Thermal Paste/Heatsink Paste/Thermal Conductivity/Thermal Compound/Silicone Compound/Thermal Grease for CPU and GPU Chipset Cooling, HY510 30 grams Gray Thermal Grease Sealing Paste

Code: WIT10697

Technical Specifications : 

  • Excellent Thermal Conductivity : Thermal conductivity 1.93 W/m-k. It ensures that the heat generated by the CPU or GPU is effectively dissipated and subsequently excellent temperature reduction performance.
  • High Durability : Low thermal resistance can keep mushy for a long time. Wide operating temperature range, stable performance under -30℃-280℃ environment. High heat dissipation performance, high-cost performance. It will not compromise over time.
  •  Easy to use : Thermal paste has ideal consistency and is very easy to use even for beginners, it is also not electrically conductive : there is no risk of short-circuits and safe to use with all types of heatsinks. 
  •  Safety Application : The is metal-free and non-electrical conductive which eliminates any risks of causing short circuit, adding more protection to the CPU and VGA cards. Suitable for CPU radiator or chip. High-temperature resistance, low thermal resistance, and high conductivity can achieve excellent heat transfer. Suitable for CPU, VGA, chipset, and other PC components.

Note : 

  • Please check compatibility before purchasing.
  • Non-Warranty item.


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