B-15F, Satellite L50-B-15N, Satellite L50-B-15P, Satellite L50-B-15T, Satellite L50-B-15U, Satellite L50-B-160, Satellite L50-B-163, Satellite L50-B-164, Satellite L50-B-166, Satellite L50-B-169, Satellite L50-B-16C, Satellite L50-B-16N, Satellite L50-B-16P, Satellite L50-B-16Q, Satellite L50-B-16U, Satellite L50-B-16V, Satellite L50-B-16X, Satellite L50-B-16Z, Satellite L50-B-171, Satellite L50-B-172, Satellite L50-B-173, Satellite L50-B-174, Satellite L50-B-175, Satellite L50-B-176, Satellite L50-B-177, Satellite L50-B-178, Satellite L50-B-17C, Satellite L50-B-17G, Satellite L50-B-17J, Satellite L50-B-17M, Satellite L50-B-17V, Satellite L50-B-180, Satellite L50-B-181, Satellite L50-B-182, Satellite L50-B-188, Satellite L50-B-18C, Satellite L50-B-18D, Satellite L50-B-18E, Satellite L50-B-18H, Satellite L50-B-18J, Satellite L50-B-18K, Satellite L50-B-18L, Satellite L50-B-18M, Satellite L50-B-191, Satellite L50-B-192, Satellite L50-B-194, Satellite L50-B-196, Satellite L50-B-19L, Satellite L50-B-19M, Satellite L50-B-19Q, Satellite L50-B-19T, Satellite L50-B-19V, Satellite L50-B-19W, Satellite L50-B-1C1, Satellite L50-B-1C2, Satellite L50-B-1C9, Satellite L50-B-1CC, Satellite L50-B-1CD, Satellite L50-B-1CE, Satellite L50-B-1CJ, Satellite L50-B-1CK, Satellite L50-B-1CZ, Satellite L50-B-1D5, Satellite L50-B-1D6, Satellite L50-B-1D7, Satellite L50-B-1D8, Satellite L50-B-1DC, Satellite L50-B-1DG, Satellite L50-B-1DH, Satellite L50-B-1DJ, Satellite L50-B-1DK, Satellite L50-B-1DL, Satellite L50-B-1DM, Satellite L50-B-1DP, Satellite L50-B-1DQ, Satellite L50-B-1DR, Satellite L50-B-1DT, Satellite L50-B-1DU, Satellite L50-B-1DV, Satellite L50-B-1DW, Satellite L50-B-1DX, Satellite L50-B-1DZ, Satellite L50-B-1E1, Satellite L50-B-1E2, Satellite L50-B-1E3, Satellite L50-B-1E4, Satellite L50-B-1EE, Satellite L50-B-1EF, Satellite L50-B-1EG, Satellite L50-B-1EK, Satellite L50-B-1EM, Satellite L50-B-1ER, Satellite L50-B-1ET, Satellite L50-B-1EV, Satellite L50-B-1EZ, Satellite L50-B-1F0, Satellite L50-B-1F6, Satellite L50-B-1F9, Satellite L50-B-1FD, Satellite L50-B-1FE, Satellite L50-B-1FF, Satellite L50-B-1FG, Satellite L50-B-1FH, Satellite L50-B-1FJ, Satellite L50-B-1FK, Satellite L50-B-1FL, Satellite L50-B-1FM, Satellite L50-B-1FP, Satellite L50-B-1FQ, Satellite L50-B-1FU, Satellite L50-B-1G0, Satellite L50-B-1G1, Satellite L50-B-1G2, Satellite L50-B-1G3, Satellite L50-B-1G4, Satellite L50-B-1G5, Satellite L50-B-1G6, Satellite L50-B-1G9, Satellite L50-B-1GC, Satellite L50-B-1GD, Satellite L50-B-1GK, Satellite L50-B-1GL, Satellite L50-B-1GN, Satellite L50-B-1GP, Satellite L50-B-1GQ, Satellite L50-B-1GR, Satellite L50-B-1GT, Satellite L50-B-1GU, Satellite L50-B-1GV, Satellite L50-B-1GW, Satellite L50-B-1GZ, Satellite L50-B-1H0, Satellite L50-B-1H1, Satellite L50-B-1H3, Satellite L50-B-1H4, Satellite L50-B-1H5, Satellite L50-B-1H6, Satellite L50-B-1H7, Satellite L50-B-1H8, Satellite L50-B-1HC, Satellite L50-B-1HD, Satellite L50-B-1HE, Satellite L50-B-1HG, Satellite L50-B-1HH, Satellite L50-B-1HJ, Satellite L50-B-1HK, Satellite L50-B-1HL, Satellite L50-B-1HM, Satellite L50-B-1HQ, Satellite L50-B-1HR, Satellite L50-B-1HU, Satellite L50-B-1HW, Satellite L50-B-1HX, Satellite L50-B-1J1, Satellite L50-B-1J2, Satellite L50-B-1J3, Satellite L50-B-1J6, Satellite L50-B-1J8, Satellite L50-B-1JC, Satellite L50-B-1JH, Satellite L50-B-1JJ, Satellite L50-B-1JL, Satellite L50-B-1JQ, Satellite L50-B-1JR, Satellite L50-B-1JT, Satellite L50-B-1JU, Satellite L50-B-1JV, Satellite L50-B-1JW, Satellite L50-B-1JX, Satellite L50-B-1JZ, Satellite L50-B-1K0, Satellite L50-B-1K1, Satellite L50-B-1K2, Satellite L50-B-1K3, Satellite L50-B-1K4, Satellite L50-B-1K5, Satellite L50-B-1K6, Satellite L50-B-1K7, Satellite L50-B-1KD, Satellite L50-B-1KF, Satellite L50-B-1KG, Satellite L50-B-1KH, Satellite L50-B-1KJ, Satellite L50-B-1L1, Satellite L50-B-1L3, Satellite L50-B-1L4, Satellite L50-B-1L6, Satellite L50-B-1L7, Satellite L50-B-1L8, Satellite L50-B-1LE, Satellite L50-B-1LF, Satellite L50-B-1LG, Satellite L50-B-1LL, Satellite L50-B-1LN, Satellite L50-B-1LR, Satellite L50-B-1LV, Satellite L50-B-1LZ, Satellite L50-B-1M1, Satellite L50-B-1M2, Satellite L50-B-1M3, Satellite L50-B-1M4, Satellite L50-B-1M5, Satellite L50-B-1M6, Satellite L50-B-1M7, Satellite L50-B-1M8, Satellite L50-B-1M9, Satellite L50-B-1MC, Satellite L50-B-1MM, Satellite L50-B-1MP, Satellite L50-B-1MQ, Satellite L50-B-1MR, Satellite L50-B-1MU, Satellite L50-B-1MV, Satellite L50-B-1MW, Satellite L50-B-1N0, Satellite L50-B-1N2, Satellite L50-B-1N6, Satellite L50-B-1N8, Satellite L50-B-1N9, Satellite L50-B-1ND, Satellite L50-B-1NE, Satellite L50-B-1NF, Satellite L50-B-1NG, Satellite L50-B-1NH, Satellite L50-B-1NJ, Satellite L50-B-1NL, Satellite L50-B-1NM, Satellite L50-B-1NN, Satellite L50-B-1NQ, Satellite L50-B-1NT, Satellite L50-B-1NU, Satellite L50-B-1NV, Satellite L50-B-1NW, Satellite L50-B-1NX, Satellite L50-B-1NZ, Satellite L50-B-1P0, Satellite L50-B-1P1, Satellite L50-B-1P2, Satellite L50-B-1P3, Satellite L50-B-1P7, Satellite L50-B-1P8, Satellite L50-B-1PK, Satellite L50-B-1PN, Satellite L50-B-1PP, Satellite L50-B-1PQ, Satellite L50-B-1PR, Satellite L50-B-1PV, Satellite L50-B-1PW, Satellite L50-B-1Q0, Satellite L50-B-1Q6, Satellite L50-B-1QD, Satellite L50-B-1QE, Satellite L50-B-1QF, Satellite L50-B-1QH, Satellite L50-B-1QM, Satellite L50-B-1QR, Satellite L50-B-1QT, Satellite L50-B-1QU, Satellite L50-B-1QV, Satellite L50-B-1QW, Satellite L50-B-1QZ, Satellite L50-B-1R1, Satellite L50-B-1R2, Satellite L50-B-1R3, Satellite L50-B-1R5, Satellite L50-B-1R6, Satellite L50-B-1R7, Satellite L50-B-1R8, Satellite L50-B-1R9, Satellite L50-B-1RC, Satellite L50-B-1RE, Satellite L50-B-1RH, Satellite L50-B-1RK, Satellite L50-B-1RQ, Satellite L50-B-1RR, Satellite L50-B-1RT, Satellite L50-B-1RU, Satellite L50-B-1RV, Satellite L50-B-1RW, Satellite L50-B-1RX, Satellite L50-B-1RZ, Satellite L50-B-1T0, Satellite L50-B-1T1, Satellite L50-B-1T2, Satellite L50-B-1T4, Satellite L50-B-1T6, Satellite L50-B-1T7, Satellite L50-B-1TD, Satellite L50-B-1TK, Satellite L50-B-1TL, Satellite L50-B-1TQ, Satellite L50-B-1TU, Satellite L50-B-1TV, Satellite L50-B-1TX, Satellite L50-B-1U2, Satellite L50-B-1U3, Satellite L50-B-1U4, Satellite L50-B-1U5, Satellite L50-B-1U6, Satellite L50-B-1U8, Satellite L50-B-1U9, Satellite L50-B-1UC, Satellite L50-B-1UG, Satellite L50-B-1UK, Satellite L50-B-1UP, Satellite L50-B-1UR, Satellite L50-B-1UT, Satellite L50-B-1UU, Satellite L50-B-1UV, Satellite L50-B-1V2, Satellite L50-B-1V5, Satellite L50-B-1V6, Satellite L50-B-1V9, Satellite L50-B-1VC, Satellite L50-B-1VD, Satellite L50-B-1VE, Satellite L50-B-1VF, Satellite L50-B-1VK, Satellite L50-B-1VM, Satellite L50-B-1VN, Satellite L50-B-1VP, Satellite L50-B-1VQ, Satellite L50-B-1VR, Satellite L50-B-1VT, Satellite L50-B-1VU, Satellite L50-B-1VV, Satellite L50-B-1VW, Satellite L50-B-1VX, Satellite L50-B-1VZ, Satellite L50-B-1W0, Satellite L50-B-1W1, Satellite L50-B-1W2, Satellite L50-B-1W4, Satellite L50-B-1W6, Satellite L50-B-1W7, Satellite L50-B-1W8, Satellite L50-B-1W9, Satellite L50-B-1WC, Satellite L50-B-1WF, Satellite L50-B-1WJ, Satellite L50-B-1WN, Satellite L50-B-1WP, Satellite L50-B-1X3, Satellite L50-B-1X4, Satellite L50-B-1X5, Satellite L50-B-1X6, Satellite L50-B-1X7, Satellite L50-B-1X8, Satellite L50-B-1X9, Satellite L50-B-1XC, Satellite L50-B-1XE, Satellite L50-B-1XF, Satellite L50-B-1XK, Satellite L50-B-1XL, Satellite L50-B-1XM, Satellite L50-B-1XP, Satellite L50-B-1XQ, Satellite L50-B-1XR, Satellite L50-B-1XT, Satellite L50-B-1XU, Satellite L50-B-1XZ, Satellite L50-B-1Z0, Satellite L50-B-1Z4, Satellite L50-B-1Z7, Satellite L50-B-211, Satellite L50-B-212, Satellite L50-B-214, Satellite L50-B-215, Satellite L50-B-218, Satellite L50-B-219, Satellite L50-B-21C, Satellite L50-B-21E, Satellite L50-B-21F, Satellite L50-B-21G, Satellite L50-B-22H, Satellite L50-B-22J, Satellite L50-B-22M, Satellite L50-B-22P, Satellite L50-B-22V, Satellite L50-B-22W, Satellite L50-B-231, Satellite L50-B-234, Satellite L50-B-235, Satellite L50-B-236, Satellite L50-B-237, Satellite L50-B-239, Satellite L50-B-23F, Satellite L50-B-23G, Satellite L50-B-23H, Satellite L50-B-23J, Satellite L50-B-23K, Satellite L50-B-23M, Satellite L50-B-23N, Satellite L50-B-23P, Satellite L50-B-23R, Satellite L50-B-23T, Satellite L50-B-23U, Satellite L50-B-23W, Satellite L50-B-23X, Satellite L50-B-23Z, Satellite L50-B-241, Satellite L50-B-243, Satellite L50-B-245, Satellite L50-B-246, Satellite L50-B-247, Satellite L50-B-249, Satellite L50-B-24C, Satellite L50-B-24D, Satellite L50-B-24F, Satellite L50-B-24G, Satellite L50-B-24J, Satellite L50-B-24K, Satellite L50-B-24M, Satellite L50-B-24P, Satellite L50-B-24T, Satellite L50-B-24U, Satellite L50-B-24V, Satellite L50-B-24W, Satellite L50-B-24X, Satellite L50-B-24Z, Satellite L50-B-250, Satellite L50-B-255, Satellite L50-B-256, Satellite L50-B-258, Satellite L50-B-259, Satellite L50-B-25C, Satellite L50-B-25E, Satellite L50-B-25F, Satellite L50-B-25G, Satellite L50-B-25J, Satellite L50-B-25K, Satellite L50-B-25L, Satellite L50-B-25M, Satellite L50-B-25N, Satellite L50-B-25Q, Satellite L50-B-25R, Satellite L50-B-25T, Satellite L50-B-25U, Satellite L50-B-25V, Satellite L50-B-25W, Satellite L50-B-25X, Satellite L50-B-25Z, Satellite L50-B-262, Satellite L50-B-263, Satellite L50-B-264, Satellite L50-B-265, Satellite L50-B-266, Satellite L50-B-268, Satellite L50-B-269, Satellite L50-B-26C, Satellite L50-B-26H, Satellite L50-B-26L, Satellite L50-B-272, Satellite L50-B-273, Satellite L50-B-274, Satellite L50-B-278, Satellite L50-B-27F, Satellite L50-B-27G, Satellite L50-B-27J, Satellite L50-B-27K, Satellite L50-B-27L, Satellite L50-B-27M, Satellite L50-B-27N, Satellite L50-B-27P, Satellite L50-B-27Q, Satellite L50-B-27R, Satellite L50-B-27T, Satellite L50-B-27U, Satellite L50-B-27W, 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L50-B-2EQ, Satellite L50-B-2ET, Satellite L50-B-2EU, Satellite L50-B-2EV, Satellite L50-B-2EW, Satellite L50-B-2EX, Satellite L50-B-2EZ, Satellite L50-B-2F0, Satellite L50-B-2F1, Satellite L50-B-2F4, Satellite L50-B-2FC, Satellite L50-B-2FD, Satellite L50-B-2FE, Satellite L50-B-2FF, Satellite L50-B-2FH, Satellite L50-B-2FK, Satellite L50-B-2FM, Satellite L50-B-2FN, Satellite L50-B-2FP, Satellite L50-B-2FR, Satellite L50-B-2FT, Satellite L50-B-2FU, Satellite L50-B-2FV, Satellite L50-B-2G1, Satellite L50-B-2G2, Satellite L50-B-2G4, Satellite L50-B-2G5, Satellite L50-B-2G7, Satellite L50-B-2G8, Satellite L50-B-2G9, Satellite L50-B-2GC, Satellite L50-B-2GD, Satellite L50-B-2GE, Satellite L50-B-2GF, Satellite L50-B-2GG, Satellite L50-B-2GH, Satellite L50-B-2GJ, Satellite L50-B-2GZ, Satellite L50-B-2H8, Satellite L50-B-2HC, Satellite L50-B-2HF, Satellite L50-B-2HV, Satellite L50-B-2J0, Satellite L50-B-2J1, Satellite L50-B-2J3, Satellite L50-B-2J4, Satellite L50-B-2JD, Satellite L50-B-2JE, Satellite L50-B-2JF, Satellite L50-B-2JL, Satellite L50-B-2JT, Satellite L50-B-2K2, Satellite L50-B1356, Satellite L50-B1357, Satellite L50-B1358, Satellite L50-B1403, Satellite L50-B1411, Satellite L50-B1412, Satellite L50-B1413, Satellite L50-B21, Satellite L50-C, Satellite L50-C-10W, Satellite L50-C-10X, Satellite L50-C-111, Satellite L50-C-112, Satellite L50-C-113, Satellite L50-C-115, Satellite L50-C-116, Satellite L50-C-11C, Satellite L50-C-11F, Satellite L50-C-11H, Satellite L50-C-11M, Satellite L50-C-11R, Satellite L50-C-12V, Satellite L50-C-135, Satellite L50-C-136, Satellite L50-C-137, Satellite L50-C-139, Satellite L50-C-13C, Satellite L50-C-13D, Satellite L50-C-13H, Satellite L50-C-13K, Satellite L50-C-13M, Satellite L50-C-13P, Satellite L50-C-13R, Satellite L50-C-13U, Satellite L50-C-13V, Satellite L50-C-13W, Satellite L50-C-13Z, Satellite L50-C-145, Satellite L50-C-147, Satellite L50-C-149, Satellite L50-C-14D, Satellite L50-C-14L, Satellite L50-C-14N, Satellite L50-C-14P, Satellite L50-C-14Q, Satellite L50-C-14R, Satellite L50-C-14T, Satellite L50-C-14U, Satellite L50-C-14W, Satellite L50-C-14X, Satellite L50-C-154, Satellite L50-C-156, Satellite L50-C-157, Satellite L50-C-158, Satellite L50-C-159, Satellite L50-C-15C, Satellite L50-C-15D, Satellite L50-C-15E, Satellite L50-C-15G, Satellite L50-C-15H, Satellite L50-C-15J, Satellite L50-C-15K, Satellite L50-C-15M, Satellite L50-C-15R, Satellite L50-C-16F, Satellite L50-C-16G, Satellite L50-C-16H, Satellite L50-C-16J, Satellite L50-C-16K, Satellite L50-C-16L, Satellite L50-C-16M, Satellite L50-C-16N, Satellite L50-C-16P, Satellite L50-C-16Q, Satellite L50-C-16R, Satellite L50-C-16T, Satellite L50-C-16W, Satellite L50-C-16X, Satellite L50-C-16Z, Satellite L50-C-170, Satellite L50-C-171, Satellite L50-C-172, Satellite L50-C-173, Satellite L50-C-174, Satellite L50-C-175, Satellite L50-C-176, Satellite L50-C-177, Satellite L50-C-178, Satellite L50-C-179, Satellite L50-C-17C, Satellite L50-C-17G, Satellite L50-C-17H, Satellite L50-C-17J, Satellite L50-C-17K, Satellite L50-C-17L, Satellite L50-C-17M, Satellite L50-C-17N, Satellite L50-C-17P, Satellite L50-C-17Q, Satellite L50-C-17R, Satellite L50-C-17T, Satellite L50-C-17U, Satellite L50-C-18L, Satellite L50-C-18Q, Satellite L50-C-18T, Satellite L50-C-18U, Satellite L50-C-18V, Satellite L50-C-18W, Satellite L50-C-18Z, Satellite L50-C-192, Satellite L50-C-193, Satellite L50-C-19M, Satellite L50-C-19P, Satellite L50-C-19Q, Satellite L50-C-19R, Satellite L50-C-19X, Satellite L50-C-1C6, Satellite L50-C-1C7, Satellite L50-C-1C8, Satellite L50-C-1CC, Satellite L50-C-1CE, Satellite L50-C-1CF, Satellite L50-C-1CH, Satellite L50-C-1CJ, Satellite L50-C-1CK, Satellite L50-C-1CX, Satellite L50-C-1D7, Satellite L50-C-1D8, Satellite L50-C-1DW, Satellite L50-C-1FC, Satellite L50-C-1FD, Satellite L50-C-1FE, Satellite L50-C-1FF, Satellite L50-C-1FJ, Satellite L50-C-1FL, Satellite L50-C-1FQ, Satellite L50-C-1FR, Satellite L50-C-1FT, Satellite L50-C-1FU, Satellite L50-C-1G6, Satellite L50-C-1G7, Satellite L50-C-1GJ, Satellite L50-C-1GK, Satellite L50-C-1GL, Satellite L50-C-1GM, Satellite L50-C-1GN, Satellite L50-C-1GX, Satellite L50-C-1H0, Satellite L50-C-1H1, Satellite L50-C-1H2, Satellite L50-C-1HP, Satellite L50-C-1HR, Satellite L50-C-1HZ, Satellite L50-C-1J0, Satellite L50-C-1J2, Satellite L50-C-1J3, Satellite L50-C-1J5, Satellite L50-C-1JE, Satellite L50-C-1JJ, Satellite L50-C-1K4, Satellite L50-C-1KE, Satellite L50-C-1KP, Satellite L50-C-1KX, Satellite L50-C-1L2, Satellite L50-C-1N3, Satellite L50-C-1P8, Satellite L50-C-1P9, Satellite L50-C-1PC, Satellite L50-C-1PD, Satellite L50-C-1PE, Satellite L50-C-1RM, Satellite L50-C-1RP, Satellite L50-C-1RW, Satellite L50-C-1RX, Satellite L50-C-1RZ, Satellite L50-C-1T0, Satellite L50-C-1T1, Satellite L50-C-1T2, Satellite L50-C-1T7, Satellite L50-C-1T9, Satellite L50-C-1TD, Satellite L50-C-1TF, Satellite L50-C-1UP, Satellite L50-C-1UV, Satellite L50-C-1V1, Satellite L50-C-1V2, Satellite L50-C-1V3, Satellite L50-C-1V8, Satellite L50-C-1V9, Satellite L50-C-1VD, Satellite L50-C-1VE, Satellite L50-C-1VF, Satellite L50-C-1VG, Satellite L50-C-1VH, Satellite L50-C-1VJ, Satellite L50-C-1VK, Satellite L50-C-1VU, Satellite L50-C-1VZ, Satellite L50-C-1WD, Satellite L50-C-1WE, Satellite L50-C-1WG, Satellite L50-C-1WH, Satellite L50-C-1WJ, Satellite L50-C-1WK, Satellite L50-C-1WL, Satellite L50-C-1WM, Satellite L50-C-1WP, Satellite L50-C-1WZ, Satellite L50-C-1X2, Satellite L50-C-1X3, Satellite L50-C-1XJ, Satellite L50-C-1XK, Satellite L50-C-1XL, Satellite L50-C-1XM, Satellite L50-C-1XN, Satellite L50-C-1XP, Satellite L50-C-1XQ, Satellite L50-C-1XR, Satellite L50-C-1XT, Satellite L50-C-1XU, Satellite L50-C-1XV, Satellite L50-C-1Z6, Satellite L50-C-1Z7, Satellite L50-C-1Z8, Satellite L50-C-1ZG, Satellite L50-C-1ZH, Satellite L50-C-1ZJ, Satellite L50-C-1ZM, Satellite L50-C-1ZN, Satellite L50-C-1ZP, Satellite L50-C-1ZQ, Satellite L50-C-1ZT, Satellite L50-C-1ZV, Satellite L50-C-1ZZ, Satellite L50-C-200, Satellite L50-C-201, Satellite L50-C-207, Satellite L50-C-20G, Satellite L50-C-20H, Satellite L50-C-20K, Satellite L50-C-20L, Satellite L50-C-20M, Satellite L50-C-20N, Satellite L50-C-20Q, Satellite L50-C-20R, Satellite L50-C-20W, Satellite L50-C-20X, Satellite L50-C-214, Satellite L50-C-215, Satellite L50-C-217, Satellite L50-C-21G, Satellite L50-C-21H, Satellite L50-C-21J, Satellite L50-C-21K, Satellite L50-C-21L, Satellite L50-C-21M, Satellite L50-C-21N, Satellite L50-C-21P, Satellite L50-C-21V, Satellite L50-C-224, Satellite L50-C-22D, Satellite L50-C-22E, Satellite L50-C-22F, Satellite L50-C-22G, Satellite L50-C-22H, Satellite L50-C-22L, Satellite L50-C-22P, Satellite L50-C-22Q, Satellite L50-C-22X, Satellite L50-C-230, Satellite L50-C-234, Satellite L50-C-235, Satellite L50-C-23N, Satellite L50-C-23Q, Satellite L50-C-241, Satellite L50-C-242, Satellite L50-C-243, Satellite L50-C-244, Satellite L50-C-24Q, Satellite L50-C-24T, Satellite L50-C-24U, Satellite L50-C-24W, Satellite L50-C-24X, Satellite L50-C-24Z, Satellite L50-C-250, Satellite L50-C-251, Satellite L50-C-25H, Satellite L50-C-25M, Satellite L50-C-25Q, Satellite L50-C-261, Satellite L50-C-268, Satellite L50-C-26L, Satellite L50-C-26M, Satellite L50-C-26N, Satellite L50-C-26P, Satellite L50-C-26Q, Satellite L50-C-26R, Satellite L50-C-26T, Satellite L50-C-26Z, Satellite L50-C-270, Satellite L50-C-271, Satellite L50-C-272, Satellite L50-C-275, Satellite L50-C-276, Satellite L50-C-277, Satellite L50-C-279, Satellite L50-C-27N, Satellite L50-C-27P, Satellite L50-C-27Q, Satellite L50-C-27R, Satellite L50-C-27Z, Satellite L50-C-281, Satellite L50-C-299, Satellite L50-C-29E, Satellite L50-C-29F, Satellite L50-C-29G, Satellite L50-C-29H, Satellite L50-C-29J, Satellite L50-C-29K, Satellite L50-C-29L, Satellite L50-C-29P, Satellite L50-C-29V, Satellite L50-C-29W, Satellite L50-C-2C3, Satellite L50-C-2C5, Satellite L50-C-2C6, Satellite L50-C-2C7, Satellite L50-C-2CN, Satellite L50-C-2CP, Satellite L50-C-2CQ, Satellite L50-C-2CR, Satellite L50-C-2DG, Satellite L50-C1501, Satellite L50-C1601, Satellite L50-C1709, Satellite L50-C1792, Satellite L50-C1807, Satellite L50-C1873, Satellite L50-C1874, Satellite L50-C1952, Satellite L50-C1957, Satellite L50-C1958, Satellite L50-C1962, Satellite L50d-b, Satellite L50D-B-129, Satellite L50D-C, Satellite L50D-C-10D, Satellite L50D-C-10F, Satellite L50D-C-10G, Satellite L50D-C-10N, Satellite L50D-C-115, Satellite L50D-C-117, Satellite L50D-C-119, Satellite L50D-C-11P, Satellite L50D-C-12T, Satellite L50D-C-12X, Satellite L50D-C-12Z, Satellite L50D-C-130, Satellite L50D-C-136, Satellite L50D-C-13G, Satellite L50D-C-13H, Satellite L50D-C-13P, Satellite L50D-C-14V, Satellite L50D-C-150, Satellite L50D-C-153, Satellite L50D-C-155, Satellite L50D-C-157, Satellite L50D-C-15J, Satellite L50D-C-15K, Satellite L50D-C-16T, Satellite L50D-C-16U, Satellite L50D-C-16V, Satellite L50D-C-16X, Satellite L50D-C-16Z, Satellite L50D-C-170, Satellite L50D-C-17M, Satellite L50D-C-17P, Satellite L50D-C-17W, Satellite L50D-C-188, Satellite L50D-C-18D, Satellite L50D-C-18E, Satellite L50D-C-18H, Satellite L50D-C-18J, Satellite L50D-C-18U, Satellite L50D-C-18V, Satellite L50D-C-18W, Satellite L50D-C-18X, Satellite L50D-C-196, Satellite L50D-C-19D, Satellite L50D-C-19Q, Satellite L50D-C-19R, Satellite L50D-C-19T, Satellite L50D-C-19U, Satellite L55, Satellite L55-B5267, Satellite L55D, SATELLITE L55t, SATELLITE L55T-B5271, Satellite S55-C, Satellite S55-C5274
  • Pa5184u-1brs Pa5185u-1brs Pa5186u-1brs Laptop Battery Toshiba Satellite
  • 14.8V 2800MAH Original Laptop Battery PA5185U-1BRS for Toshiba Satellite C50 PA5185U PA5184U-1BRS PA5186U-1BRS C50-B C55D C55
  • PA5185U-1BRS Battery for Toshiba Satellite C55 C55D C55T L55 L55D L55T Series L50-B C55-B C55-B5200 C55-B5202 C55-B5299 C55-B5300 C55-B5302 L55-B5276 
  • Satellite C55-B Series
  • Satellite S50D-B Series
  • Satellite S50Dt-B Series
  • Satellite S50t-B Series
  • Satellite S55-B Series
  • Satellite C50-B Series
  • Satellite C50D-B Series
  • Satellite C50Dt-B Series
  • Satellite C55D-B Series
  • Satellite L50-B
  • Satellite L50-B Series
  • Satellite L50-B-182
  • Satellite L50D-B Series
  • Satellite L50Dt-B Series
  • Satellite L50t-B Series
  • Satellite L55-B Series
  • Satellite L55D-B Series
  • Satellite L55Dt-B Series
  • Satellite L55t-B Series
  • Satellite Pro C50-B Series
  • Satellite Pro C50D-B Series
  • Satellite Pro C50Dt-B Series
  • Satellite Pro C55-B Series
  • Satellite Pro C55D-B Series
  • Satellite Pro L50-B Series
  • Satellite Pro L50D-B Series
  • Satellite Pro L50Dt-B Series
  • Satellite Pro L50t-B Series
  • Satellite Pro L55-B Series
  • Satellite Pro L55D-B Series
  • Satellite Pro L55Dt-B Series
  • Satellite Pro L55t-B Series
  • Satellite Pro R50-B-01R
  • Satellite Pro R50-B-01T
  • Satellite Pro R50-C-008
  • Satellite Pro R50-C-008-1
  • Satellite Pro R50-C-00C
  • Satellite Pro S50-B Series
  • Satellite Pro S50D-B Series
  • Satellite Pro S50Dt-B Series
  • Satellite Pro S50t-B Series
  • Satellite Pro S55-B Series
  • Satellite Pro S55D-B Series
  • Satellite Pro S55Dt-B Series
  • Satellite Pro S55t-B Series
  • Satellite S50-B Series
  • Satellite S55-B5258
  • Satellite S55D-B Series
  • Satellite S55Dt-B Series
  • Satellite S55t-B Series
  • Satellite C55-B Series
    Satellite S50D-B Series
    Satellite S50Dt-B Series
    Satellite S50t-B Series
    Satellite S55-B Series
    Satellite C50-B Series
    Satellite C50D-B Series
    Satellite C50Dt-B Series
    Satellite C55D-B Series
    Satellite L50-B
    Satellite L50-B Series
    Satellite L50-B-182
    Satellite L50D-B Series
    Satellite L50Dt-B Series
    Satellite L50t-B Series
    Satellite L55-B Series
    Satellite L55D-B Series
    Satellite L55Dt-B Series
    Satellite L55t-B Series
    Satellite Pro C50-B Series
    Satellite Pro C50D-B Series
    Satellite Pro C50Dt-B Series
    Satellite Pro C55-B Series
    Satellite Pro C55D-B Series
    Satellite Pro L50-B Series
    Satellite Pro L50D-B Series
    Satellite Pro L50Dt-B Series
    Satellite Pro L50t-B Series
    Satellite Pro L55-B Series
    Satellite Pro L55D-B Series
    Satellite Pro L55Dt-B Series
    Satellite Pro L55t-B Series
    Satellite Pro R50-B-01R
    Satellite Pro R50-B-01T
    Satellite Pro R50-C-008
    Satellite Pro R50-C-008-1
    Satellite Pro R50-C-00C
    Satellite Pro S50-B Series
    Satellite Pro S50D-B Series
    Satellite Pro S50Dt-B Series
    Satellite Pro S50t-B Series
    Satellite Pro S55-B Series
    Satellite Pro S55D-B Series
    Satellite Pro S55Dt-B Series
    Satellite Pro S55t-B Series
    Satellite S50-B Series
    Satellite S55-B5258
    Satellite S55D-B Series
    Satellite S55Dt-B Series
    Satellite S55t-B Series
    Satellite S55 C5274 Series

Compatible Battery  Part Numbers:

  • PA5184U, PA5184U-1BRS, PA5185U, PA5185U-1BRS, PA5186U-1BRS, PSCLVA-002001, G71C000HW110, G71C000J110, G71C000J7510
  • PA5184U-1BRS
  • PA5195U-1BRS
  • PA5185U-1BRS
  • PA5186U-1BRS
  • PA5184U-1BRS
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