BTY-M6D BTY-GS70 Laptop Battery for MSI GT60 GT70 GX780R GX680 GX780 GT780R GT660R GT663R GX660 GT680R GT783R, Medion Erazer X6811

Code: WIT10171

Technical Specifications 

  • Brand : MSI
  • Suitable Model : MSI GT685R CR720 GT60 GT70 GX60
  • Battery Part Number: BTY-GS70 BTY-M6D
  • Cell Chemistry : Lithium-Ion
  • Backup time : Depends on your consumption and usages.
  • Life cycles : 300+ Times 
  • Product Condition : Brand New (QC Pass)
  • Warranty (Replacement): 06 Months/180 days cash back*


1. The first use of the battery, the battery voltage may be too low, you need to recharge the standby 06 to 08 hours before normal use.
2. First of all you should use the original AC Adapter/Charger in your laptop. Otherwise, WIT  is not liable for any kind of damages.


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MRP:৳ 4,500

1 in stock

 Fit for laptop Models :

  • MSI
    GT683DXR-634US, GT780DXR-621UK, G51-N1C0X23, GT70 0NC-254CN, GX660R-060US, GT600NE-206CN, GT780-051AU, Eraser X6811, GT663-415NE, GX70 3BE, GX680 Series, GT70 20KWS-1024FRK, GT783 SERIES, GT60 2QD-1242CZ, GX70H-A108972811B, GT70 0NC-015UK, GT685R-837NL, GT683DXR-427US, GT60 2OC-213AU, GT783-659FR, GT70 2OD-473CN, GX680-204JP, GT70 0ND-692CN, GX660-053US, GT600ND-495CN, GT680-037UK, GT70 20KWS, GT660-004CA, GT780D Series, GT60 2QD-1082AU, GT683DX-603, GT70 0NC-013US, GT683DXR-603US, GT780DXR-609UK, GX60 3AE, GT783R-685US, GX780R-i548LW7P, GT70 20D-883CN, GX660-266NE, GT6020C-012CN, Erazor X7829, MS-1726, GX660DXR Series, GT680DXR Series, GT60 2QE-1215ES, GT685-822AU, GT683DX-I789BLW7H, Z70 2PE, GT60 0ND-448UK, GT783-625US, GT70 20C-244XCN, GX660R-i7468LW7P, GT70 0NE-1008CN, GT600ND-485CN, GT663R-i7468BLW7P, GT70 2PC, GT760R Series, GT60 0NC-016, GT60 2QD-1086CZ, GT683DX-470NL, GT683DXR-489US, GT60 OND-490XFR, GT783R-658US, GT60 2PC-608XCN, GX780-013US, GT70 0ND-860XCN, GX660-260US, GT6020C-211CN, Evo HX7-250, GT660R-004US, GT70 2QD-2432FR, GX660D Series, GT683DX-690CS, MS-16F2, GT683DXR-S1, Eraser X6111, GT70 20D-284CN, GX660R-474UK, GT70 0NE-845CN, GT780R-012US, GT600NE-431CN, GT663-437BE, GX780DX Series, GT60 2QD-1206AU, GT683DXR-478FR, GT780DXR-290UK, GT60 2PE-1055CN, GT70 0NE-676CN, GX660-251BE, GT6020D-036CN, GT680R-008US, GT660R-003, GT60 2QD-1070FR, GT663R Seri3es, GT683DX-631XPL, WT70 2OL, GT683DXR-I002PL, GT780DX-215US, GT683R-246FR, GT70 ONC-097CN, GX660R-075FR, GT60ONC-221CN, GT780-221US, Eraser X6812, GT663-417CS, GT70 OND, GX680R Series, GT783R SERIES, GT60 2QD-1220MY, GT70 2OC-213CN, GT70 0NSR-008US, GT683DXR-455FR, GT783-662NL, GT60 2PE-606CN, GT70 OND-437CN, GX660-076EU, GT600ND-232XCN, GT680-055AU, WT70 2OK, GT660-448PL, GT780DX Series, GT60 2QD 1074UK, GT683DX-608NE, GT683DXR-633US, GT780DXR-619UK, GT60 2OC-003US, GT60 2OC-022US, GT70 ONC-217XCN, GT6020C-054XCN, GT663-004, GT60 20C, GX660R Series, GT60 0NE-415AU, GT60 2QE-1223UK, GT70 0NC-014FR, GT683DXR-423US, Z70 2BA-1247CN, GT780DXR-099US, GT70 2OD-056AU, GT70 2OD-061CN, GX660R-i7488LW7P, GT70 0ND-1081XCN, GX660-0523US, GT600NE-251CN, GT680-035UK, GT70 2QD, GT60 2QD-1077XFR, GT683DX-475XPL, GT683DXR-600FR, GT780DXR-447US, E6605R-636FR, GT783R-679US, GT60 2QD-1227XCN, GX780R-024CS, GT70 20D-885CN, GX660-262IT, GT6020D-238CN, Erazor x7827, GT660R-205NL, GT70 2PC-1215XFR, GX660DX Series, GT680DX Series, GT683DX-804UK, GT70 20D, GT685-818US, GT683DX-I71691BLW7H, GT70 2PE-890US, GT683R-272ES, GT70 2OD-212CN, GX660R-i54510Q, GT70 0NE-1007CN, GT780R-014US, GT600ND-429CN, GT663-626XID, GT70 ONE, GX780DXR Series, GT60 0NC-008RU, GT60 2QD-1084JP, GX60 1AC, GT683DX-461RU, GT683DXR-479UK, GT780DXR-405US, GT78 0DXR, GT783R-625US, GT60 2PC-607CN, GT70 0ND-663CN, GX660-253EU, GT6020D-063CN, GT60 2OD-053FR, GT660R-004, GT70 2PC-1888RU, GT60 2QD-1066US, GT670 Series, GT683DX-648NE, WT70 2OK-2277US, GT683DXR-I7810BLW7H, GT60 0NE-220US, Evo HX7-200, GT70 20C-213CN, GX660R-284UK, GT60ONC-080XCN, GT780R-012BT, GT600ND-447XCN, GT663-436NL, GT70 20C, GT683DXR Series, GT60 0NC-004US, GT60 2QD-1213FR, GE60 2OE-035CN, GT70 0NSR-015UK, GT683DXR-473US, GT780DXR-279US, GT783-680UK, GT60 2PE-1054CN, GT70 0NE-459CN, GX660-249NL, GT6020D-011CN, GT680-057AU, GT660-i7-740QM, GT780DXR Series, GT60 2QD-1068AU, GT683DX-619BE, WT70 2OL-1614US, GT780DX-X1, GT780DXR-200US, GT660 Series, GT683-441AU, GT660R-494US, GT685 SERIES, GT780DXR-096US, GX780R Series, GT780DXR-446US, GT683-278au, E6603-499RU, GT680 Series, GT780DX-406US, GT70-2OD, GT780DX-I7810BLW7H, GT683R Series, GT70H, GT70 0NSR-016UK, GT70 0NC-002US, GT70 2OD-089US, GT780R Series, GT780DX-X8, x7-200, GT683DX Series, GT780DXR-278US, GX680-245US, GT660R Series, GX660-495XPL, GT680R Series, GT685R SERIES, GT783-639AU, GT660-003US, GT780 Series, GT70 0NC-012US, GT683-279au, E6603-454RU, GT780DXR-095US, GT760 Series, GT683-246US, GT780DX-263US, GT780DX-I7169, GX780 Series, GT70-008, GT663 Series, GT683 Series, GT780R-221US, GT70 0NC-011US, GX680R-i748LW7P, GT683R-242US, Erazer X6813, GT70 2OC-065US, GT60 0NR-004US, GT70 0NC-008US, GX680R-i548LW7P, 17631, GT683DXR, GX780-011US, GT680DXR, E6603-453RU, MS16F3, GT780DXR, MS-16F3, MS-1763, MS1762, GT683DX, MS-1762, GX660 Series, GX660DXR, GT683 DXR, GX60 SERIES, CR720, GT783R, GX660D, GT780D, GT60 Series, GT70 Series, GT680DX, GT780DX, GT760R, GX660DX, GT683 DX, GT685R, GT70 2OD, GX660R, GT663R, GX780DXR, GX680R, GT680R, GT685, GT780 DX, GT670, GX780DX, GT683R, GT780R
  • Medion:  Erazer X7817
  • Deviltech :  Devil 6700
  • Cyberpower :  Fangbook Evo HX7-100
  • Thtf : X58F
  • Winbook : iBuypower Valkyrie CZ-27

Battery Part Number :

  • BTY-M6D
  • BTY-GS70
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