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A31N1730 0B110-00550100 Laptop battery for ASUS VivoBook 15 X560U X560UD A560UD K560UD F560UD R562U series

Code: WIT10227

Technical Specifications 

  • Brand : ASUS
  • Suitable Model : VivoBook 15 X560U A560UD K560UD F560UD R562U Series
  • Battery Part Number: A31N1730  
  • Cell Chemistry : Lithium-ion
  • Backup time : Depends on your consumption and usages.
  • Life cycles : 500+ Times
  • Product Condition : Brand new & Original (Real capacity, high quality cells, longer life cycles, convenient to use)
  • Safeguard : Against incorrect voltage, short circuit, internal overheating.
  • Warranty: 06 Months(180 days)  cash back*


1. The first use of the battery, the battery voltage may be too low, you need to recharge the standby 06 to 08 hours before normal use.
2. First of all you should use the original AC Adapter/Charger in your laptop. Otherwise, WIT  is not liable for any kind of damages.

*** Attention:  

  1. To avoid wrong order placed or wrong item you bought, please check out the battery image, Model/Type/Part/Product Number, connector, etc. with your existing battery , carefully before ordering.
  2.  Please compare with your original battery before purchase , to make sure you have choose the correct battery model .
  3. Before placing your order, Please refer to the picture and check it. Because the products produced by different factories will have differences.
  4. Please read the battery manual carefully before installing the battery; If the battery is going to be stored for a long time (more than 3 months), it must be charged over 80%, it must be stored in a dry environment with a temperature range of 10-35 Celsius degree, avoid exposure to the sunlight; Don’t disassemble & crush , don’t pierce the battery with any sharp knife.
  5. If the new battery is not recognized during the initial installation, please reinstall and check if the interface is fully connected. Discharge the new battery to 5% (not 0%), then charge and cycle 3-4 times to wake up the new battery.


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MRP:৳ 6,500

2 in stock

Fit for Laptop Model : 

  • Asus
    F560UD-AX8203T, X560UD-EJ386, X560UD-BQ376, X560UD-BQ373T, VivoBook 15 K560UD, X560UD-BQ011T, X560UD-BQ376T, R562UD, X560UD-EJ390, X560UD-BQ372, X560UD-EJ180, X560UD-EJ272T, X560UD-BQ148T, X560UD-EJ153T, R562UD-EJ155, X560UD-BQ015, X560UD-1B, X560UD-EJ173, X560UD-EJ425, X560UD-BQ110, X560UD-EJ443, K560UD, X560UD-BQ016, X560UD-0101B8550U, F560UD, X560UD-EJ254, X560UD-BQ201T, X560UD-0271B8550U, VivoBook 15 X560UD, X560UD-BQ017, X560UD-0211B8550U, F560UD-BQ237T, X560UD-EJ369T, X560UD-BQ407T, X560UD-EJ153, X560UD, X560UD-BQ157, X560UD-BQ485, R562UD-EJ168T, X560UD-EJ388, X560UD-BQ221R, X560UD-EJ182T, X560UD-EJ387, X560UD-BQ161, X560UD-EJ432, A560UD, X560UD-BQ014, X560UD-0091B8250U, X560UD-EJ188, X560UD-BQ167T, X560UD-0311B8550U, K560UD-BQ183T, X560UD-BQ009T, X560UD-0301B8250U, F560
  • X560UD-EJ390, X560UD-EJ180, X560UD-BQ167T, R562UD-EJ168T, X560UD-EJ425, R562UD-EJ155, X560UD-EJ387, X560UD-BQ009T, K560UD, X560UD-BQ110, X560UD-BQ017, X560UD-BQ016, X560UD-EJ188, X560UD-BQ221R, X560UD-BQ376, F560UD-BQ237T, X560UD, X560UD-EJ272T, X560UD-BQ201T, X560UD-BQ161, K560UD-BQ183T, X560UD-BQ014, X560UD-EJ182T, X560UD-EJ153, F560UD, F560UD-AX8203T, X560UD-BQ157, X560UD-BQ015, X560UD-BQ407T, X560UD-BQ372, X560UD-EJ388, X560UD-EJ173, X560UD-BQ148T, A560UD, VivoBook 15 X560UD, R562UD, X560UD-EJ254, VivoBook 15 K560UD, X560UD-EJ386, X560UD-EJ369T, F560, X560UD-BQ011T

Battery Pack Number :

  • 0B110-00550100
  • A31N1730
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