BTY-L74, BTY-L75, 957-173XXP-10, 957-173XXP-102 Laptop Battery for MSI CR500 CR600 CR610 CR620 CR630 CR700 CX600 CX605 CX610 CX620 CX623 CX700 A5000 A6000 A6005 A6200 A7005 A7200 series

Code: WIT10169

Technical Specifications 

  • Brand : MSI
  • Suitable Model : CR500 CR600 CR610 CR620 CR630 CR700 CX600 CX605 CX610 CX620 CX623 CX700 A5000 A6000 A6005 A6200 A7005 A7200
  • Battery Part Number: BTY-L74, BTY-L75, 957-173XXP-10
  • Cell Chemistry : Lithium-Ion
  • Backup time : Depends on your consumption and usages.
  • Life cycles : 300+ Times 
  • Product Condition : Brand New (QC Pass)
  • Warranty (Replacement): 06 Months/180 days cash back*


1. The first use of the battery, the battery voltage may be too low, you need to recharge the standby 06 to 08 hours before normal use.
2. First of all you should use the original AC Adapter/Charger in your laptop. Otherwise, WIT  is not liable for any kind of damages.


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MRP:৳ 4,500

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 Fit for laptop Models :

  • MSI
    CR600 Series, CR610-027XSK, CR610-005, CR610-061XPL, CR700-075, CR700-221XSK, CX700-053USK0910000533, A6200-038US, A7200-CP6103W7H, CR610-013UK, CR610-M1023W7P, CR610-009PL, CR700-017CA, CR700-T3035FD, CX-600-T4343W7P, A6200-220US, A6300-055X, CR600-013US, CR610-063BE, CR610-006NE, CR700-068XEU, CR700-205NE, CR700-1734, A6200-021US, A6203-098FR, CR610-0W1XBL, CR610-M1226W7P, CR610-091XBL, CR700-013NL, CR700-070XSK, CX605 Series, A6005-201US 6100-CM1205, A6200-461US, A6400-042US, CR600-234US, CR610-070X, CX610-050BE, CR620 Series, CR700-2226, CR700X-029EU, CR610-6890, A6200-206US, A6300 SERIES, CR610-060XPL, CR610-097RU, CR700-211, CR700-223L, A6005 Series, A6200-059US, A6200-689US, A7200-018US, CR610-001NL, CR610-058PL, CR700-012US, CR700-202XEU, CX600 Series, CR610 C61M32-HDSB, A6200-216C, A6300-234US, CR610-026XCZ, CR610-003HU, CR610-0W2XEU, CR700-034, CR700-060X, CX700 ALL SERIES, A6200-040US, A6205-046RU, A7200-CP6103, CR610-M1005Q, CR610-007PL, CR700-204BE, CX600-049US, A6200-262C, A6300-036F, CR610-031LRU, CR610-006, CR700-071XHU, CR700-231, CX700-1731, A6200-039US, A6203-097C, A7200-CP4603A, CR610-016UK, CR610-M1025W7P, CR610-070XEU, CR700-099NL, CR700-038PL, CX700 Series, A6000-226US, A6200-462US, CR600-017US, CR610-028XHU, CR610-033, CR700-211FR, CR700-T6600, CR610-6891, A6200-060US, A6203-217FR, CR610-050BE, CR610-M3243W7P, CR610-092XAR, CR700-206RU, CR700-220XCZ, A6200-007, A6200-489US, A6500-010US, CR610 Series, CR610-081XHU, CR610-051, CR700 Series, CR700-200BE, CR700-085FR, CR610-3801, A6000 MS1683 SERIES, A6200-041US, A6300-045C, CR610-028X, CR610-075AR, CR610-M320, CR700-024, CR700-063X, A7200 Series, A6200-248US, A6205 SERIES, CR610-011IT, C61M32-HDSB, CR610-059PL, CR700-047US, CR700-223LRU, CX600-064UK, A6000-030US, A6200-215C, A6300-089C, CX700X, A5000 Series, CR610-062NL, A6200 Series, CR610-013, CX623X, A6400 SERIES, CR500 Series, A7200-027US, A6203-097US, A6000-443US, CR610 MS-6890, A5000-040US, A5000-436US, A6000-029US, CR600-001US, CR610 MS-3801, A5000-026US, CR610 MS-6891, A5000-222US, A5000-025US, CX500X, CX720X, A6000-225US, CX600X, CX605X, CX620 3D, CR720X, CX610X, CX605M, CR630X, CX620MX, CR500X, CX620X, CR600X, CX705X, CR610X, CX705MX, CX630, CX720, CR720, A7005, GE700, CX705, CX623, A6000 Series, CX500, CX620, CR630, CR700, CR610, A5000, A6000

    MSI A5000 Series MSI A6000 Series MSI A6005 Series
    MSI A6200 Series MSI A6203 Series MSI A6205 Series
    MSI A7005 Series MSI A7200 Series MSI CR500 Series
    MSI CR500X Series MSI CR600 Series MSI CR600X Series
    MSI CR610 Series MSI CR610X Series MSI CR620 Series
    MSI CR630 Series MSI CR630X Series MSI CR643 Series
    MSI CR700 Series MSI CR700X Series MSI CR720 Series
    MSI CR720X Series MSI CX500 Series MSI CX500X Series
    MSI CX600 Series MSI CX600X Series MSI CX605 Series
    MSI CX605M Series MSI CX605X Series MSI CX610 Series
    MSI CX610X Series MSI CX620 Series MSI CX620MX Series
    MSI CX620X Series MSI CX623 Series MSI CX623X Series
    MSI CX630 Series MSI CX700 Series MSI CX700X Series
    MSI CX705MX Series MSI CX720 Series MSI CX720X Series
    MSI GE700 Series

Battery Part Number : 

  • 91NMS17LD4SU1, 91NMS17LF6SU1, 957-173XXP-101, 957-173XXP-102, BTY-L74, BTY-L75, MS-1681, MS-1682, MS-1683, MS-1689, MS-168A, MS-168B, MS-1731, MS-1733, MS-1734, MS-1736, MS-1737, S9N-2062210-M47
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