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Toshiba Satellite L650 L650D L655 L655D Series L650-02D L650-ST2N03 L650D-15F L655-158 L655-S5065RD L655-S5166X L655D-S5055 L655D-SP5014M AB8005HX-GB3 Laptop Cooling Fan

Code: WIT9471

Technical Specification

  • Laptop Brand : Toshiba
  • Compatible Series: Toshiba Satellite L650 L650D L655 L655D L750 L755
  • Part Number: XS10N05YF05VBJ
  • Product Type: Internal Cooling Fan 
  • Power Connection: 3 wires/ 3 Pins
  • Direct Current: 5V
  • Ampere: 0.5A
  • Heatsink : Not Included
  • Bearing: Hypro bearing
  • Life Time of the fan: 100000 hrs
  • Fan Speed ​​Control: 2500 RPM(Auto)
  • Item Status: Brand New & Original (QC)
  • Guarantee (Replacement):  3 Months (90 Days)*  read more
  • Fitting Charge : Not Applicable (Free)*  See details 

Note:  When you looking for a cooling fan be sure about the model & series number of your laptop & match with the existing cooling fan’s image, power pins & part number.


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MRP:৳ 1,500

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  • Toshiba Satellite L650 L650D L655 L655D L750 L755
  • TOSHIBA Satellite L655 L655D
  • Toshiba Satellite L650 L650D L655 L655D Series AB8005HX-GB3 CWBL6A
  • L650, L650D, L655, L655D, L750, L755
  • Toshiba L750 L750D Series L750-03D L750-04K L750-04P L750-052 L750-065 L750-06P L750-070 L750-09J L750-09K L750-0DN L750-0KP L750-0L7 L750-0L8 L750-0L9 L750-0lM L750-0LN L750-0P8 L750-0QM L750-104 L750-113 L750-115 L750-11Q L750-121 L750-124 L750-129 L750-12C L750-12N L750-12P L750-12R L750-136 L750-14G L750-14H L750-16J L750-16L L750-16Q L750-16R L750-16X L750-16Z L750-170 L750-171 L750-17D L750-17P L750-18R L750-20E L750-20G L750-20L L750-21E L750-21F L750-21G L750-21H L750-1C3
  • Compatible: Toshiba L755 L755D Series L755-06M L755-06N L755-06P L755-06Q L755-06S L755-10J L755-10K L755-10Q L755-10U L755-111 L755-113 L755-115 L755-11J L755-125 L755-129 L755-12G L755-13D L755-13E L755-13F L755-13H L755-13J L755-13K L755-13Q L755-13T L755-13U L755-13W L755-144 L755-14D L755-14E L755-14F L755-14H L755-14L L755-14P L755-14Z L755-154 L755-15K L755-15M L755-15Q L755-15R L755-15T L755-15W L755-15X L755-160 L755-161 L755-165 L755-167 L755-168 L755-169 L755-16C L755-16H L755-16J
  • Compatible Models: Toshiba Satellite L655D Series L655D-12K L655D-12L L655D-12P L655D-12U L655D-133 L655D-13L L655D-13M L655D-13Q L655D-144 L655D-14H L655D-S5050 L655D-S5055 L655D-S5066 L655D-S5066BN L655D-S5066RD L655D-S5066WH L655D-S5067 L655D-S5076 L655D-S5076BN L655D-S5076RD L655D-S5076WH L655D-S5093 L655D-S5094 L655D-S5095 L655D-S5102 L655D-S5102BN L655D-S5102RD L655D-S5102WH L655D-S5104 L655D-S5109 L655D-S5110 L655D-S5110BN L655D-S5110RD L655D-S5110WH
  • Compatible Models: Toshiba Satellite L655D-S5116 L655D-S5145 L655D-S5148 L655D-S5151 L655D-S5152 L655D-S5159 L655D-S5159BN L655D-S5159RD L655D-S5159WH L655D-S5164 L655D-S5164BN L655D-S5164RD L655D-S5164WH L655D-S5190 L655D-S5202 L655D-SP5010L L655D-SP5010M L655D-SP5012L L655D-SP5012M L655D-SP5014L L655D-SP5014M L655D-SP5160 L655D-SP6001L L655D-SP6001M L655D-SP6002L L655D-SP6002M L655D-SP6003L L655D-SP6003M
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