Realtek RTL8723BE NGFF-M.2 PCIe Wireless/Wifi Card + Bluetooth 4.0 For Lenovo 04X6025 E450 E550 E555 Y50

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Technical Specifications 

  • Brand : Realtek
  • Product Type: Internal Wireless/Wifi Card + Bluetooth 4.0
  • Compatible Laptop: LENOVO
  • Interface/Socket Type: NGFF-M.2 PCI-E
  • Compatible Port/Slot: NGFF-M.2 PCI-E
  • Compatible Part Number: 04X6025
  • Model/Part No : RTL8723BE
  • Frequency: 2.4Ghz
  • Max. Downstream Data Rate: 300 mbps
  • Wireless Protocol: 802.11N
  • Products Status: Brand New & Original (Fully Tested)
  • Guarantee : 03 Months ( 90 days) Cash Back*
  • Fitting Charge :  Applicable*  Click Here 

Note:  When you looking for a wireless/wifi card be sure about the model & series number of your laptop & match with the existing wireless/wifi card  image, port & part number.


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Realtek RTL8723BE NGFF-M.2 PCIe Wireless/Wifi Card + Bluetooth 4.0 For  Lenovo 04X6025 B40-30 N40-30 B40-70 N40-70 B40-45 N40-45 B50-30 B50-30 B50-70 N50-70 B50-45 N50-45 B40-80 B50-80 E4030 E4070 E4080  Y40-70 Y40-80 Y50-70 Y50-80 Y50-70 Y50-80 Y70-70 Touch Y70-80 E450 E550 E455 E555 E450C

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