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Sony Vaio SVT13 SVT131A SVT14 SVT141A SVT1411 SVT1412 SVT15 SVT151A SVT1511A Series SVT131A11 SVT13122CXS SVT1411BPXS Laptop Cooling Fan

Code: WIT10220

Technical Specification

  • Laptop Brand :  Sony
  • Compatible Series:   Sony Vaio SVT13 SVT131A SVT14 SVT141A SVT1411 SVT1412 SVT15 SVT151A SVT1511A Series 
  • Part Number:     SVT131A11 SVT13122CXS SVT1411BPXS
  • Product Type: Internal Cooling Fan 
  • Direct Current: 5V
  • Ampere: 0.35A
  • Heatsink : Not Included
  • Bearing: Hypro bearing
  • Life Time of the fan: 100000 hrs
  • Fan Speed ​​Control: 2500 RPM(Auto)
  • Item Status: Brand New & Original (QC)
  • Guarantee (Replacement):  1 Months (30 Days)*  read more
  • Fitting Charge : Not Applicable 

Note:  When you looking for a cooling fan be sure about the model & series number of your laptop & match with the existing cooling fan’s image, power pins & part number.


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MRP:৳ 3,500

2 in stock


  • Sony Vaio SVT13 SVT131A SVT14 SVT141A SVT1411 SVT1412 SVT15 SVT151A SVT1511A Series SVT131A11 SVT13122CXS SVT1411BPXS SVT131190X SVT151A11L SVT15117CXS KSB05105HB-CH25
  • KSB05105HB-CH25 for SONY VAIO SVT13 SVT131 SVT13124CXS SVT131A11T
  • Para Sony Vaio SVT13 SVT131A Series SVT131A11 SVT131A11L SVT131A11M SVT131A11T SVT131A11W SVT131A11P
  • Para Sony Vaio SVT1311 Series SVT13112FXS SVT13113FXS SVT13114GXS SVT13115 SVT13116FXS SVT13117 SVT13118FXS SVT131190X SVT1311A4E SVT1311A4ES SVT1311AJ SVT1311B4E SVT1311B4ES SVT1311C4E SVT1311C4E. 5E SVT1311CGX/S SVT1311CGX/S SVT1311EFYS
  • SVT1311EFYS SVT1311M1E SVT1311M1ES SVT1311M1R SVT1311M1RS SVT1311V2E SVT1311V2ES SVT1311V2SHS SVT1311W1E SVT1311W1ES SVT1311W1ES X1R SVT1311X1RS SVT1311X9E SVT1311X9ES SVT1311Z9R SVT1311Z9RS
  • KSB05105HB-CH25 KSB05105HB-BK92 23.10744.001 23.10661.001 23.10661.002 60.4UJ07.002
  • Para Sony Vaio SVT1312 Series SVT13122CXS SVT13124CXS SVT13125CXS SVT13126CXS SVT13126CYS SVT13127CXS SVT13128CXS SVT13128CYS SVT131290X SVT1312A4E SVT1312A4ES SVT1312AJ SVT1312B4E SVT1312A4E. B4ES SVT1312BPXS SVT1312BPXS SVT1312C4E SVT1312C4ES SVT1312C5E SVT1312L1RS SVT1312M1ES SVT1312M1R SVT1312M1RS SVT1312V1E SVT1312V1ES SVT1312V1ES
  • SVT1312V1ES SVT1312V1RS SVT1312V9ES T1312X1ES SVT1312X1RS SVT1312Z1RS SVT1312Z9ESPara Sony Vaio SVT1313 Series SVT13132CXS SVT132PXS SVT13134CXS SVT13135CXS SVT136CXS SVT13136CYS SVT137CXS SVT138CXS SVT1390X SVT1313ACXS SVT13C5E SVT1313K1RS SVT13L1ES. 1313L1RS SVT1313M1ES SVT1313M1RS SVT13S1ES SVT1313V1ES
  • Para Sony Vaio SVT14 SVT141 SVT141A Series SVT141A11L SVT141A11W SVT141A11T SVT141A11PPara Sony Vaio SVT141C Series SVT141C11L SVT141C11T SVT141C11W SVT141C11PPara Sony Vaio SVT1411 Series SVT1411BPXS SVT14113CXS SVT14115CLS SVT14115CBS SVT14115CV SVT14115CVS SVT14115CXS SVT14115CW SVT14115CWS SVT14116PN SVT14116PNS SVT14117CBS SVT14117CG SVT14117CW SVT14CXT14116PNS. S SVT14117CWS SVT14117CH SVT14117CHS SVT14117CGS SVT14118CCS SVT141190X.

    Para Sony Vaio SVT1412 Series SVT14122CXS SVT14122PXS SVT14124CXS SVT14125CXS SVT14126CXS SVT14126CW SVT14127CXS SVT14128CC SVT14129CCS SVT141290X SVT1412ACXS SVT1412AJB SVT141.

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