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SAMSUNG NP900X4C NP300U1A & ACER S7-191 S7-391 S5-391 DC Power Jack/Port

Code: WIT9007

Technical Specifications

  • Brand :  Samsung /
  • Product Type : DC Power Port/Jack
  • Compatible Model :Samsung NP900X NP 900 NP900X1 NP900X2 NP900X3 NP900X4 NP300U1A NP305U1A NP530U3B NP530U3C NP535U3C NP540U3C UltraBook and Acer Aspire S7 S7-191 S7-391 S7-392 S7-393 Ultrabook Touch and many more.
  • Port Dimension : 3.0mm  x  1.1mm
  • Power Port Integrated : On Board
  • Cable : N0
  • Product Condition : Brand New & Original (Fully Tested)
  • Guarantee : 03 Months ( 90 days) Cash Back*
  • Fitting Charge :  Applicable*  Click Here

Note: Please be sure about Brand, Series and  Port Dimension (such as : 3.0mm  x  1.1mm) before ordering.


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MRP:৳ 1,000

3 in stock


Samsung NP900X NP 900 NP900X1 NP900X2 NP900X3 NP900X4 NP300U1A NP305U1A NP530U3B NP530U3C NP535U3C NP540U3C UltraBook

Samsung NP900X3F Series: NP900X3F NP900X3F-xxxxx NP900X3F-G01xx NP900X3F-G01xx NP900X3F-K01xx NP900X3F-K02xx NP900X3F-K03xx
 Samsung NP900X3G Series: NP900X3G NP900X3G-xxxxx NP900X3G-G02xx NP900X3G-K01xx NP900X3G-K02xx NP900X3G-K03xx NP900X3G-K04xx NP900X3G-S01xx NP900X3G-S02xx NP900X3G-S03xx
 Samsung NP900X4B Series: NP900X4B NP900X4B-xxxxx NP900X4B-A01xx NP900X4B-A02xx NP900X4B-A03xx
 Samsung NP900X4C Series: NP900X4C NP900X4C-xxxxx NP900X4C-A01xx NP900X4C-A02xx NP900X4C-A03xx NP900X4C-A04xx NP900X4C-A05xx NP900X4C-A06xx NP900X4C-A07xx NP900X4C-A08xx NP900X4C-A09xx NP900X4C-A0Axx NP900X4C-AB1xx NP900X4C-AB2xx NP900X4C-K01xx NP900X4C-K02xx NP900X4C-K03xx
 Samsung NP900X4D Series: NP900X4D NP900X4D-xxxxx NP900X4D-A01xx NP900X4D-A02xx NP900X4D-A03xx NP900X4D-A04xx NP900X4D-A05xx NP900X4D-A06xx NP900X4D-A07xx NP900X4D-K01xx NP900X4D-K02xx NP900X4D-K03xx
 Samsung NP300U1A Series: NP300U1A NP300U1A-xxxxx NP300U1A-A01xx NP300U1A-A02xx NP300U1A-A03xx NP300U1A-A04xx NP300U1A-A05xx NP300U1A-A06xx NP300U1A-A0Bxx
 Samsung NP305U1A Series: NP305U1A NP305U1A-xxxxx NP305U1A-A0Axx NP305U1A-A0Bxx NP305U1A-A0Cxx NP305U1A-A01xx NP305U1A-A02xx NP305U1A-A03xx NP305U1A-A04xx NP305U1A-A05xx NP305U1A-A06xx NP305U1A-A07xx NP305U1A-A08xx NP305U1A-A09xx NP305U1A-A0Gxx NP305U1A-AF1xx
 Samsung NP530U3B UltraBook Series: NP530U3B NP530U3B-xxxxx NP530U3B-A01xx NP530U3B-A02xx NP530U3B-A03xx NP530U3B-A04xx NP530U3B-A05xx NP530U3B-A06xx NP530U3B-A07xx NP530U3B-A08xx NP530U3B-AD1xx NP530U3BI
 Samsung NP530U3C UltraBook Series: NP530U3C-A01xx NP530U3C-A02xx NP530U3C-A03xx NP530U3C-A04xx NP530U3C-A05xx NP530U3C-A06xx NP530U3C-A07xx NP530U3C-A08xx NP530U3C-A09xx NP530U3C-A0Axx NP530U3C-A0Bxx NP530U3C-A0Dxx NP530U3C-A0Exx NP530U3C-A0Fxx NP530U3C-A0Gxx NP530U3C-A0Hxx NP530U3C-A0Jxx NP530U3C-A0Kxx NP530U3C-A0Lxx NP530U3C-A0Mxx NP530U3C-A0Nxx NP530U3C-A0Sxx NP530U3C-A0Txx NP530U3C-A0Uxx NP530U3C-A0Vxx NP530U3C-AD2xx NP530U3C-AD3xx NP530U3C-AD4xx NP530U3C-AD5xx
 Samsung NP535U3C UltraBook Series: NP535U3C NP535U3C-xxxxx NP535U3C-A01xx NP535U3C-A02xx NP535U3C-A03xx NP535U3C-A04xx NP535U3C-A05xx NP535U3C-A06xx NP535U3C-A07xx NP535U3C-A08xx NP535U3C-A08xx NP535U3C-B01xx NP535U3C-AD1xx
 Samsung NP540U3C UltraBook Series: NP540U3C NP540U3C-xxxxx NP540U3C-A01xx NP540U3C-A02xx NP540U3C-A03xx NP540U3C-A04xx NP540U3C-A05xx NP540U3C-A06xx NP540U3C-A07xx NP540U3C-A08xx NP540U3C-AD2xx

Samsung ATIV Book 9  NP900X4B NP900X4C NP900X4D NP905S3G NP915S3G NP930X5J NP940X3G NP940X5J Series

Acer Aspire S7 S7-191 S7-391 S7-392 S7-393 Series
 And Many Other Laptop Models

50.4LZ01.001 50.4WD07.001 50.4WE05.001 50.4WE05.002 50.M3EN1.005 50.M42N1.004 

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