Asus VivoBook ZenBook F201E F202E S200E S200CA S400CA X200CA X200E X201E X202E UX31A UX32A UX32VD DC Power Jack Socket Charging Port

Code: WIT9053

Technical Specifications

  • Brand :  Asus
  • Product Type : DC Power Port/Jack
  • Compatible Model : Asus VivoBook ZenBook F200E F201E F202E Q200E S200 S200E S200CA S200L S200T S201E S202E
  • Power Port Integrated : On Board
  • Cable : No
  • Product Condition : Brand New & Original (Fully Tested)
  • Warranty : No
  • Fitting Charge :  Applicable

Note: Please be sure about Brand, Series and  Port Dimension before ordering.


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5 in stock


Asus VivoBook ZenBook F200E Series
 Asus VivoBook ZenBook F201E Series: F201E F201E-xxxx F201E-KX033H F201E-KX034H F201E-KX052H F201E-KX062DU F201E-KX062H F201E-KX063DU F201E-KX063H F201E-KX064H F201E-KX065DU F201E-KX065H F201E-KX066DU F201E-KX066H F201E-KX067DU F201E-KX067H F201E-KX068DU F201E-KX068H F201E-KX069H F201E-KX070H F201E-KX083DUF201E-KX085H F201E-KX086H F201E-KX160H F201E-KX166H F201E-KX167H F201E-KX176H F201E-KX177H F201E-KX180H F201E-KX181H F201E-KX191H F201E-KX192H F201E-KX233H F201E-KX234H F201E-KX240H F201E-KX261H F201E-KX262H
 Asus VivoBook ZenBook F202E Series: F202E F202E-xxxx F202E-CT028H F202E-CT058H F202E-CT059H F202E-CT063H F202E-CT111H F202E-CT121H F202E-CT133H F202E-CT148H F202E-CT273H F202E-CT300H
 Asus VivoBook ZenBook Q200E Series: Q200E Q200E-xxxx Q200E-BCL0803E Q200E-BHI3T Q200E-BHI3T45 Q200E-BSI3T08 Q200E-CT144H Q200E-3KCT
 Asus VivoBook ZenBook S200E Series: S200E S200E-xxxx S200E-3KCT S200E-DB31T S200E RBCLT09 S200E-RB91T S200E-RHI3T73 S200E-C157 S200E-C157H S200E-CT158 S200E-C158H S200E-CT006H S200E-CT009H S200E-CT157 S200E-C157H S200E-CT158 S200E-CT158H S200E-CT159H S200E-CT161H S200E-CT162H S200E-CT163H S200E-CT163H S200E-CT172H S200E-CT176H S200E-CT177H S200E-CT178H S200E-CT179H S200E-CT181H S200E-CT182H S200E-CT185H S200E-CT186H S200E-CT190H S200E-CT195H S200E-CT196H S200E-CT198 S200E-CT198H S200E-CT199H S200E-CT200H S200E-CT206H S200E-CT209H S200E-CT210H S200E-CT211H S200E-CT213H S200E-CT214H S200E-CT215H S200E-CT216H S200E-CT217H S200E-CT242H S200E-CT243H S200E-CT244H S200E-CT249H S200E-CT250H S200E-CT256H S200E-CT257H S200E-CT282H S200E-CT283H S200E-CT284H S200E-CT285H S200E-CT286H S200E-CT287H S200E-CT301H S200E-CT302H S200E-CT303H S200E-CT313H S200E-CT320H S200E-CT331H S200E-CT345H
 Asus VivoBook ZenBook S200CA Series: S200CA S200CA-xxxx S200CA-BSI3T08 S200CA-1BKX S200CA-CT151H S200CA-CT152H S200CA-CT158H
 Asus VivoBook ZenBook S200L Series
 Asus VivoBook ZenBook S201E Series
 Asus VivoBook ZenBook S202E Series
 Asus VivoBook ZenBook S400 S400C S400CA Series
 Asus VivoBook ZenBook X200CA Series: X200CA X200CA-xxxx X200CA-DB01T X200CA-DB02 X200CA-DH21T X200CA-HCL1104G X200CA-HCL1205O X200CA-9BCT
 Asus VivoBook ZenBook X200E Series: X200E X200E-xxxx X200E-CT006H X200E-CT009H X200E-CT033H
 Asus VivoBook ZenBook X201A Series: X201A X201A-xxxx X201A-KX010DU X201A-RX153
 Asus VivoBook ZenBook X201E Series: X201E X201E-xxxx X201E-DH01 X201E-DS01 X201E-DS02 X201E-KX001D X201E-KX001DU X201E-KX001H X201E-KX002D X201E-KX002H X201E-KX003D X201E-KX003H X201E-KX004DU X201E-KX004H X201E-KX005D X201E-KX005H X201E-KX006D X201E-KX006H X201E-KX007D X201E-KX007H X201E-KX008H X201E-KX009DU X201E-KX009H X201E-KX010DU X201E-KX010H X201E-KX011DU X201E-KX011H X201E-KX012DU X201E-KX013DU X201E-KX014DU X201E-KX021D X201E-KX021H X201E-KX022D X201E-KX022DU X201E-KX022H X201E-KX023D X201E-KX023DU X201E-KX023H X201E-KX024D X201E-KX024DU X201E-KX024H X201E-KX025D X201E-KX026D X201E-KX027D X201E-KX028D X201E-KX029DU X201E-KX029H X201E-KX030DU X201E-KX030H X201E-KX031D X201E-KX032D X201E-KX040D X201E-KX040H X201E-KX041D X201E-KX041H X201E-KX042D X201E-KX042DU X201E-KX042H X201E-KX043D X201E-KX043H X201E-KX044D X201E-KX044H X201E-KX045D X201E-KX045H X201E-KX046DU X201E-KX047DU X201E-KX047H X201E-KX048DU X201E-KX048H X201E-KX049DU X201E-KX049H X201E-KX050DU X201E-KX051DU X201E-KX054D X201E-KX055D X201E-KX056D X201E-KX057D X201E-KX058 X201E-KX058D X201E-KX059 X201E-KX059D X201E-KX059H X201E-KX060D X201E-KX061D X201E-KX091D X201E-KX092D X201E-KX093D X201E-KX094D X201E-KX096DU X201E-KX096H X201E-KX097H X201E-KX098DU X201E-KX098H X201E-KX099DU X201E-KX099H X201E-KX101H X201E-KX105H X201E-KX106H X201E-KX120H X201E-KX133 X201E-KX134 X201E-KX136H X201E-KX137H X201E-KX152D X201E-KX161D X201E-KX162D X201E-KX163D X201E-KX164D X201E-KX178D X201E-KX178H X201E-KX179D X201E-KX182D X201E-KX182DU X201E-KX183D X201E-KX186D X201E-KX187D X201E-KX193D X201E-KX259D X201E-KX280D X201E-KX281D X201E-KX282D X201E-KX847 X201E-KX847B X201E-KX847W X201E-MPR1 X201E-0021AULV847 X201E-0031BULV847
 Asus VivoBook ZenBook X202E Series: X202E X202E-xxxx X202E-BH91T X202E CT001H X202E-CT004H X202E-CT005H X202E-CT006H X202E-CT007H X202E-CT008H X202E-CT009H X202E-CT010 X202E-CT010H X202E-CT011 X202E-CT011H X202E-CT015H X202E-CT025H X202E-CT032H X202E-CT033 X202E-CT033H X202E-CT035H X202E-CT037H X202E-CT041H X202E-CT042H X202E-CT043H X202E-CT044H X202E-CT046H X202E-CT052H X202E-CT062H X202E-CT082H X202E-CT085H X202E-CT090H X202E-CT095H X202E-CT103H X202E-CT118H X202E-CT128H X202E-CT129H X202E-CT130H X202E-CT131H X202E-CT132H X202E-CT137H X202E-CT140H X202E-CT141H X202E-CT142 X202E-CT142H X202E-CT143 X202E-CT143H X202E-CT146H X202E-CT150D X202E-CT150H X202E-CT151 X202E-CT151H X202E-CT152H X202E-CT154H X202E-CT189H X202E-CT205H X202E-CT259H X202E-CT265H X202E-CT267H X202E-CT275H X202E-CT299H X202E-CT315H X202E-CT321 X202E-CT333H X202E-CT987 X202E-CT987G X202E-CT3217 X202E-CT3217G X202E-CT3317 X202E-CT3317G X202E-DB21 X202E-DB21T X202E-DB91 X202E-DB91T X202E-DH21T X202E-DH31T X202E-DH51T X202E-KX017H X202E-UH31T
 Asus Zenbook UX31A Series: UX31A UX31A-xxxx UX31A-AB71 UX31A-BHI5N47 UX31A-BHI5N53 UX31A-BHI5T UX31A-BHI5T1 UX31A-BHI5T11 UX31A-C4027H UX31A-C4027P UX31A-C4029H X31A-C4032H UX31A-C4033H UX31A-C4033P UX31A-C4037H UX31A-C4037P UX31A-C4043 UX31A-C4043P UX31A-C4046H UX31A-C4046P UX31A-C4050P UX31A-C4059H UX31A-C4063P UX31A-DB51 UX31A-DB71 UX31A-DH5 UX31A-DH51 UX31A-DH71 UX31A-E7202F UX31A-R4002 UX31A-R4002H UX31A-R4002V UX31A-R4003H UX31A-R4003P UX31A-R4003V UX31A-R4003X UX31A-R4004H UX31A-R4004V UX31A-R4005G UX31A-R4005H UX31A-R4005P UX31A-R4005V UX31A-R4005X UX31A-R4010X UX31A-R4011X UX31A-R4015P UX31A-R4035H UX31A-R4035P UX31A-R4036H UX31A-R4037P UX31A-R4042P UX31A-R4047P UX31A-R4048H UX31A-R4066H UX31A-R4256 UX31A-R5006 UX31A-R5006H UX31A-R5006P UX31A-R5006V UX31A-R5006X UX31A-R5007H UX31A-R5007V UX31A-R5008 UX31A-R5008H UX31A-R5008V UX31A-R5013X UX31A-R5102 UX31A-R5102F UX31A-R5102H UX31A-R5128 UX31A-R5202H UX31A-R7202F UX31A-US51T UX31A-XB52 UX31A-XB72 UX31A-XB73 UX31A-0182A3517U UX31A-0302A3537U UX31A-041A3517U UX31A-061A3317U UX31A-1AR4 UX31A-2AC4
 Asus Zenbook UX32A Series: UX32A UX32A-xxxx UX32A-DB31 UX32A-DB51 UX32A-DB71 UX32A-DH31 UX32A-DH51 UX32A-DS32 UX32A-RHI5N31 UX32A-R3502H UX32A-XB51 UX32A-1AR3
 Asus Zenbook UX32V Series: UX32V UX32V-xxxx UX32V-DDB71
 Asus Zenbook UX32VD Series: UX32VD UX32VD-xxxx UX32VD-DB71 UX32VD-DH71 UX32VD-DS71 UX32VD-DS73

  • Asus VivoBook ZenBook F201E F202E S200E S200CA S400CA X200CA X200E X201E X202E UX31A UX32A
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