SN0903049 SUDM U5110 SMC RESET Controller Chip ICS

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Technical Specification

  • Manufacturer: Texas Instruments
  • Part/Model Number: SN0903049  SUDM
  • Type:  IC
  • Product Status: Genuine & Brand New (QC)
  • Is customized?  – Yes
  • Warranty: No (Non-Returnable )
  • Fitting Charge : Applicable*  See details 

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This chip turns the SMC on. It is often placed on the corner of the board making it susceptible to liquid damage & death.

The SMC can’t turn on without SMC_RESET_L being present. The _L means low – meaning the signal is “active” when it is low, or 0v. The SMC will be “reset” while this is low. The concept is that the SMC should not be turned on until the power rails have stabilized. This IC ensures that the PP3V42_G3H 3.42v power rail has stabilized prior to allowing SMC_RESET_L to go high. 

Check the pullup resistor for SMC_RESET_L that pulls SMC_RESET_L up to 3.42v before replacing this IC. If removing this IC does not bring SMC_RESET_L up, then replacing this chip will NOT fix your problem!

Additional Information 

Compatible boards 820-00165  820-3437  820-3662  820-3787  820-3435  820-00164  820-3476  820-3536 820-4924

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