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TOSHIBA Satellite C640 L650 L655 L670 L675 L750 L755 L770 L775 9Z. N4VGQ. 001 AETE2U00010 KS11TB6893 NSK-TGA01 AETE2U00110-US Laptop Keyboard/Keypad

Code: WIT9768

Technical Specifications

  • Laptop Brand : TOSHIBA
  • Laptop Model : TOSHIBA Satellite L650 L655 L670 L675 L750 L755 L770 L775 
  • Keyboard Part Number: 9Z.N4VGQ.001 AETE2U00010 KS11TB6893 NSK-TGA01 AETE2U00110-US
  • Layout: US/UK (Compatible)
  • Language: English (USA/UK)
  • Backlit:  No
  • Color: Black or White (Please Select Price Options before purchase)
  • Track Pointer : No
  • Power Button/Switch: No
  • Screw: No
  • Size : Medium
  • Condition: Brand New & Original (QC Pass)
  • Guarantee (Replacement): 1 Year (360 Days)*  read more
  • Fitting Charge : Applicable/Not Applicable*  See details 

***Kindly Note………. 

Please firstly compare the picture with your keyboard before you place an order. Make sure the laptop model and keyboard is the right one you need. If you are still not sure after a comparison, please contact us.

Suggestion : When you want to buy a laptop keyboard , you must  follow these indications:

  • Laptop accurate brand, model/series name & number  or keyboard P/N
  • Color & layout (USA/UK)- especially Enter key
  • Fixing type : easy removable or adhesiveness  (palmrest based)
  • Button shape (especially arrow or corner keys  ) or connector cable extent & position
  • Screw position, track pointer & backlit availability
  • Keyboard Connecting Cable or Ribbon ending cover or cap setting up or down position (especially Asus brand)
  • Including Palmrest or not ?
  • Keyboard size : Long/Medium/Mini (especially with Num Lock/without Num Lock)
  • Function Keys’ length & quantity (especially HP brand)


Currently Unavailable

MRP:৳ 2,000৳ 2,500



  • Toshiba Satellite 9Z. N4VGQ. 001 AETE2U00010 KS11TB6893 NSK-TGA01 AETE2U00110-US
  • Toshiba Satellite C600 NSK-TM0GQ 1E 9Z.N4VGQ.01E AETE2L00010 NSK-TM0SQ 1E
  • NSK-TM0GQ 1E 9Z.N4VGQ.01E AETE2L0010 9Z.N4VSQ.01E AETE2L00020 6037B0048134 1E bearings NSK-TM0SV 9Z.N4VSV.01E V114226CK1 6037B0050634 V114226ck1 6037B0050617 Nsk-Tm0gv 0S 9Z.N4vgv.00S Aete2p00010 9Z.N4vgq.00S
  • TOSHIBA Satellite L650 L655 L670 L675 L750 L755 L770 L775
  • 9Z.N4VGQ.001, 9Z.N4VGV.001, NSK-TM0GQ NSK-TM0GV, AETE2U00010, AETE2U00020, 6037B0049202 C600 C600D C645 L600 L600D L630 L640 L640d L645 L645d L700 L730 L740 L745 L745D L730 L735
  • C600D, C640, L640, L640D, L645, L645D 6037B0048102, 6037B0048104, 6037B0049202, 9Z.N4VGQ.001, 9Z.N4VGV.001, 9Z.N4VSQ.001, 9Z.N4VSV.001, AETE2U00010, AETE2U00020, AETE2U00110-US, AETE2U00210, MP-09M73US6920, NSK-TM0GQ 01, NSK-TM0GV 01, NSK-TM0SQ 01, NSK-TM0SV 01, V114246CS1
  • 9Z.N4VSQ.001, 9Z.N4VGQ.001, 9Z.N4VGV.001, NSK-TM0GQ, NSK-TM0GV, AETE2U00010, AETE2U00020, 6037B0049202 Toshiba Satellite C600, C640, C640D, C645, L600, L600D, L630, L635, L640, L640D, L645, L645D, L730, L735, L735D, L740, L740D, L745
  • NSK-TM0SV US 9Z.N4VSV.001 NSK-TM0GQ US 9Z.N4VGQ.001 NSK-TM0GV US 9Z.N4VGV.001 AETE2U00010 Toshiba Satellite C645 C645D: C645D-S4024 Toshiba Satellite L600Toshiba Satellite Pro L730
    Toshiba Satellite L645 L645D : L645-S4026, L645-S4026BN, L645-S4026GY, L645-S4026RD, L645-S4026WH, L645-S4032, L645-S4038, L645-S4055, L645-S4059, L645-S4060
    L645D-S4052, L645D-S4053, L645D-S4058, L645D-S4058BN, L645D-S4058RD, L645D-S4058WH 645D-S4025, L645D-S4029, L645D-S4030, L645D”
    Toshiba Satellite L630: L630-ST2G02
    Toshiba Satellite L635: L635-S3010 L635-S3010WH L635-S3015 L635-S3020RD L635-S3020WH L635-S3050BN L635-S3050RD L635-S3050WH
    Toshiba Satellite L730: L730-BT4N11 L730-ST5N01 L730-ST6N01
    Toshiba Satellite L735: L735-S3210 L735-S3210BN – Brown L735-S3210RD – Red L735-S3210WH – White L735-S3220 L735-S3220RD – Red L735-S3350 L735-S3370 L735-S3375
    Toshiba Satellite L740: L740-BT4N11 L740-BT4N22 L740-ST5N02 L740-ST6N01
    Toshiba Satellite L745 L745D: L745-S4126 L745-S4130 L745-S4235 L745-S4310 L745-S4355 L745D-S4230 L745D-S4350 L745D-S4350WH L745D-S4214
    Toshiba Satellite Pro C640
    Toshiba Satellite Pro L640
    Toshiba Satellite Pro L740
    Toshiba Satellite L640 L640D
    TOSHIBA Satellite L640 series (L640-BT2N22, L640-ST2N01), L640D series (L640D-ST2N02)
    Toshiba Satellite Pro L630
    Toshiba Satellite C605
  • Toshiba Satellite C600 Series Toshiba Satellite C640 C640D Series Toshiba Satellite C645 Series Toshiba Satellite C645D Series Toshiba Satellite L600 Series Toshiba Satellite L600D Series Toshiba Satellite L630 Series Toshiba Satellite L635 Series Toshiba Satellite L640 Series Toshiba Satellite L640D Series Toshiba Satellite L645 Series Toshiba Satellite L645D Series Toshiba Satellite L740 L740D L745 L745D L730 L730D L735 L735D L735-S3370 L735-S3375 L735-S3350 L745-S4210 L745-S4220 L745-S4310 L745-S4235 L745d-S4230 L600D L600 L630 L635 L640 L640D C645D-SP4160M C645D-SP4001M L645-S4060 L645-S4102 L645D-S4056 L645D-S4025 L645D-S4030 L645D-S4029 L645D-S4036 L640-ST2N01 L645-S4026 L640D-ST2N03 L645D-S9411D L645-SP4003M L645-S4055 L645-S4059 L645-S4032 L645D-S4100WH L645D-S4053 L645-S4038 L645-S4033 L645-4026 L645D-S4037WH L645D-S4058RD L640-BT2N15 L640-BT2N22 L640-BT2N13 L635-SP3002M L635-SP3011L L635-SP3011M L635-S3015 L635-S3020 L635-S3040BN L635-S3050BN L635-S3012BN L635-S3012RD L635-S3012 L635-S3100 L635-S3104 L635-SP3160 series
  • Toshiba Satellite C600, C600D, C640, C640D, C645, C645D, L600, L600D, L630, L630D, L635, L635D, L640, L640D, L645, L645D, L700, L700D, L730, L730D MP-09M73SU-69201, MP-09M76SU-6930, NSK-TM0SV0R, NSK-TM1GQ, NSK-TM1GV, V114226CK1, V114226CS1 9Z.N4VGQ.001, 9Z.N4VGQ.101, 9Z.N4 9Z.N4VGV.001,9Z.N4VGV.10R, 9Z.N4VSQ.001,60737B0049202 6920, 6037B0048102, 6037B0048104, 6037B0050609, 9Z.N4VGV.101, MP-09M73US-69201, 9Z.N4VGV.00R, 9Z.N4VGQ.00R, 9Z.N4VSV.00R, 9Z.N4VSQ.00R, 6037B0010, 6037B048100, 6037B0048100 AETE2700020, MP-09M73SU-6920
  • Satellite C600 Series Satellite C640 Series Satellite Pro C640 Series
    Satellite Pro C640-SP4004L Satellite Pro C640-SP4004M Satellite Pro C640-SP4015L
    Satellite Pro C640-SP4015M Satellite Pro C640-SP4019L Satellite Pro C640-SP4019M
    Satellite C645 Series Satellite C645-SP4011L Satellite C645-SP4011M
    Satellite C645-SP4020L Satellite C645-SP4020M Satellite C645-SP4131L
    Satellite C645-SP4131M Satellite C645-SP4132L Satellite C645-SP4162M
    Satellite C645D Series Satellite C645D-S4024 Satellite C645D-SP4001L
    Satellite C645D-SP4001M Satellite C645D-SP4002L Satellite C645D-SP4002M
    Satellite C645D-SP4007L Satellite C645D-SP4007M Satellite C645D-SP4010L
  • Satellite C645D-SP4010M Satellite C645D-SP4016L Satellite C645D-SP4016M
    Satellite C645D-SP4017L Satellite C645D-SP4017M Satellite C645D-SP4018L
    Satellite C645D-SP4018M Satellite C645D-SP4130 Satellite C645D-SP4160
    Satellite L600 Series Satellite L600D Series Satellite L630 Series
    Satellite L630-BT2N22 Satellite L630-ST2G01 Satellite L630-ST2N01
    Satellite L630-ST2N02 Satellite Pro L630 Series Satellite Pro L630-EZ1310
    Satellite Pro L630-EZ1311 Satellite L635 Series Satellite L635-S3010
    Satellite L635-S3010BN Satellite L635-S3010RD Satellite L635-S3010WH
    Satellite L635-S3012 Satellite L635-S3012BN Satellite L635-S3012RD
    Satellite L635-S3015 Satellite L635-S3020 Satellite L635-S3030
    Satellite L635-S3106 Satellite L635-S3020BN Satellite L635-S3020RD
    Satellite L635-S3020WH Satellite L635-S3025 Satellite L635-SP3001L
    Satellite L635-SP3001M Satellite L635-SP3002L Satellite L635-SP3002M
  • Satellite L635-SP3003L Satellite L635-SP3003M Satellite L635-SP3004L
    Satellite L635-SP3004M Satellite L635-SP3006L Satellite L635-SP3006M
    Satellite L640 Series Satellite L645 Series Satellite L640-BT2N22
    Satellite L645-S4026 Satellite L645-S4026BN Satellite L645-S4026GY
    Satellite L645-S4026RD Satellite L645-S4026WH Satellite L645-S4032
    Satellite L645-S4038 Satellite L645-SP4003L Satellite L645-SP4003M
    Satellite L645-SP4004L Satellite L645-SP4004M Satellite L645-SP4006L
    Satellite L645-SP4006M Satellite L640D Series Satellite L645D Series
    Satellite L640D-ST2N01 Satellite L640D-ST2N02 Satellite L645D-S4025
    Satellite L645D-S4029 Satellite L645D-S4030 Satellite L645D-S4036
    Satellite L645D-S4037 Satellite L645D-S4037BN Satellite L645D-S4037RD
    Satellite L645D-S4037WH Satellite L645D-SP4001L Satellite L645D-SP4001M
    Satellite L645D-SP4002L Satellite L645D-SP4002M Satellite L645D-SP4005L
    Satellite L645D-SP4005M Satellite L730 Series Satellite L730-BT4N11
  • Satellite L730-ST4N01 Satellite L730-ST5N01 Satellite L730-ST6N01
    Satellite L735-S3210 Satellite L735 Series Satellite L735-S3210BN
    Satellite L735-S3210RD Satellite L735-S3210WH Satellite L735-S3212
    Satellite L735-S3220 Satellite L735-S3220RD Satellite L735-S3221
    Satellite L735-S3350 Satellite L735-S3370 Satellite L735-S3375
    Satellite L735-S9310D Satellite L735-S9311D Satellite L735-S9312BN
    Satellite L735-S9313BN Satellite L735-S9314D Satellite L735-SP3101M
    Satellite L735-SP3101WL Satellite L735-SP3102WL Satellite L735-SP3111RL
    Satellite L735-SP3161M Satellite L735-SP3163RM Satellite L735-SP3165CM
    Satellite L735-SP3203WL Satellite L735-SP3212RL Satellite L735-SP3215CL
    Satellite L735-SP3264RM Satellite L735-SP3266RM Satellite L735-SP3267CM
    Satellite L740 Series Satellite L740-BT4N11 Satellite L740-BT4N22
    Satellite L740-ST4N02 Satellite L740-ST5N02 Satellite L740-ST6N01
    Satellite L745 Series Satellite L745-EZ1411D Satellite L745-S4126
    Satellite L745-S4130 Satellite L745-S4210 Satellite L745-S4235
  • Satellite L745-S4302 Satellite L745-S4310 Satellite L745-S4355
    Satellite L745-S9423RD Satellite L745-SP4141CL Satellite L745-SP4142CL
    Satellite L745-SP4146CL Satellite L745-SP4147CL Satellite L745-SP4149LL
    Satellite L745-SP4171RM Satellite L745-SP4175NM Satellite L745-SP4176FM
    Satellite L745-SP4250CL Satellite L745-SP4251LL Satellite L745-SP4253CL
    Satellite L745-SP4254FL Satellite L745-SP4281KM Satellite L745-SP4284KM
    Satellite L745-SP4287KM Satellite L745D Series Satellite L745D-S4214
    Satellite L745D-S4220 Satellite L745D-S4220BN Satellite L745D-S4220GR
    Satellite L745D-S4220RD Satellite L745D-S4220WH Satellite L745D-S4230
    Satellite L745D-S4250 Satellite L745D-S4250WH Satellite L745D-SP4172KM
    Satellite L745D-SP4172NM Satellite L745D-SP4172RM Satellite L745D-SP4172VM
    Satellite L745D-SP4172WM Satellite L745D-SP4173LM Satellite L745D-SP4174RM
    Satellite L745D-SP4282RM Satellite L745D-SP4283KM Satellite L745D-SP4285KM
    Satellite L745D-SP4286KM
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