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Sony Vaio SVF142 SVF1421 SVF142A SVF142C AB07405HX080300 Laptop/Notebook Internal Cooling Fan

Code: WIT8235

Technical Specifications 

  • Laptop Brand : SONY VAIO
  • Compatible Series: SVF142 SVF1421 SVF142A SVF142C
  • Product Type: Laptop Internal Cooling Fan
  • Part Number: AB07405HX080300
  • Power Connection: 3 wires / 3 Pins
  • Direct Current: 5V
  • Ampere: 0.28A
  • Bearing: Hypro bearing
  • Life Time of the fan: 25000 hrs
  • Fan Speed ​​Control: 2500 RPM(Auto)
  • Item Status: Brand New & Original (QC)
  • Warranty:  01 Month/30 Days
  • Fitting Charge : Not Applicable 

Note:  When you looking for a cooling fan be sure about the model & series number of your laptop & match with the existing cooling fan’s image, power pins & part number.


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MRP:৳ 2,500

3 in stock


  • Compatible Models: 
  •  Sony Vaio SVF142 SVF1421 SVF142A SVF142C 142A25T 142A29T 142A24T  AB07405HX080300 UDQF2ZR75CQU
  • SONY SVF142A23T 142A24T 142A25T 142A2 Laptop CPU Cooling Fan Cooler AB07405HX080300 00CWHK8
  • SONY SVF142A23T 142A24T 142A25T 142A29T AB07405HX080300 00CWHK8 ADDA 5V 0.50A UDQF2ZR75CQU
  • SVF142A23T 142A24T 142A25T 142A2
  • Sony VAIO SVF142 SVF142xxxxx Series:
    Sony VAIO SVF14212CXB
    Sony VAIO SVF14212CXW
    Sony VAIO SVF14213CXB
    Sony VAIO SVF14213CXP
    Sony VAIO SVF14213CXW
    Sony VAIO SVF14214CXB
    Sony VAIO SVF14214CXW
    Sony VAIO SVF14215CXB
    Sony VAIO SVF14215CXP
    Sony VAIO SVF14215CXW
    Sony VAIO SVF14217CXB
    Sony VAIO SVF14217CXP
    Sony VAIO SVF14217CXW
    Sony VAIO SVF14218CXB
    Sony VAIO SVF14218CXP
    Sony VAIO SVF14218CXW
    Sony VAIO SVF142190X
    Sony VAIO SVF1421ACXB
    Sony VAIO SVF1421ACXW
    Sony VAIO SVF1421BPXB
    Sony VAIO SVF1421DCXW
    Sony VAIO SVF1421ECXB
    Sony VAIO SVF142A1WL
    Sony VAIO SVF142A29L
    Sony VAIO SVF142C1WL
    Sony VAIO SVF142C29L
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