Touch Screen Digitizer with LED Assembly for HP x360 11-ab , Pavilion x360 11-AA series

Code: WIT7801

Technical Specifications :

  • Product Name : LED Touch Screen with Digitizer (NOT complete assembly)
  • Compatible Laptops/Tablets : HP Stream x360  11-ab , HP Pavilion X360  11-aa series 
  • Compatible Part Number : 906792-001
  • Compatible LED Model : N116BGE-EA2 ,  LP116WH7 SP B2
  • Screen Size : 11.6″ UWVA
  • Screen Connector : 30 pins (eDP)
  • Max. Resolution : 1366*768  IPS
  • Screen Type : HD LED LCD
  • Screen Finish: Glossy
  • Bezel Panel Color : Black
  • Product Condition : Original (Fully Tested)
  • Warranty : 01 Months ( 30 Days)
  • Fitting Charge : Not Applicable 

To avoid wrong order placed or wrong item you bought, here is something you need to read before ordering,

  • Please check your laptop model in compatible list or tell if wide screen or standard screen.
  • Please check the LCD/LED screen size and resolution.
  • Please check the Data connector (14pin, 20pin, 30pin(eDP), 40 pin (S M L) ,40pin(S,M,L), 50pin 60pin ) and position.
  • Please check the physical resolution pixels of LCD/LED screen.
  • Please check the backlight type(LED or 1CCFL, 2 CCFL).
  • Please check the Screen type (HD, FHD, QHD, QFHD, 2K, 3K, 4K, IPS etc.).
  • Please check the Screen sensitivity (Touch, Non-Touch).
  • Please check the Screen panel type (LED with Touch Digitizer or Touch Digitizer  Glass or Complete Touch Screen Assembly).
  • Please check the Screen Finish (Glassy or Matte).



Currently Unavailable


  • All LED LCD screens that we sell are ZERO DEAD PIXEL and ZERO SPOT.
Touch Screen Digitizer LCD Assembly for HP x360 11-ab005tu 11-ab031tu 11-ab013la 11-ab042la 11-ab006tu 11-ab035tu 11-ab011dx
11.6” LCD Assembly TouchScreen Digitizer+Frame For HP Stream x360 11 -aa Series 11-aa051sa 11-aa051na 11-aa030ng

Compatible model:

11-ab001ns 11-ab002nk 11-ab003ni 11-ab004nf 11-ab005tu 11-ab007la
11-ab001nf 11-ab002tu 11-ab003nf 11-ab004nb 11-ab005nf 11-ab007tu
11-ab001np 11-ab002ns 11-ab003tu 11-ab004tu 11-ab005ur 11-ab008ur
11-ab001tu 11-ab002nx 11-ab003nk 11-ab004ur 11-ab006la 11-ab008tu
11-ab001ur 11-ab002nf 11-ab003ur 11-ab004nx 11-ab006tu 11-ab009ur
11-ab009tu 11-ab002ur 11-ab003nl 11-ab004la 11-ab006nf 11-ab009la
11-ab015tu 11-ab020tu 11-ab038tu 11-ab042tu 11-ab039tu 11-ab024tu
11-ab011dx 11-ab026tu 11-ab037tu 11-ab041tu 11-ab036tu 11-ab023tu
11-ab012la 11-ab022tu 11-ab033tu 11-ab040tu 11-ab034tu 11-ab027tu
11-ab013ur 11-ab028tu 11-ab031tu 11-ab051nr 11-ab035tu 11-ab025tu
11-ab019tu 11-ab014ur 11-ab010tu 11-ab010ur 11-ab013la

# # Please Noted ## 
Part numbers given in titles are there only to help you find a compatible screen for your current model number. It is not guaranteed that you will receive the exact part number as in the listing title. You will be shipped a 100% compatible item as your original part number or the one you are searching for, as manufacturer keep changing them with time and some part numbers are no longer available. Also, pictures in the listing are for illustration purpose only to show the position of the connector and the fixing points.
* Guide for Choosing the Right Replacement Screen for Your Laptop
* Notebook manufacturer use different types of screens when assembling a single model of laptop. As a result, more

   than one type of screen can be used by same laptop.

*  In order for the screen to work correctly, the replacement screen must have same back light type, data connector
   and resolution as faulty / original screen.
* However, to ensure that you are purchasing the correct replacement screen you’ll need to remove your original
   screen, turn it around and look for the manufacturer’s code that is written on the back of screen. Such as
   B156XW02, LP156WH4 -TLB1, LTN156AT05, N156BGE-L21 etc.
* If you cannot find a part on our shop or unsure about the compatibility please email us.

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